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Atlas Community Primary School News

Friday, 28th June 2013

Chickens have hatched!

Here is a picture of the newly born chickens.


Tuesday, 25th June 2013

6 Children from Atlas perform at Future House

On Thursday 20th June 2013, 6 children from Atlas performed at Future House.

Future House is a government building in Bradford. They help schools and children in the area.

This was a celebration for the opening of a new art gallery in Future House which has art from different schools.

Monday, 24th June 2013

The plants from Gardening Club

Here is an update of the growth of the plants that the children from gardening club planted.

red cabbage spinach strawberries veg1

veg2 veg3 veg4 veg5

The baby chickens are here

Before the chickens hatch they are kept in an incubator to give them a good environment.


The children can see a display of what is happening inside the egg as the chicken grows.

Egg Life

For some more information, click the image below.

chick life cycle

Wednesday, 19th June 2013

Sports Days

As part of a sports day children played mini golf.
More sports to come; each winner will receive a certificate!

Baby chickens


Coming soon!

Children will get to see baby chickens hatch from eggs in class.


Tuesday, 18th June 2013

Tall Ships Trip

On 12th June 2013, 2 children and a teacher joined up with a few people from Green Lane Primary and went on a ship and sailed for 2 days.

One of the children who went said “It was a fantastic experience, I learned a lot of things about sailing and ships. I would go again.”.


sail1 sail2 sail3 sail4

Monday, 17th June 2013

Children Perform at Heaton St. Barnabas

On Monday 10th June 2013, 6 children from Atlas went to play dhol drums in an assembly at Heaton St. Barnabas. They then went into a class to teach some children how to play.

dhol drumming

Thursday, 13th June 2013

Gardening club planting new plants

After a trip to the ACW Garden Centre, the children planted strawberries, pumpkins, potatoes and cabbage.

g4 g3g1 g2