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Atlas Community Primary School News

Thursday, 18th July 2013

Thank you from Nursery

The staff from Nursery thank you for the cards and gifts they have received and wishes you a happy Eid and holidays.

Monday, 15th July 2013

Rock Climbing

On Friday 12th July, a few children from Year 6 went Indoor Rock Climbing.

“When we went to Green Lane to do rock climbing, we firstly had to put on our harnesses and then we started to climb. I enjoyed climbing up the highest wall with the automatic ropes. I also enjoyed trying to climb up without the stepping stones but just the rocks.” -Zainab

DSC04854 DSC04855 DSC04857 DSC04860

“I enjoyed going rock climbing on Friday because it was loads of fun and I was determined to keep on climbing to the top. It was an amazing adventure. A fun-filled adventure of climbing!” -Maryam

“I enjoyed rock climbing a lot, especially the automatic one because when you’re coming down it gives you a nice feeling. I enjoyed it a lot and I wish I can go there again.” –Omar


Monday, 8th July 2013

Atlas Sports Day, July 2013

On Monday morning 1st July, Years 3 to 6 took part in Sports Day.
The next morning on Tuesday 2nd July, Reception class to Year 2 took part in Sports Day.

Here is a video of these 2 events.


KS1 Winners

.                                        Reception         Year 1           Year 2

Obstacle Course:                 Ukasha          Firaasia          Samar

Speed Bounce:                       Hiba             Junaid           Samar

Sack Race:                          Usman           Firaasia          Hinna

Sprint:                                 Awais            Zaynab          Samar

Egg & Spoon Race:           Umaamah           Iqra             Amber

Balance:                              Adeel            Zaynab           Hashim

Distance Throw:                 Ukasha            Adam             Aqeel

Dribble:                            Aneesha            Adam           Yusuf.A

Target Throw:                     Azwa             Graciela         Yusuf.K


KS2 Winners

.                                        Year 3             Year 4           Year 5           Year 6

Obstacle Course:                 Taqi               Akasha          Zaynul           Omar

Speed Bounce:                    Bilaal              Imaan           Tomas           Hajra

Sack Race:                       Suleman           Akasha           Lukas            Omar

Sprint:                             Suleman           Simrah            Lukas         Javayria

Egg & Spoon Race:           Suraaj             Salman         Zeeshan.M       Umer

Balance:                        Tamanna             Saad             Rayaan          Henna

Distance Throw:              Tomas               Saad              Zaynul           Omar

Dribble:                          Mumrez             Umar             Mohsin         Shuman

Target Throw:                   Hajra            Tayyeb.A           Hashim       Shumona

Skipping:                          Bilaal              Simrah            Ayyoob          Omar

Tennis Ball Relay:          Suleman            Saad                Lukas            Omar

Javelin:                          Tomas             Awais             Ayyoob          Adam.A

Tuesday, 2nd July 2013

Garden Clubs’ Harvest

Lettuce 2 Lettuce Mint Plant

potatoes Spinach Potato + Salad + Mint Sauce


Here are the vegetables that garden club have harvested.

The last picture is made with these vegetables; potatoes, salad and mint sauce.


Update on baby chickens

The children got a closer look today at the baby chickens.