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Confused about the new assessment system?


As you may be aware from the media, the Government has made a big change in the way children at school are to be assessed.

This runs alongside changes to the National Curriculum.

You may have heard talk of ‘assessment without levels’ and this refers to the

announcement from the Department for Education (DfE) last year that there would no longer be national curriculum levels e.g. 3b, 2a etc.

The old and new curriculum have different content which means that it is not

possible to have an exact correlation between an old national curriculum level and the more challenging requirements of the new curriculum. There are now clearer

expectations linked to year group objectives, with the emphasis on children working at ‘age related expectations’ i.e. the expected level for children of their age, across the country.


In simple terms, your child’s teacher will look at all the NC objectives for their year group.

Some objectives achieved = entering

More objectivise achieved = developing

Most objectives achieved = secure band


The expectation is that your child will be in the ‘high’ band if they are working at age-related expectation.


An additional element that has now been brought in, is the idea of ‘mastery’. This means how ‘deep’ a child’s learning is and how they are able to apply their

understanding to different problems. Children are given a number between 1-4 for this:

A child does not apply their learning = #1

A child has average application of learning = #2 (this is the expected level)

A child has a good application of learning = #3

A child has a very good application of learning = #4


I appreciate that this is a lot of information to process and if you would like any

further details, please do not hesitate to contact school and arrange a time for a  further chat. Thank you.



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