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Atlas Debating Team

Wednesday, 24th February 2016

On Wednesday 24th February Atlas school hosted a debate. We invited two competing teams from Dixon’s Manningham and Green Lane. We held the trophy from last terms competition so we were very eager to see who would take it from us! To start with, we had to find people who agreed with a certain question. The examples were like – who prefers cats to dogs or who thinks school hours should be longer. We had to talk to children from the other schools and we got to find out their names too. After we had done that, we started the actual debate. The topic we debated was, ‘Should Televisions be allowed in children’s bedrooms’. Atlas, as the hosts, had to judge the debate and choose the team that would win and explain why. Dixon’s had to argue that it was a good thing to have televisions in bedrooms and Green Lane argued that it was a bad thing. As a team we decided that the winners were Green Lane! This was because they used the language for debate, they all spoke with clear voices and had good ideas. They were also able to follow on from other arguments. We look forward to the next debate which is going to be held at Dixon’s Manningham and we will be up against the current winners Green Lane. By Iqra Year 4

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