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Bertie Bear

This week Bertie Bear will begin his travels visting the children at home. Each child will get the opportunity, througout the year to take Bertie home for the weekend. We are trying to encourage the children to link their home and school lives and share their experiences with both staff and their friends within school. Please spend time with your child and write in Berties diary. Ask your child to draw a picture or stick in a photograph to accompany the writing.

Please return Bertie to school on Monday so your child can tell the class what they have been doing.

Some information will be shared on our blog so watch out for yours.



This weekend Bertie Bear stayed at Fatimahs house. They left school with Fatimahs brother and when they got home they had vegetable fingers, garlic bread and pizza. It was yummy. They played with Fatimahs ipad and Frozen games and then ate some chicken rice. The next day they went to Fatimahs cousins house where they watched tv and played hide and seek and when they got home Fatimahs daddy had bought them a takeaway. On Sunday Fatimah and Bertie helped to clean the house.  It sounds like you were very busy Fatimah. Thank you for looking after Bertie.

bertie bear



Bertie Bear went home with Inayah and ended up spending the holidays with her. On Tuesday they had a day trip to Birmingham and Bertie met Inayahs aunty and uncle. They spent the night in her uncles house with her cousins, brothers and sisters. The next day they got up and came back to Bradford. Inayah has also taken some photographs of her and Bertie so have a look in his diary when it comes to you. Thank you for looking after him Inayah.

bertie bear



Bertie Bear has been to stay at Hashirs house. He enjoyed the journey from school to his house and although Hashir wanted to take him out to play when he got home the weather was not very good.

Bertie Bear played with Hashir and his little brother.

He has taken some photographs and put them in the diary for you to look at when it is your turn.

Thanks Hashir.

bertie bear



Bertie Bear spent the weekend with Hamad and his family having a wonderful time. At night time Bertie Bear snuggled up to Hamad and they read bedtime stories including Ben Ten and other adventures. During the day they played with Hamads’ toy cars and trucks. They went to visit Hamads grandma in hospital where they saw lots of doctors and nurses. They were looking after the patients and giving them medicine and injections to make them feel better. When they got home they had hot chocolate to drink and watched a film together. After a busy weekend they were tucked up in bed before falling asleep ready for school on Monday. I am glad you had fun with Bertie Hamad.

bertie bear



Bertie Bear went to stay with Saima this weekend. They began their weekend on Friday by walking home from school. On Saturday they woke up at 8 o clock and Saimas’ mummy made them breakfast before they went to the park. it was very cold. Saima dressed Bertie in a a warm white jacket so he wouldnt get cold. They played on the swings and the slide and even though it was wet they had lots of fun. On Sunday they went to town together to do some shopping for Saimas nan. They picked some flowers for her and as they went down the lift in the shopping centre Saima spotted a huge Christmas tree decorated with blue and turquoise balls. There were lots of presents wrapped up under the tree and the ceiling was decorated with beautiful bright lights. Thank you for looking after Bertie Saima.

bertie bear



This weekend Bertie Bear went to Bilals house. On Saturday Bilal took Bertie to meet his Grandma and they played with his cousins all day. They ate kebabs with chicken and chappatti. On Sunday Bilal played with Bertie Bear in his new house. They went to Asda to do the food shopping and then to Currys to buy an iron and a washing machine. Then they went to visit Bilals aunty where they played with his cousin Sufyaan and Bilals new toy helicopter. It sounds like lots of fun. Thank you for looking after Bertie Bilal.

bertie bear



Bertie Bear went to stay with Aleesha. On Friday he visted her grandma and they had pasta to eat.

On Staurday they had breakfast together and then went to th epost office but it was closed so they went to find another one. They posted a parcel and then went to Aleeshas uncles house, where her daddy helped him to fix the tv. Thye then went to Tesco and bought some chocolate and a Frozen calendar. From there they went to the chemist and then to Aleeshas grandmas house, what a busy day! When she got home they made chocolate lollies together by melting chocolate and in Aleeshas lolly maker that she had got for her birthday.

On Sunday Aleesha went to Alphabet Zoo but she forgot to take Berties so when she got home she told him all about it as they watched Sofia the first together.

It sounds like you had a fantastic weekend. Thank you for looking after Bertie Aleesha.

bertie bear



Bertie bear spent the weekend at Eesah’s house playing football with him and his cousins. He watched Spiderman on Sunday and played with the microphones with Eesahs sister.

He had a great time. Thanks for looking after him Eesah.

bertie bear



This weekend Bertie bear went to stay with Ruqayyah. He stayed at her grandmas house on Friday night and on Saturday he went to City Park with Ruqayyah and her family. He ate pizza and watched the Wizard of Oz! He even got to go to a wedding on Sunday and came back to school on Monday with a new bracelet that Ruqqayah and her mum had made for him, how kind. Thanks for looking after him Ruqayyah.

bertie bear



This weekend Bertie Bear spent his first weekend away at Romehas house and they had a party! They ate ice cream with rainbow sprinkles and a flake! Bertie met lots of Romehas friends and they all loved him. He played hide and seek with Romeha and her sister. He had a great time. Thanks for looking after him Romeha.

bertie bear