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We are part of eTwinning, a network for teachers around Europe to work together using a password protected webspace.


Collages – 10/04/2014

In Year 5 and 6 we have started our project work. We have been very busy researching and collecting information.  After the Easter holidays we will be putting our research together and completing our collages for our friends in Romania and the Czech Republic.

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City Collages

We would like to inform everyone that this year we have set up and will be leading our own project, which has been approved. Year 5 and 6 will be working with schools from the Czech Republic and Romania.

The project has been planned around the subjects, Art, Geography and History. Children will create a collage of their city; the collage will show historic and cultural buildings. We may also include our school environment.

We will send our work to our partner schools mentioned above and will receive work from them.

This project will involve the children in a motivating, encouraging and communicative activity, from which they can learn about a different country and culture.


European Christmas Cards

As our school is new to eTwinning we decided to join a project already set up by a teacher. This project from Spain will help us get to know children from various European countries.

The project entails designing and making Christmas cards and sending them to 17 European countries.


We are really excited, we have received 3 cards, from Greece, Germany and France.




Our cards have also been posted to 15 European countries.




Look at all the cards we have received from various different countries. Our display is getting full as cards are still arriving in the new year. 

DSC00164 DSC00168 DSC00167 DSC00166