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Headteacher’s Blog

Friday 7th July 2017

We are now well into our Summer term and all the classes have been very busy in school over the past couple of weeks. Today our school Spelling Team are competing at Cartwright Hall to see which Bradford school has the best spellers – I am confident we are going to do well! The team have won all of the previous rounds to get through to the final so I think you’ll agree they must be talented bunch!

 Last week the weather didn’t deter us from having our Sports Day. Although, Our Early Years and KS1 classes had to have their events taking place in the hall, it didn’t stop the competitive sportsmanship that was taking place. KS2 were able to have their Sports day on the field by Green Lane. It was fantastic to see so many families coming to watch and cheer on their children at the event. The children had to compete in a variety of events such as; obstacle courses, javelin throwing, dribbling as well as some of the classics; sack race and egg and spoon! All of the event winners were presented with an engraved medal at our awards ceremony yesterday. I was so impressed by the excellent attitude displayed by all of the children. All the children were cheering for one another, congratulating each other and they celebrated in other’s successes.

 Lots of our classes have had the opportunity to go to lots of different places over the past few weeks: making memories that will last a lifetime. Year 5 are visiting Royal Armouries today and they even have a professional Chinese Chef coming to run a cooking class with them On Monday! Year 6 went to Fanwood to go on a full adventure day. Year 1 visited The Deep and saw some amazing creatures whilst they were there and Year 3 had a Victorian experience day at Bradford Industrial Museum. Next week Year 2 are going to Harlow Carr in Harrogate. As you can see we have been very busy!

 I hope that you’re all managing to make the most of the nice weather. Have a good weekend everyone.

Friday 9th June 2017

The sun has finally started to shine today which I am really pleased about because our Reception class have gone on a coach to Canon Hall Farm. I really enjoyed our celebration assembly this morning. The children have come up with a new format whereby 2 Year 6 pupils present the certificates. When the presenters give out the ‘Stars of the Week’ certificates those children get to sit in the ‘best seats in the house’ – with comfy chairs, biscuits and juice. Our attendance winners are also put into a prize draw and have the chance to take part in a new game called ‘how well do you know your teacher’. In the game they have to match answers with a staff member of their choice. If they win they get to sit with the ‘Stars of the Week’ in the ‘best seats in the house’ too.

This afternoon we also welcomed the Spelling Teams from Dixons Manningham and Green Lane. This year Atlas has been part of the Manningham Spelling triad, competing with each other to see which school has the best spellers. The teams are split into three catergories; Years 1&2, Years 3&4 and Years 5&6. Each team is told 10 spelling words and they compete to see who can get the most correct. The spellings are challenging and are linked many of the spelling rules from the National Curriculum Framework. Today, Atlas were runners up in years 1&2 but were winners for years 3&4 and 5&6. All of the competitors did a fantastic job and I am especially proud of the Atlas spelling team.

Each week, children across school are given spellings to learn. Try to help your child to learn the spellings as much as you can. It is also important that your child can read the words on the list and understand what the words mean. If they are able to do that, it has a big impact on their ability to read and understand new words and hopefully, if they can do that, they will use the words in to improve their writing too.

Friday 26th May 2017

It certainly has been hot, hot, hot this week!  It hardly seems two minutes since the Easter holidays and here we are ready for half term.  Our children and staff have been working very hard especially Year 6 and 2 who have been completing the SATs tests.  I am very proud of all of them for the hard work and effort that they put into them.  Year 6 are now busy preparing and practising for their production which promises to be a real treat! 

We have all been saddened and upset by the recent event in Manchester on Monday evening and we send our love and prayers to everyone affected by this awful incident.

Please do try and get out and about over the half term holiday, there are lots of places to visit in Bradford for free.  The Media museum, Lister Park, The Industrial Museum to name but a few.  Saltaire is another place that has a lot to offer and is a personal favourite of mine.

If you are participating in the observance of Ramadhan, may I wish you a Ramadhan Al-Mubarak.

Miss Carr


Friday 17th March 2017

The weeks are rolling by and the learning goes on and on here at Atlas.  Yesterday we had a school improvement advisor and a local Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher come and look at the quality of learning in our school.  They visited all of our classes, spoke to children and looked at books.  The feedback was really positive and they were amazed by the high quality of work.  Here are some of their comments:

  • Children challenged each other and the mathematical language in year 6 was very advanced but they showed a clear understanding.
  • There is a culture of success and high aspirations for pupils and staff.
  • High quality oracy is a key feature in all classes and children are keen to talk about their learning.
  • Children are enthusiastic and show a real joy for learning.
  • A range of activities are on offer that stimulate the children, make learning exciting and makes it interesting.
  • Adults guide learning without being intrusive.
  • Children are given space and the opportunity to think about their learning.
  • Collaboration amongst children is strong.
  • Opportunity is given to allow children to work at a greater depth.
  • Children respond to marking during the teaching session and they are used to editing.
  • There are plenty of opportunities for children to apply their knowledge and then revisit it.

I think you will join me in celebrating the work that goes on and this is a true testimony to that.  I would like to say a great BIG thank you to all of our staff who make this possible, many of them going the extra mile.  Also, to our fantastic children and their parents and carers for their support in the learning journey.  It has been great to see so many parents and carerss coming in to work alongside their children in our art workshops, the art exhibition is going to be fab!

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Carr


Friday 3rd March 2017

Well, we are into another month and the days are flying by.  We celebrated World Book Day today and Mr Ruddick helped to co-ordinate a great day.  We had the “Where’s Wally” theme as it is the 30th anniversary of the series and it is also the 30th Birthday of Atlas this month as well.  We mixed the children up into different aged classes and they had a great time moving around and carrying out loads of activities related to books and reading.  It really is a joy to watch our children in action and the staff who make it all possible.  Have a look on our twitter account to see pictures of the day and more information.

This week we have been very busy and have had lots of visitors in school.  On Wednesday we had some trainee teachers from the Bradford Birth to 19 Teaching School and we have some more coming next week.  Mrs Florence and I did a workshop with them around meeting the needs of children with English as an Additional language and New to English children.  We have also had some staff from other schools come and look at our provision and they all commented on the wonderful environment we have here and how we really do offer a superb educational experience for our children.  Next week we have some more visitors coming and I am out and about in a few schools as well.  We also have Cecil Green arts group coming in to start their work with us.  We have commissioned them to help us put on an art exhibition to celebrate 30 years of Atlas.  They will be working with each class and teaching our children art and sculpting skills.  It is going to be ace!

Have a great weekend everyone.


Miss Carr


Friday 10th February 2017

Most of the staff and pupils here are dressed in red, white and blue today as we are having a “What makes Britain Great?” day.  The idea behind it is that we mix up the children so they get to work with other staff and pupils spends time learning more about all the different aspects of British life and I know that our teachers have put lots of effort into making the day as exciting as possible.  I have heard them preparing music, dance, art and food technology that all links in with Britain.  Please keep an eye on twitter and our website for updates and pictures.  I have just popped into our technology room and Year 1 and 2 are making toad in the hole and apple crumble, sounds great.  Year 5/6 were busy discussing what symbols they could portray about Britain if they were to design a new stamp.

Our friends and researchers from Born in Bradford are also in school today.  they have fitted some activity monitors to some of our year 4 children and they are going to be having a good look at how much exercise our children get when they are at school.

We do try and make our curriculum as exciting as possible and this is reflected in the eagerness of children to come to school and they really do enjoy learning.  We try and take them to as many places as possible and days like today help us to bring the experiences to them.  Yesterday our year 1 class went to Eureka museum in Halifax and they had a wonderful time.  the look on their faces when they got back made it all worthwhile.  They had learnt so much about the human body and the interactive galleries brought it alive in a fun way.

We are in the midst of a cold spell again and Jack frost has been spreading his white dust this morning once again!  Wrap up warmly and remember that coats are important and gloves and a nice warm hat help as well.

Miss Carr


Friday 13th January 2017

Happy New Year to all.  We have started off the year with vigour and enthusiasm here at Atlas with our children and staff back to work and making great progress.  The snow in Bradford this morning did not stop us and a few staff members were out there this morning shovelling snow and making the site safe for everyone.  It certainly is very cold.  40 of our year 5 and 6 children have been on residential to Robinwood in Todmorden. They have had  fantastic time and have tried out lots of new skills challenging themselves physically and emotionally.  They are currently en route back here and we look forward to hearing all about their adventures. 

A New Year is always a time for setting new goals and challenges and looking forward with hope and optimism.  Here at Atlas we have lots of exciting plans and ideas for the year ahead.  March sees the 30th anniversary of Atlas and we will be celebrating the history of our school with a special event. 

I wish everyone a happy and successful 2017.

Miss Carr

Thursday 15th December 2016

Our Nursery and Reception class performed a super retelling of the Christmas Story yesterday.  They had all worked very hard learning lines and songs and did us all proud!  We had lots of mums and dad who came to watch and they all agreed that it was a great performance.  The children were confident and sang loudly and with gusto.  My favourite song was all about warming toes and having a snooze by the fire.  They even sang it again for me at the end which made my day. Thank you to all involved it is moments like this that make my day.

Wednesday 7th December 2016

The Christmas decorations are up in our school now and I must thank Mr Khan for the great job he did in decorating school and putting the trees up.  Our children in Nursery and Reception have been very busy rehearsing for their Christmas play and I have heard sounds coming from the hall that make me smile.  I have seen a shepherd and some stars and the staff have been busy painting a very large structure that could well set the scene for the 2016 Christmas play.  One more week to go until the big day, I can’t wait!

Exciting times at Atlas as we have now converted to being part of the Priestley Academy Trust.  There are six local schools within this new Trust but only two of us (Atlas and Green Lane) have converted on 1st December so we will wait until all 6 schools are through before our big launch.

The weather is a bit milder this morning and there was no sign of the twinkling white frost when I drove to school which was a bonus for me as I didn’t have to scrape my car!

Have a good day everybody.

Miss Carr



Monday 7th November 2016

I am very sorry that it has taken me so long to add to my blog.  I have had a very busy last month with preparations for our move to an academy trust and also a good practice visit to some schools in Lewisham, London.  I went down to London with several Headteacher colleagues’ from Bradford and found it very inspirational.  It is always worthwhile to get the opportunity to visit other schools and see differing ways of doing things.  It also allowed me to affirm my belief that the educational provision and experience here at Atlas really is first class. 

The generosity of our Atlas families shined through once again when we had our annual Harvest festival for the local food bank and then when the school council arranged a charity fun day for Hemi help over £200 was raised.  I am always immensely proud of the kindness and empathy for others that our parents and pupils show and these values matter much more to us than anything else.

Just before half term I went away with years 3 and 4 to Fanwood campsite for a residential.  Many thanks to Miss Kelly for arranging this.  All of the children who went (nearly 40) had a super time and tried out new activities on the low ropes, indoor caving and the nightline.  They also carried out some den building using the materials on offer in the natural environment.  I had to get in each one to test it out and marked each one according to design, creativity, team work and comfort.  One of them even had a picture frame and its own camp fire.  Talking of campfires, each evening ended with a good old sing song round a toasty fire accompanied by lots of enthusiastic singing and toasted marshmallows.  Perfect!  I offer my grateful thanks to all of the staff who gave up their time to make this special experience possible.

Last Friday, Mrs Florence led the annual Bonfire day with lots of singing around a campfire and toasted marshmallows once again.  The children loved it as did some of our neighbours who like to join in with the campfire songs.

We now have a very busy run up to the Christmas holidays with lots of learning going on and additional activities.  Keep checking in with the website to find out all about it.

Miss Carr


Monday 19th September 2016

Here we are at the start of week three and we have had a wonderful start to the term. All of our children are working extremely hard and are learning lots of new facts and are consolidating previous learning as well.  We finally have our new activity frame in the Key Stage 1 playground.  We have been saving up for a few years and it was well worth the wait.  There are lots of opportunities for the children to develop their gross motor skills, take a risk and have fun.  Do come and have a look at it, I have been tempted to go down the slide myself but not quite sure I will fit so better leave it for now!

Miss Carr


Monday 5th September 2016

What a super day we have had here at Atlas.  It was lovely going out on the playground and seeing all of our children and families looking smart and raring to go.  Our teachers and staff have been working very hard over the summer getting ready for the new term and school looked amazing this morning.  We have a lot of creative staff members who have really thought hard about how to enhance the learning environment. 

In assembly this morning I spoke to the children about having the right tools to do a great job.  I showed them a hammer, chisel, screwdriver and a saw and we talked about what you could do with them.  I read them a story about a carpenter who always tried his best but upon retirement, carrying out his last job for his boss, he didn’t do as well as he could have and cut corners and used cheap materials.  In the end the boss gave him what he had made as a gift and he was embarrassed and upset by his actions.  I told all of the children that they must try their best and use the right tools to do the best job they can all year.  At the start of a new term it is the perfect opportunity to do this and to make the right choices and build wisely for a successful future ahead.

Miss Carr


22nd July 2016

We had a super celebration and leavers assembly this morning.  Mrs Dallas our chair of Governors came in to present certificates to all the children who had achieved 100% attendance throughout the year.  We had 29 children which is super.  We also had the special achievement awards for a boy and girl in each class who had achieved something extra special.  it might have been in maths or English or for improving their behaviour.  Parents came in and watched their child receive a trophy and a £10 voucher.  Well done to everyone who won an award.

In assembly I read children a book by Linda Kranz called “There’s only one you”.  It is about a fish who is given some advice by his parents when they go off into the world.  I used it to talk to all of our children about the difference they can make in this great big world too.  I would like to take this opportunity to say goodbye to all of our year 6 pupils.  They have been a pleasure to have in school and to watch them grow into the fine young men and women they are today.  I have seen a lot of them since they came to us in Nursery and I know they will go on and do great things.


Enjoy the summer holidays everyone and we will look forward to seeing most of you on 5th September when we start back again for the new academic year.

Miss Carr


14th July 2016

I must start by apologising for taking so long to write my latest blog.  I have moved offices and this has caused a little disruption but I am now moved in to my new space and am getting sorted.  It is all go go go this week.  The weather wasn’t on our side on Monday which meant we had to cancel sports day which was a shame.  We are hoping to do one in September instead.  Green Lane had their field all ready for us to use but the rain and all of our feet would have ruined it.  This week most of the classes are going out on visits.  On Tuesday years 5 and 6 went to Blackpool and had a fab time.  Jalal went on the donkeys 4 times for a ride, he was such a good customer that he got one free in the end.  They paddled in the sea and played on the sand and had a thoroughly good time.  Yesterday Reception class went to Cannon Hall Farm and they saw lots of animals; pigs, sheep, cows and I am told there was a great big slide that they made the most of.  Today years 1 and 3 are going to Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster.  I know they will see a different range of animals there as I went a couple of years ago and saw a few giraffes.  Mr Bradshaw has put his animal t shirt on especially for the occasion.  Tomorrow year 2 are going to Blackpool and I am lucky enough to be going with them so am very much looking forward to that. 

Once all the excitement of this week is over with then we have our very last week of term next week.  It is always sad saying goodbye to our year 6 children, many of whom I have seen grow since they joined us in Nursery 8 years ago.  Everyone has to move on though and I wish them all the very best in their new schools.  We have transition morning next Tuesday and children will be meeting their teachers for next year.

Wednesday 20th June 2016

Eid Mubarak to everyone who is celebrating.  We are having Eid parties on Friday so wear your Eid or party clothes.

Monday 23rd May 2016

Gosh, I can’t believe how long it is since I last updated my blog!  We have been so busy here at Atlas that I haven’t had chance.  SATs week for year 6 went well and they all worked very hard, last week year 2 did their tests and they worked hard too.  Last week we led a fantastic event at Bradford City football ground.  The Shine Big Sing 2016.  The 10 Shine schools all worked very hard to create a choir and learn 5 songs.  We had some funding  from the Music and Arts service at Bradford Council to put on the event.  It was truly wonderful and we even had parents up singing at the end with their children.  Some members of the audience were in tears during the last song; “The world’s greatest” by R. Kelly.  It was a moving song and the words meant so much to everyone there.  They really are the world’s greatest and I was exceptionally proud of each and every child there.  I was also proud and thankful to all of our staff here at Atlas as around 15 of them came to help steward and host the event and we couldn’t have done it without them.

I am very excited and so are a lot of our year 5 and 6 children as 42 of them are going on their annual residential this week.  For some of them it will be their first time and for me it will probably mean not much sleep!  We have lots of exciting activities to look forward to including canoeing, problem solving, archery and bush craft. I will update you with the details when we get back, I know we will all have a great time!


Friday 29th April 2016

We have had a snowy start to the day this morning.  I haven’t seen snow at the end of April for a long time and it has come as quite a shock.  Mr Rusling had to turn the heating up this morning so that we are all nice and warm inside school.  We have had another super learning week and all of our children have been working very hard.  In year 6 they are busy preparing for the National tests the week after next and in year 2 they are doing the same.  The singing in assembly this morning was fantastic and I know the children really enjoy trying their best with the songs Miss Fisher is teaching them.  The New Seekers version of “This Little Light of Mine” is my current favourite and the children and staff have almost perfected it now.  They enjoy singing it too which is the most important part for me.  I hope everyone enjoys the bank holiday and fingers crossed that the sun comes out.

Miss Carr

Monday 11th April 2016

Our term has got off to a flying start this morning with lots of happy children all ready to get on with their learning.  I always like to see what the children have been doing and I know there have been weddings and day trips and fun days at home.  I have just finished working with some of year 6, we do reading practice everyday.  They were all trying very hard as we were doing some practice papers for the year 6 tests, only four weeks to go now until year 6 sis their National Tests.  If any parents/carers want some more information on the National Tests for children in years 2 and 6 then please follow this link:


Monday 21st March 2016

I have just come in from my lunchtime duty and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Our children were busy and happy playing with each other and using the equipment to enhance their break.  I was counting the number of skips Patricia did and then Tomas tried to beat her.  It was then time for my go and I didn’t do quite as well as Patricia but at least I had a go.  That is our main aim here, to have a go.  I took some time to reflect over lunchtime as I watched all of our children playing nicely and then our staff playing with them.  I had to smile to myself with pride as I thought about what makes our school the really special place it is today.  It is about children and staff showing respect for one another and genuinely caring and it clearly was evident over lunchtime today.

We are in our last week of term now, I can’t believe it, it hardly seems two minutes since we came back after Christmas and here we are getting ready for Easter.  Our year 1 class are going up to St Paul’s church in the morning to take part in the Easter workshop.  They will be learning about the Easter story and they will play some games and usually they enjoy a treat as well.  All of our classes will be making Easter baskets in the hope that the Easter Bunny will pay a visit before they leave on Thursday.  Miss Kelly has organised some Easter competitions as well and we have had some very creative entries in the decorate an egg competition.  I hope I don’t have to judge them as it really will be a hard choice.

I am hoping the sun will come out for us whilst we are on our two week Easter break and everyone has a safe and happy time.

Miss Carr (Headteacher)


Friday 11th March 2016

What a busy week we have this week, every class has visited Tesco on Great Horton Road for a “Farm to Fork” workshop.  The children all had a wonderful time learning about farming and sustainability.  They all game back with an exciting goody bag as well.  Thank you so much to Tesco for this it was a great experience for our children. 

Last Friday we celebrated World book day and we mixed the classes up and sent them all on a journey around school.  They worked so well together and staff and children made a fantastic effort with their costumes. 

In our Early Years Unit the chickens have hatched and our little people have been watching them get bigger and bigger.  They go to a new home in York on Monday and I know the children will be sad to see them go.  The children have been showing some wonderful caring skills.

The weather is getting a bit warmer and I am informed we might have a warm week ahead, fingers crossed I say.  It will be good to get out and about without feeling so cold.  Have a great weekend everyone.


Miss Carr



Monday 29th February 2016

We had a busy first week back and this week promises to be just as busy.  Last week I had some people come and look at the learning here at Atlas to evaluate the quality of provision.  They were really impressed by the children and their positive attitudes to learning.  In every class they visited children were busy trying to complete their tasks and they enjoyed what they were doing too.  It always helps when you enjoy what you are doing, it makes the time pass quickly and you learn more.  They also commented on how polite and well mannered they found our children.  None of this surprised me as I see it in action every day but it is great to have someone else see it.  The lady who came in last week to take the school photographs was also blown over by the manners from our children and she was full of praise and admiration.  You can see why I am a very proud headteacher and why I love my job so much.

This week we have the life caravan in for the first few days, each class gets to visit the caravan and talk about an aspect of PSHCE.  We are very lucky to have this funded by the Rotary club, so a huge thank you to them.  On Friday we are having World Book Day at Atlas and our theme this year is “journeys”.  We are dressing up to go on a journey and we are splitting the school up so they will all go on a journey into three different worlds.  Sounds exciting doesn’t it…keep an eye out on our website for updates.

Miss Carr (Headteacher)


Monday 22nd February 2016

It has been a very cold half term but everyone is back this morning full of vigour and feeling refreshed.  Last half term we looked at setting goals and having aspirations.  This half term we are concentrating on keeping healthy and making the right choices.  I know that this isn’t always easy but we must keep trying in order to succeed.  I see this in action every day here as our children set about conquering their learning challenges.  Sometimes they don’t even want to go out to play or even go home as they want to finish their task or continue to make improvements to it.  I am sure that this half term will bring even more examples of this positive learning attitude that we instil here. 

We also welcome the Born in Bradford (B.I.B) team into our school again this week.  They are carrying out some amazing research regarding our young people here in Bradford.  This week they are carrying out some tests with some of our children looking at working memory.  The results of this will enable us to look at possible ways to help our children learn even more and will have an impact across the world.  Visit their website for more information: 

Miss Carr


Tuesday 2nd February 2016

We have had a very sad last few days in Manningham after the mill fire last Thursday.

Drummond Mill was a major feature in our locality and we used it when looking at local history, the mill was built in 1885, designed by architects Lockwood and Mawson, who also designed City Hall in Bradford centre.  The cause of the fire is unknown at the moment but our thoughts and prayers go to everyone affected.

In assembly this morning I talked to the children about the word resilience.  We explored how we can be resilient learners and how we should never give up even if things go wrong.  Sometimes we need a little help along the way but that is absolutely fine and sometimes great inventions come out of mistakes.  Did you know that Coca-Cola, post it notes and ring donuts were all invented following mistakes?

Miss Carr


Friday 22nd January 2016

It is a big mix up in school today as we are having one of our curriculum days.  Classes have been mixed up and each teacher has a religion to focus on and children learn more about that religion in a creative way.  Mr Ruddick is looking at Hinduism and Miss Kelly is looking at Buddhism.  Miss Fisher is looking at Paganism, Miss Dad Sikhism, Mrs Mir Islam, Miss Plastow, Christianity and in Early Years they are exploring Judaism.  When I had a walk around children were fully engrossed and were getting creative.  The Buddhist flags looked great and they were getting the ipads out to create some films.  It was lovely to see the older and younger children working together and seeing them deepen their understanding about the different religions.  At 2.30pm we are having a special assembly to come together and find out what everyone has been doing.

In assembly on Tuesday I talked to the children about team work and how when we work together we can achieve great things.  Today is a real example of seeing that in action as the children have really responded to working well with other children who they don’t usually work with.  The Atlas Buzz is working its magic well and truly today.  Yesterday 30 parents attended our e safety workshop which was tremendous and the best turn out we have had for such an event.  I hope the rain stops and everyone has a super weekend.

Miss Carr

Thursday 7th January 2016

Happy New Year to everyone.  We have had a super first week back to the year with so much learning going on.  Miss Arqum, Mr Parsons and myself have been in and out of all the classes this week looking at learning.  We have been very impressed.  Some children don’t even want to go out at lunchtime or playtime as they want to carry on with their work.  I have seen lots of children finding things hard but having a go and persevering.  That is really what I like to see as it is one of our key values.  Sometimes we find things difficult but we have to keep on trying until we conquer it. I am positive that we are going to achieve a lot this year.

Miss Carr

Wednesday 16th December 2015

This afternoon years 3, 4 and 5 put on a wonderful Christmas performance for their Mums, Dads and family friends.  It was called Christmas around the world and they visited six different countries at Christmas, looking at festive customs.  They visited Poland, then China, Malawi, Australia, U.S.A and then Ireland.  They looked fantastic and the singing was amazing.  A big thank you to Miss Fisher, Miss Kelly and Miss Dad who have been working super hard to get it ready on time.  It was wonderful and I was really proud of all the children who had been working super hard and had learn lines, lyrics and dances.  We had a super turn out of parents and the hall was bursting at the seams.  Tomorrow in school we are having Christmas parties and hopefully, if the children are good, they will be getting a special visit from a man with a red suit…ho ho ho!

I wish everyone celebrating a Happy Christmas and for those who aren’t a loving and peaceful time with their families and all the very best for 2016.

Miss Carr


Update on the stolen chocolate…

As well as William Cooper Ltd paying for the chocolate to be replaced, we have also had an offer from First Bus.  Then we have just had a family turn up with a car load of selection boxes to replace the stolen ones.  Saj, owner of Total Fitness and Martial Arts in BD10, came at 4pm with a car load of the selection boxes.  He had read about the article in the paper and felt sickened by it so he went with his son and daughter to buy replacements and brought them to us.  I am bowled over by the kindness of the companies and people that have read the story and wanted to act on it.  A lady came from Heaton with two bags full of chocolate.  Many, many thanks to everyone for your kindness.

Miss Carr


Friday 11th December 2015

Sadly, we had a break in at school in the early hours of yesterday morning.  The thieves stole our lawn mower, hedge cutters and about 200 selection boxes that we had bought for the children for a treat next week.  This sort of thing really saddens me as over the 9 years I have worked here we are have been plagued by various attacks of theft and vandalism.  It is our children who loose out.  The T and A published an article on this crime for us and very kindly we have had someone come to the rescue.  Iain Grimley, the Managing Director of William Cooper Ltd, has just rung me up and offered to pay for replacement selection boxes. We are very grateful for this and it restores our faith in human kindness, a great big thank you to them.  They fitted our new roof a couple of years ago and wanted to help us out.

This week all our children have been very busy working hard.  Our Nursery and Foundation class put on a great performance of the “Oopsy doopsy Angel” this week and they did a fantastic job entertaining the audience.  Next week Years 3,4 and 5 are putting on their performance of “Christmas around the world” and we will look forward to that. 

Tonight Miss Kelly, Miss Khalifa and myself are taking a group of children, by coach, to the West Yorskhire Playhouse in Leeds.  We are going to watch “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.”  I can’t wait and I know the children who are going are very excited too.  It is going to be a long day but I know it will be worth it. 

Thursday 26th November 2015

We have had a much drier week so far although the temperature has dropped and we have had to make sure we put our warm coats on.  I can hear some wonderful singing coming from the hall as classes are busy getting ready for their Christmas performances.  It is really great when our children take the time to learn the lines for a play or learn the lyrics to a song.  They always enjoy performing as well and having the opportunity to take part.  Being tolerant and understanding is a key feature of our work here and it is great to see it “in action”.  Sometimes our really little people in Nursery and Reception get very nervous and shed a few tears, however on the whole they do very well and parents and family members enjoy the performances and appreciate the effort that the children and staff have put in.


Wednesday 18th November 2015

After a dry October and one of the warmest on record we are certainly having our fair share of rain this month and more wet playtimes than we would ideally like.  I am just sat at my desk enjoying the peace and quiet before our Governing Body meet at 6pm.  Tonight we have our wonderful digital leaders presenting to the Governors about their work throughout school and what their role entails.  As a treat Miss Kelly and Mrs Arqum, along with some of the Governors have taken them for tea.  The digital leaders ensure that everybody knows about online safety and they will help with learning how to use equipment if necessary.  I am sure that the Governors will enjoy finding out about their work tonight. 


Monday 9th November 2015

Last Monday it was grey and foggy and today it is very wet and windy.  The rain is bouncing off the ground!  Some of our year 5 and 6 children have been to Westbourne Primary School this afternoon to take part in a maths workshop.  They had to solve lots of problems and explain their reasoning.  Miss Kelly went with five of her year 5 children and she said it was very hard but they enjoyed the challenge.  Siraaj really enjoyed it but found having to explain his findings difficult.  He was resilient though and he persevered!  Those are the values we like to see in operation here at Atlas.

We had a very exciting week last week and had our own Atlas bonfire last Thursday.  Each class came out and sang a range of campfire songs.  “Ging gang gooley” was the favourite and even some of our neighbours came out and joined in.  It was a great day and each class did some cross curricular learning around the theme of Guy Fawkes.  In year 6 they were detecting thumb prints and trying to solve clues and I saw some great art work in key stage 1.  In Reception they made toffee apples, they looked great!  All of the staff were amazing, they designed such wonderfully creative learning opportunities ALL the children went home with a big smile.  Experiences like this will stay with the children for a long long time, it’s why I came into teaching!

Miss Carr


Monday 2nd November 2015

We have had a very grey and foggy start to the day here in Bradford this morning but this hasn’t deterred us from coming into school all ready and raring to go.  This Thursday we are having a curriculum theme day based around bonfire night.  Each class have been learning bonfire songs and we will have a real bonfire outside for them to sing them around.  Each class will also be learning about the history behind bonfire night in a creative and fun way.  I am really looking forward to it and I know the children are.  The Atlas sleepover for the “Always” children took place on the 23rd October and 27 children in key stage two had a great time.  A big thank you to Miss Khalifa for organising the event the feedback from the children was great.  We like to reward excellent behaviour and a positive attitude to learning and the chance to sleepover in school is always well received. 


Monday 19th October 2015

I am having a super Monday so far today.  Two boys in year 1, Hasan and Husain, have been to see me with some super writing they have been doing as part of their talk for writing lesson.  They have made some jam sandwiches and then they had to write down the instructions.  They had a really good try with this and used some time connectives, I was very impressed and gave them a sticker and one of my special pencils.  I then met Miss Kelly, our year 5 teacher, in the corridor, she had a great big smile on her face.  She was telling me about Aqeel in her class who has shown some fantastic perseverance skills.  Last week in maths they were problem solving and he spent a whole lesson plus two lunchtimes trying to work out a solution.  Well finally he did, today he managed to find the solution.  Miss Karim, our maths co-ordinator, tells me that he is a problem seeker according to our new depth of learning approach to the curriculum.

I love seeing children when they have worked really hard and then met their goal showing good resilience and perseverance.  I am always on the look out for rewarding these skills, a great start to the week!


Wednesday 7th October 2015

What a lot of rain we are having today, it is very wet indeed.  A great opportunity to sing the wet play song!  It is very quiet in key stage two this morning as our year 6 children have gone on a science educational visit to the rugby stadium and years 4 and 5 are swimming.  At Atlas children get to go swimming for two years as we feel that learning to swim is such an important skill.  This afternoon it is the turn of year 5 parents and carers to come in for their curriculum workshop.  Miss Kelly has been working hard preparing lots of exciting games so that she can teach the parents to help their children.  I am sure we will have a good turn out.

Last week we delivered over 300 tins, packets and jars of food that our children and their families had donated for harvest.  In school we thought a lot about people who are not as fortunate as ourselves and how we can help them.  It is very important to think about others and to know how we can help them.  Rev. Alistair Helm, the Vicar at St Paul’s, sent us a lovely thank you card and I know he was very grateful for the food for their Drop in Café. 

Thursday 1st October 2015

Today is the first day of October, the days are flying by.  Here at Atlas it is our Harvest Festival tomorrow morning.  All the children and staff are busy bringing in lots of tins, packets and jars of food and we are taking it to St Paul’s Church in Manningham for their homeless café.  You can find some information out about it if you follow this link… Drop in Cafe 

In school we have been talking about how lucky we are to have lots of food to eat and that is why we want to say a special thank you in our harvest assembly.  Miss Fisher has been rehearsing our harvest songs with every class as well.  I joined in with “Cauliflowers fluffy” this morning, one of my favourites!



Monday 21st September 2015

I have just popped into our breakfast club to talk to some of our children who have their breakfast at school.  They were busy making toast and talking away to me about what they had been getting up to over the weekend.  It is going to be a busy and exciting week for a lot of our families as they celebrate Eid on Thursday.  We are closed for the day and on Friday we will have Eid parties in the afternoon.  I always look forward to seeing the children in their lovely Eid outfits with a range of colours and lots of glitter and sparkle. 

I was really impressed with the learning that went on in school last week.  In Early Years the children are busy sounding out phonemes and are counting lots of objects whilst the rest of the school have been busy writing super sentences, remembering to use powerful vocabulary and punctuate correctly. Mrs Karim, our maths co-ordinator is arranging for Mathletics to come to Atlas Primary school.  We have heard lots of great things about this fantastic resource and we are sure that it will increase our mental maths recall.  Keep an eye out on this website for more information and details about it as soon as we have it.


Monday 7th September 2015

We have been back at school for a whole week now and we have had a super start to the year.  We have welcomed new staff and children  to our school family and they are settling in very well.  Our new Reception class are very impressive and they are working very hard and are  learning lots of new things.  I was talking to Miss Snowden, their class teacher this morning and she is very happy with her new class.  The comments from the children are also positive and they are full of enthusiasm and are ready to achieve great things.  I have a feeling it is going to be a fantastic year here at Atlas. 

Saturday 29th August

It is very quiet in school this morning because there is only me here!  I have popped in to get a few jobs done.  Over the last two weeks all of our teachers and some support staff have been coming in to get the classrooms and learning spaces ready.  It looks absolutely amazing!  So much effort has gone into creating a bright and stimulating environment that I know the children will quickly settle into their new classes.  we start back this Tuesday 1st September and I am looking forward to hearing all the tales and experiences that our children will have.  I have really missed them all so role on Tuesday and let another year of fantastic learning and achievements begin…

Friday 10th July 2015

This week has been a bit cooler and the weekend is set to be sunny so good news.  I am going to Skipton to see my friend’s daughter in a clog dancing festival and I am looking forward to it very much.  Our school is full of eager anticipation and excitement this morning as children are meeting their new teachers for September.  After break they all line up in their new classes and then the staff go out to meet them.  We have some new staff joining us in September so I know there will be some surprises.  As we become more involved with the Bradford birth to 19 teaching school we are offering trainee teacher places and are using the skill and talent from our own staff to be part of inspiring the next generation.   In school we have been talking with the children about change and how we deal with it, sometimes this is hard to do as we want things to stay the same, especially if we are happy or comfortable with the way things are.  The world moves on though and technologies advance so we have to keep up with that and cope with change.  I know we prepare  our children to deal with change in a positive way.  Have a great weekend everyone.


Thursday 2nd July 2015

It has been hot hot hot here in Bradford this week!  I know yesterday was officially the hottest day on record and we certainly felt it.  I had trouble getting to sleep last night as it was so warm.  We can’t complain though as we moan when it is cold.  Here at Atlas our new air conditioning units in the classrooms have been put to good use and it has meant that the children have been able to carry on learning in a comfortable environment which is very important.  I have just had a walk around school and heads are down in years 5 and 6 and they are busy on the laptops and Ipads editing stories and making film animations.  Not one child wasn’t working hard, I was very impressed, but not surprised as it is typical of the positive attitude to learning we all have here.  In Reception class Hassan was keen to show me his drawing of the life cycle of a chicken and he told me how the egg goes “CRACK” and a chicken comes out.  How wonderful it was to see and their recent visit to St Leonard’s Farm  inspired some fantastic drawings and writing.

Our year 6 children all went off to visit their new secondary schools yesterday and they are full of excitement now at the prospect of the new challenge ahead.  I know they will be missed greatly by us all here, I especially will miss them as I have seen them grow up from when they joined us in nursery in 2007!  I am glad they are looking forward to their new schools but they will miss us and I am sure they will come back and tell us what they have been getting up to.


Thursday 18th June 2015

I don’t know where the time is going at the moment, we have been ever so busy here at Atlas.  Last week I went to Blackpool with year 2, we had a great time and the sun was shining.  Some of our children had never played on the beach before or dipped their toes in the sea but they did last Friday.  Lots of people commented on how well behaved the children were and I definitely agree, they were a credit to us!  After our day on Blackpool beach we had a quiet journey home as a lot of the children were fast asleep!

This week has also been eventful, on Tuesday afternoon, year 6 performed their own version of the Roald Dahl classic “Matilda”.  Once again I was very impressed and their weeks of hard work learning lines and dance routines paid off.  We had a lot of friends and family members come to support us and Ms Dallas our chair of governors came too with them all commenting on the confidence of the children and how well they had done.  I was very proud and they brought a tear to my eye as I was so proud of this class of children who I have seen grow, learn and develop with us in so many ways over the last 8 years.  I know I say it a lot but I do think I have the best job in the world.

As a reward for their hard work with the play and their positive attitude to learning, we took Year 6 for their leavers meal and awards ceremony. We hired out “The Lodge” on White Abbey Road and had a lovely meal.  Miss Arqum had arranged for children to vote for a range of different awards for example, “Smarty Pants, Class Clown, Drama King or queen etc….” It was a lovely evening and all the staff and children who attended really enjoyed it. 

Last night we attended the Drugs Charter Award Presentation evening at Dixons City Academy.  Over the last year Miss Pachela has been working very hard to ensure that we met the criteria to achieve the award.  Drugs prevention education is an important part of our curriculum here at Atlas so we were more than happy to attend last night.  We provided some entertainment and four of our Year 4 children came with Miss Pachela, Miss Khalifa and myself.  They dressed up as “Oompa Lumpas” and were truly amazing with their performance.

This is a picture of them getting ready at school!


 Adam in the taxi on the way back to school, the award is safely on his knee!

Miss Carr

Thursday 4th June 2015

The sun has got his hat on today and I am really pleased because our Nursery class have gone on a coach to Temple Newsam and it is sports day for the rest of school.  Green Lane Primary kindly lend us their field and we all walk over and compete in a range of sporting events.  All of the children are split into four different teams and they rotate around the field participating in the events.  Our year 6 sports leaders are busy helping out Mr Khan and Mrs Bishop who have arranged the day.  I have just got back and I was pleased to see the children cheering each other on and  trying their best to win.

Miss Carr

Thursday 21st May 2015

Our year three children eagerly boarded our school minibus this morning on their way to visit their friends at Cullingworth Primary School.  I am sure they will have a great day there. 

In school there is great excitement as we have a big red and yellow bouncy castle on the KS1  playground as part of our fundraising frenzy day. Check out the photos on the events page to find out what we have been doing.

I can’t believe we are at the end of another half term, we break up tomorrow for Spring-bank holiday.  I am hoping to go to Liverpool so I hope the weather is good and the sunshine comes out.

Thursday 30th April 2015

We are eagerly awaiting our year 3 friends from Cullingworth Primary School.  They are our schools linking partners and today they are visiting our school.  Last term our year 3 class went to visit them and they all had a super day.  We are sure that today will go very well and they will enjoy spending time with us here at Atlas.  Cullingworth school is in a very different part of Bradford to ours and it is good for the children to share experiences and celebrate differences.  Miss Dad has prepared lots of exciting activities for them all to do when they get here.

After a glorious week of sunshine last week we have had a lot of rain this week.  I had to put my waterproof coat on yesterday to keep me warm and dry.  Just when we thought we could turn the heating off we have had to put it back on again.  Oh well, lets hope we see some more of the sunshine over the bank holiday weekend.

Miss Carr

Tuesday 21st April 2015

I really enjoyed assembly this morning and it has put a really big smile on my face.  As our personal, social and emotional health topic is relationships this half term we have been looking at what it means to be a really good friend.  Some of our year 6 children helped me this morning as we all talked about and wrote down real life examples of how children in our school had been a really good friend over the last week.  The children in Reception class told me about how they would play with each other and share their toys and equipment.  Other examples given were when someone didn’t have anyone to play with and they were invited to join in another game, when someone else felt sad they were cheered up by a friend. We also sang one of our summer songs as the sun is shining brightly today.  I know it isn’t summer until June but I love the tune and we were all happy to sing it in preparation!  Not only do we have wonderful friends here at Atlas but we also have wonderful singers. 

Miss Carr


Wednesday 15th April 2015

We are now in Summer term here at Atlas Primary and everyone is well rested after their two week Easter break.  It has been lovely seeing all the staff, children and families again, I really did miss them.  We have a busy term ahead with lots of exciting learning opportunities and some fun educational visits to enhance our learning. 

Year 1 visited St Pauls Church in Manningham yesterday.  It didn’t take very long for them to walk up there and they were all made to feel very welcome by Reverend Alistair and the team.  They enjoyed looking around the church which is a special place of worship for Christians. 

In PSHCE this term our topic is relationships and in my assembly yesterday we talked about what it means to be a good friend.  This week we are all trying hard to do one thing extra to be a really good friend.  I know that we do that really well when we are in school. Yesterday I was teaching P.E to Year 4 and I saw for myself how kind the children were being to each other.  When one boy was trying to shoot the ball through the basketball net Adam was really encouraging him, offering him tips and advice and when he didn’t quite make it, gave him a clap and said, “good try”.  It is this ethos and care that really makes our school a truly special place to be.

Miss Carr


Thursday 12th March 2015

We have had another busy day here at Atlas.  This afternoon we had some volunteers from B.T carrying out some internet safety workshops with some of our year 5 and 6 pupils and their parents.  This was very well received and we had lots of good discussion going on about staying safe online.  I worked with year 6 after school today as they are busy attending booster classes for grammar and maths.  Tonight we looked at place value and I had a really good session with them, their brain cells were working very hard and so were mine!  Tomorrow is Red Nose day and our classes have all been very busy this week raising money for this good cause.  each class has chosen their own way to make money and we have had bath bombs made in year 4, cakes in year 1, popcorn in Reception and pizza slices in year 6.  I can’t remember what year 5 and 2 have done but I have a feeling it might be to do with food.  Tomorrow everyone is wearing something funny and we have our own Atlas Ant and Dec coming to do a version of Saturday Night Takeaway.  I am sure there will be photos to follow so keep an eye out on the website.

Miss Carr


Thursday 5th March 2015 World Book Day

Today our school is full of princesses, wizards, cats, dragons, wolves, Olafs and many more characters from various books.  I am looking for my 7 dwarfs, that might give you a clue as who I have dressed up as.  As a school we love reading books and entering a whole new world.  We have chosen to read a book throughout school and carry out various learning activities related to that book.  We have shuffled the classes up so we are working with children of different ages so we can learn from and with each other.  The book Miss Fisher, our literacy co-ordinator, chose is: “Who Pushed Humpty Dumpty?” by David Levinthal and John Nickle.  If you haven’t read it then you should, it’s a great book and has inspired a whole host of learning activities.  I have been around school and looked at what is going on.  Some children are doing scientific experiments to solve clues, one group are making gingerbread houses and they all are continuing with their love of reading.  This afternoon, Mrs Matthews, our volunteer reader from Beanstalk, is going to visit every group and read them a story.  This is a real treat as she usually only works with year 3 and I know the children are very excited.  Mr Bradshaw will be updating the website soon with lots of photographs of the day so do have a look.

Miss Carr (A.K.A Snow White!)


Thursday 12th February 2015

Our hall is full of parents and carers of our year 4 children.  They have come in for a parental workshop so they can learn how to help their child to learn at home.  This is our second round of workshops this year and the attendance at them is a real tribute to the partnership working that goes on. 

It has been a busy week this week, on Tuesday it was safer internet day and our digital leaders, led by Miss Kelly, did a special assembly.  The internet is a wonderful resource but it is also very dangerous if used in the wrong way of if children aren’t supervised or taught how to use it safely.  Keeping children safe is high on our agenda here and it must be at home as well.  On Tuesday afternoon we welcomed children from the debating club at Green Lane Primary and Dixons Manningham Academy to our school as it was our turn to host the competition.  Dixons Manningham won the trophy this time but a big well done to all the children who took part. There was some real high quality discussion going on, the topic the children chose to debate was; “Are there too many exams in year 6?”  The overall decision was that yes there are.  Miss Fisher, who runs our debating club here, was most impressed with the  clarity of voice and choice of language that the children used.

Tomorrow we break up for half term, I think everyone is ready for a well earned rest as we have all been working hard and learning a lot.  I am sure there will be plenty more things to report when we come back after our week off.

Miss Carr


Tuesday 27th January 2015

We are well into January and 2015 now, I can’t believe how quickly time is passing us by.  We have had lots of things going on here and some exciting developments ahead.  We have been very lucky to have successfully bid for just under £10,000 from the National Lottery awards scheme.  This will allow us to build an outdoor classroom and gazebo on the currently unused strip of land next to the school kitchen.  We are also going to have our football pitch transformed thanks to funding from Sports U.K as well.  I can’t wait for it to start being built as it will allow our learning outdoors to really develop.

Yesterday Reverend Alistair Helm, Vicar at St Pauls Church Manningham, came for a look around school with two trainees.  They were all very impressed with our pupils and their attitude to learning, which of course came as no surprise to me!  Three of our classes are going to visit the church as part of their R.E work.  Alistair and his wife also run a Beavers and Cubs group on a Sunday afternoon and we are going to try and encourage some of our children to go along as I know they will have a great time there.

Our PSHCE theme for this half term is hopes and dreams and we are all busy thinking about them.  In assembly this morning we watched the Chelsea V Bradford City goals from the match last Saturday, it really was a talking point for discussion about how sometimes dreams really do come true.  Well done Bradford City football team who of course could not have been as successful if it wasn’t for the support they got from the fans.  In our school it is a bit like that, we all have hopes and dreams and we encourage one another to achieve them, not just pupils but staff also.  “If you believe it you can achieve it”.
Miss Carr

Friday 19th December 2014

What a busy week we have had here at Atlas.  The week began with Christmas performances from 6 of our classes and what an excellent job they did.  Each of them told the story of Christmas in their own way with lots of drama and singing thrown into the mix.  We had a super turnout of parents and carers at each performance showing the great support we get here from our families and friends.  I was very impressed with all of them as a lot of hard work and determination went into each one.  We all had a big smile on our faces when they had finished which is always a good thing.  After school on Friday our newly formed Atlas Choir, led by the talented Miss Fisher, went along with Miss Khalifa and myself to Manningham Mills seasonal celebration event.  They performed 6 different songs including our school anthem “As one” to an appreciative audience.  Once again I was tremendously proud of them as they performed with passion and confidence. 

Here is a picture of them before they started singing:

In assembly this morning we had a one minute silence to think about the children and their teachers who had been killed in the tragedy in Peshawar in Pakistan.  We reflected and thought about the sorrow of all the families affected.

For those celebrating I wish you a Merry Christmas and to everyone I wish you a Happy New Year and all the best for 2015.

Miss Carr

Tuesday 9th December 2014

Our school is full of excitement at the moment, yesterday Mrs Bishop and some children put up our real Christmas tree and the Christmas Post-box came out.  The entrance area is alive with music and sparkling baubles and twinkling lights.  Patricia in Year 2 said it looks beautiful and I have to agree.  Sitting here in my office I can hear our year 3 and 4 children in full swing or should I say sing practising hard for their performance next week.  From the sounds of it I am getting very excited myself, we like singing at Atlas and try and link it in with our curriculum as much as possible.

Tomorrow, 40 of our year 5 and 6 children are going off to the Yorkshire Moors for their residential, they will be kept very busy from morning until night and I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that the weather doesn’t spoil anything.  All the cases are now in and we are making sure that there are plenty of warm items of clothing packed to keep them comfortable.  I can’t wait to hear all their tales when they get back I know they will have a fantastic time.


Monday 24th November 2014

In assembly we listened to a song called “Everyone is different” by Lanny Sherwin.  This song fits in well with our school theme of celebrating difference, you can listen to it by following this link: 

Here at Atlas we know that it is good to be different and we should respect differences regardless of how big, small, fat, thin you are or what colour your skin, eyes or hair is. 

Tuesday 18th November 2014

We are having parent and carer consultations in school this week.  It is great to see so many happy faces going out of school  from our Mums and Dads, having heard about the fantastic learning going on with their child at Atlas.  We really do encourage the partnership in learning between home and school.

This week is also anti bullying week and in school we are continuing with our celebrating difference theme to ensure that everyone feels safe here.  Miss Snowden has launched a competition for children to design a t-shirt and the winner will get theirs printed.  Anti-bullying week was launched last Friday in a special Power of One assembly delivered by Soren Bennick Productions.  The children watched a  performance and the message was clear:


Our Message

Report and deal with bullying when you see it

Don’t be a Bystander

Bystanders are as guilty as bullies

You can make a difference

The highlight of the performance is when a volunteer from the audience looks into the Power of One box (which contains a mirror) and sees himself/herself!

This leads to the audience taking the Power of One anti-bullying oath and the conclusion of the performance.

The Power of One Oath



Friday 3rd October 2014

I can’t believe we are now in the month of October, the days are getting shorter and obviously I don’t mean in length. The amount of daylight we have gets less and less and the leaves on the trees are turning beautiful shades of red, brown and green. Here at Atlas we have been learning lots of new autumnal songs. We all performed them this morning at our harvest festival. My favourite was cauliflowers fluffy as I love the tune although the chorus in Autumn days is very uplifting, “I mustn’t forget, no I mustn’t forget, to say a great big thank you I mustn’t forget”. How true are these words? We really mustn’t forget as we are all very lucky to have food in our tummies and beds to sleep in. Mr Hamad counted up that we had collected over 700 tins, packets or jars for Bradford food bank. They were very happy to receive all the items when Mr Rusling took them over in the minibus and we were all very happy to bring them into school to help people who are in need. Some of our families and staff are celebrating Eid this weekend and we are closed on Monday to allow time for celebrations. I wish everyone a happy and peaceful Eid and offer many thanks for all that we are given.

Miss Carr (Headteacher)

Wednesday 17th September 2014

Yesterday I spent time visiting every class to see the learning that was going on. I was very impressed by what I saw. All of the classes were busy getting on with their work fully engaged in whatever they were doing. I asked each class teacher to tell me about any child who had done something “extra special” and they got one of my Headteacher stickers. When I got back to my office I couldn’t wait to tell Miss Pachela all about what I had seen it really was a joy to see. In year 6 they were busy partitioning 7 digit numbers and they really had to demonstrate a good understanding of place value. Miss Arqum was especially impressed with Bushrah who had displayed some extra thinking skills. In year 5 Miss Kelly was very pleased with Mumrez who had written some advanced sentences. There was more great sentence work in year 4 and Miss Fisher selected Maariyah and Aiyla for this. In year 3 Khadiza and Khadijah were picked by Miss Dad for their excellent detective work in guided reading, searching for adjectives within a text. In year 2 Mrs Mir chose Azwa and Ayaan for their fantastic work and Mrs Karim in year 1 chose Lyba for labelling a set of pictures and spelling the words all by herself. She had managed to spell river by sounding it out. Down in Early Years Miss Snowden asked Mrs Bano to pick someone who had worked hard in P.E. She said Adam was the only child who knew what directions were so he got the sticker. I tested him out and he certainly knew them. Miss Shaw in Nursery was very pleased with Eesa who had threaded some beads on a string and could tell her that it was a long thread. Well done everyone, I will be back soon with my stickers to catch our fabulous children doing something extra special.

Miss Carr (Headteacher)

Monday 15th September 2014

It is raining in Bradford this morning but in our school things are far from dull.  Our new Reception class have all made an excellent start to their education and are settling in well.  I joined them for dinner last week and they are very good eaters and were enjoying our school food, I enjoyed listening to what they were telling me.  It is sometimes easy to underestimate the learning that goes on in Early Years but I can assure you that our little people are working very hard indeed.  In fact all of our school community are working very hard, staff and children alike.  This Saturday we have our “Big Breakfast” organised by Mrs Bishop.  This gives male parents and carers the opportunity to come into school and learn and interact with their child.  I know that the activities this Saturday promise to be just as inspiring as previous ones and First Aid, toy car making and of course Miss Khlaifa’s special breakfast are all on the menu!  Check this website next week for pictures and details of how it all went.

Miss Carr (Headteacher)

Thursday 4th September 2014

What a fantastic start to the new school year we have all had. All the children look really smart in their school uniforms and they are settling  well into their new classes. An extra special welcome to our new children and their families and to our new year 4 teacher Miss Fisher.  You are now part of the Atlas family and I am confident you will be happy here.

This week we are getting our week off to a good start by getting to know each other and creating a class charter. This is part of our UNICEF Rights Respecting Work, Atlas is a ‘Rights Respecting’ School. This means that we teach children about their rights according to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and model rights and respect in all our relationships.

In assembly this week we talked about working hard and trying our best and how it is important to have the right attitudes to learning. I am very excited because I know this year is going to be a successful one for everyone. We have lots of exciting learning opportunities ahead, keep looking at our website to find out all about it.

Miss Carr (Headteacher)