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Reception Blog Archive


We have been extremely busy learning and preparing for Christmas in reception.

The children put on a fantastic assembly ‘Whoops a Daisy Angel’, thank you to all the parents and carers that came to watch.

We skyped Santa and then he came to see us the week after during our Christmas parties.

The children made Christmas cards and baubles for the Christmas tree and the classroom was decorated with all things Christmassy.

We also had our homework party, don’t forget to look at the new homework tasks.

Have a lovely holiday.

P1030804 P1030877 P1030914



This week we started preparing for Christmas in reception class by putting up our Christmas tree. First we had to join the three pieces together before we put the lights on. We then chose different baubles to hang from the branches and added some tinsel to make it sparkle.
As we have been learning shape names we made some Christmas decorations for the tree using salt dough. We mixed all the ingredients to make the dough before rolling it out until it was flat. We then chose a shape to cut out. We put a hole in the top so we could add some string when it has dried and they are currently drying out in the window. Have a peep through and see if you can see them. Once they have dried they will go hard and we can paint them and add glitter before hanging them on our tree.

We continue to practice for our Christmas assembly and our story this week has been The Jolly Christmas Postman. Can your child remember what it is about? Who are the characters? What happens at the end of the story? What kind of things were people sending in the envelopes through the post?

Next week we will have a go at writing our own letters to Santa.

We look forward to seeing you at our assembly on Tuesday.

DSCN0970 DSCN0972 P1030773 P1030838



We had lots of visitors in Reception class week last week, starting with the school nurses. They came to talk to us about looking after our teeth. We discussed that we should be brushing our teeth at least twice a day and that we should not be sharing a toothbrush with anyone else because it spreads germs. We also talked about foods that are not good for your teeth including drinking tea with sugar.

The dental nurses also paid us a visit to do a flouride varnishing application on children.

We then had some people from the Road Safety Team come to visit us. We did some role play about how to stay safe when out and about near a road. ‘Stop, look, listen and think!’ The children took it in turns to model how to walk safely next to a road, starting with holding a grown ups hand. The children then had to try and cross the road safely by stopping, looking, listening and thinking. When it was safe they could cross. Can you think of any people that could help us when we need to cross the road? What can we wear to be seen when it is dark and we are out and about near roads?

P1030656 P1030657



On Monday we took a trip to the cinema in Bradford. We went to watch Home which linked with our learning this week about Anti Bullying. The children’s behavior was outstanding.

P1030553 P1030559



This week we have been looking at patterns in Reception class which linked nicely with Diwali. We have been trying to find patterns in our environment and we even had a go at making our own. Some children used the glitter and colored sand outside to make a pattern and some of us used strawberry laces and cheerios to make a pattern. Can you find any patterns in your house? Can you find any repeating patterns in your house?

We made lanterns and diva lamps and talked about Hindus and how they celebrate Diwali.

On Wednesday we learnt about Remembrance day and the children made wreath poppies. Can you remember what shape they were?

We have been learning the story of Whatever Next and this week we made a story map to help us re tell it. Some children made their own story maps and some used the props in the story tray to help them. Who were the characters in the story and where was it set?

On Thursday lots of parents and carers took advantage of our new Reception Library trolley and helped their child choose a book to take home and share with them. Don’t forget to bring it back next week and swap it for a new one.

P1030482 P1030485 P1030492 P1030498


Phonics Phase 3 – 22/10/2015


Nursery Summer 2013


Theme Day – 05/11/2015

We celebrated the theme day by making and baking all sorts of Bonfire themed things in reception class.

We spent time outside singing songs around the fire and toasted marshmallows. When we came back in we had hot chocolate with cream and sprinkles to warm us up. We decorated buns to look like mini camp fires using different coloured icing and chocolate sticks. We made our own craft fire pictures using strips of paper and making red, yellow and orange hand prints. Some children outside used a huge roll of paper and glitter mixed with paint to make a huge firework picture. We followed the instructions to make chocolate apples and spent time talking about how we celebrate Bonfire night. We discussed the importance of keeping safe and why Bonfire Night is celebrated in the UK. Can you remember the name of the man who tried to blow up the houses of parliament?

DSCN0804 DSCN0814 P1030391 P1030400 P1030424



As we continue to learn about Autumn in Reception we have been baking bread this week, hedgehog bread and comparing and ordering objects by size in maths. We will continue with this after the holidays looking closely at ordering things by length or height. In literacy we have been looking at various Autumn objects and thinking about the sounds in the words.

Thank you to all the parents that attended the phonics workshop on Wednesday. It was a huge success and we hope it gave you some simple ideas to use at home with your children to support them with their learning.

DSCN0756 DSCN0789 DSCN0842



This week we have been out around school looking for signs of Autumn. The children have noticed the weather is getting colder, the leaves have changed colour and they are falling onto the floor so we went to see. We found trees with red, brown and yellow leaves falling off. There were also some pink ones. There were leaves of all different shapes and sizes: big ones, small ones, round ones and even some spikey ones. We collected some and took them back to the classroom with us. We have used them to make patterns and print with them and we have also added a leaf basket to our mud kitchen. What else can you find when you are out and about that are signs of Autumn? Have you found any conkers or acorns? What happens to hedgehogs and squirrels during the Autumn? We also looked at the different celebrations that take place during Autumn including Harvest festival and Bonfire night.

We picked 4 red juicy tomatoes this week form the tomato plant. If we had one more how many would we have altogether?

On Wednesday the animals came to visit us. There was a snake, a tarantula, some chickens, a ferret, a tortoise and some rats. The children were unbelievably brave and keen to hold the animals. Some children even let the snake wrap itself around their neck!

As we continue to learn about Autumn we will be using our Autumn objects in our maths work next week and after the holidays, finding one more and one less as well as beginning to sort objects by weight.

We have also had a giant spiderweb in the playground this week. The children love bringing superheroes into their play so we decided they had to use their ‘super powers’ to get across the spider web as quick as they could without touching it.

Don’t forget to get your homework in by next Thursday so we can count up the points.

P1030263 P1030271 P1030275 P1030278 P1030287 P1030295 P1030315 P1030320



We decided that as it is harvest assembly on Friday we would harvest the vegetables in our outdoor area. We found potatoes and onions of all shapes and sizes and helped to pull them out of the soil. They need a good wash before we begin to cook them. We also have some tomatoes in the outdoor area and they continue to grow but we are still waiting for them to turn red so we know they are ripe enough to pick. Have you spotted a huge green vegetable hiding in our planting tyres? Do you know what it might be? Have a look the next time you walk past but be careful not to pick it, we are hoping it will grow a lot more before it is ready to be pulled out.

Our sunflowers are continuing to grow too, are you taller or shorter than them?

P1030134 P1030135 P1030136 P1030137 P1030139


Phonics Phase 2 – 25/09/2015

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Set 8

Nursery Summer 2013



We have been so busy settling into Reception over the past few weeks.

Our biggest achievement so far was receiving not just one but two trophies in our celebration assembly for class of the week AND 100% attendance. Well done Reception.

We take part in assembly 4 times a week and are practising our Cauliflowers fluffy song for Harvest assembly in a few weeks. Why not listen to it at home? Write a list or draw pictures of all the fruits and vegetables in the song-can your child hear and say the initial sounds?

We explored the learning garden last week in the sunshine and got to try out the trim trail. We saw the sunflowers that were so tall they even towered over Miss Snowden! We collected some leaves to hang from our feelings tree and used others to make leaf prints.

We’ve been baking buns and number biscuits and this week we will be cooking up some treats for our Eid party on Friday. Each child made an Eid card to take home with them and we talked about the children’s personal Eid experiences.

We also noticed this week that the vegetables in our outdoor area are beginning to grow. The tomatoes are turning from green to red and getting fatter each day along with some onions and courgettes growing happily. Can you think of something we could make with these ingredients?

We have been looking at the story of Elmer and practising it using our story map, puppets and actions. Ask you child about the story, is Elmer the same as the other elephants? Where is the story set? Why not scribble down what your child says and bring it in for them to share with the class, we love to hear about the learning that happens at home.

Don’t forget to look at the newsletter to see what we will be learning over the next few weeks and come and see us if you have any questions.

image001 image003 image005



Week one full time in school has been completed and each and every child has been so brave and confident this week. We have had very few tears and lots of new friendships have been formed. The children have experienced school life full time and are beginning to get into a routine. This week we have been focusing on settling into Reception, accessing the resources and learning how to look after them and where they belong. We all have a peg label and each child is gradually learning where to hang their coat in a morning. We’ve been on the ipads, reading stories, mark making, splashing in the water, exploring the outdoor area and we even found time to make some chocolate crispy buns.

Thank you to all the families who have returned forms to me, please ensure I have them within the next week, if you have lost any just let me know, I have a pile of spare ones!

Over the next couple of weeks your child will be given a reading book and a homework bag. Reading books will be changed once a week and we ask that you listen to your child read as much as possible. Homework is sent every half term. They will also be given a set of ‘Elephant’ words to learn. I will send more information about these to you when they are sent home.

Please do not hesitate to come and see me if you have any questions or concerns.

image001 image004



​Last week we took a trip out to visit the farm. It was great fun. We left early on the coach and made sure all our seat belts were on before we set off on the short journey to Esholt. When we arrived Farmer James met us at the gate and we went straight to the outdoor classroom to meet some animals. We got to touch a chicken, a chinchilla, a 2 day old kid, (baby goat), a lamb and a rabbit.

We then had chance to explore the farm and meet some of the other animals: a horse, some sheep, a pig, some donkeys and even an ostrich.

We made sure we washed our hands and then headed into the straw play area before lunch. It was great fun, hiding in all the tunnels and swinging on the tyres.

We then sat in the sunshine and ate our lunch. When we had finished we went into the play area where the children seemed to have no fear. They followed the rules and listened carefully before throwing themselves off the various soft play equipment. They took it in turns on the slides and  waited patiently if there was a queue. farmer James said they were perfectly behaved.

To finish the day we had an ice lolly before getting back on the coach to come back to school.

As the weather begins to improve please ensure your child brings a hat and has sun cream on as well as ensuring they have a water bottle at school so we can enjoy the sunshine safely.

P1020677 P1020734 P1020749 P1020769 P1020806 P1020808



Reception took part in sports day at Green Lane last week, participating in all sorts of races, egg and spoon, dribbling with a football, throwing a beanbag to score points as well as the sack race. We walked from school down to Green Lane and the sun even came out for us.

When we got back to school we wrote some recounts using the laptops. Sohaan was a whiz at typing on Miss Snowdens computer and Habeeb was very thorough with his details.

We also took the nice weather as an opportunity to explore the new garden/ physical development area at the back of school. It was great fun and as well as being able to practise our skills on the trim trail we explored the world around us. Habeeb and Hasan found a snail on the tree and Natasha observed the vegetable patch, noting how much it had grown since she planted them during gardening club.

We have a new role play area in the classroom, a pirate ship. The children are being very imaginative, making props such as pirate hats and eye patches as well as treasure maps and getting into character. We have been reading the story of The Night Pirates, can your child remember what happened to Tom’s house?

Don’t forget to get started with you child’s new homework log. We will be having a fancy dress party as a reward this half term.

P1020524 P1020551 P1020603 P1020609 P1020614



Firstly thank you to all the parents who made appointments and came to see me on Parents day last week. It is always fantastic to spend time talking to you about your child’s progress and how you can help them at home. It also helps to hear about what your child is like out of school and their attitudes towards learning when they are not here. If you missed your appointment or would like to arrange to see me please speak to me so we can sort it out.

As the weather continues to trick us please ensure your child continues to bring a coat to school every day.

We made the most of the sunny days in Reception by beginning to plant some onions and potatoes in our outdoor area, and in the classroom we have planted sunflower seeds. Every child has one and we are encouraging them to take responsibility for it by ensuring it is given water regularly and plenty of sunlight. We are also having a competition to see whose will grow the tallest. We are keeping a diary of our plants and once they start to grow we will measure them regularly.

The children have been rehearsing the text map of how to grow a plant and over the next week they will begin to make their own.

As our topic this half term is all about where our food comes from we have been looking at the story of The Little Red Hen. The children have been practising it using actions and Saaliha has written the entire story independently. Ask your child about the story: Who are the characters? Where is the story set? What happens at the beginning/ middle/ end?

There has been some fantastic homework produced from the learning logs and the children are keen to bring in their work to share with the class. Ayaan brought in a fantastic car that he had made with his dad using foam and pencils and Adam got his whole family involved in making his truck. Keep up the hard work. It is lovely to see such enthusiasm and excitement about something done at home and then brought into the classroom. Don’t forget you can bring homework tasks in whenever they are complete. Points will be counted on the 31st May and those that have achieved 30 will be invited to join the pizza party.

P1010860 P1020173 P1020175



As we begin to learn about Spring and Easter the chicks are all growing fast and the children thoroughly enjoyed holding them. We looked at the life cycle of a chick as well as how to look after them. We made our own paper chicks to display on the wall and wrote about how they felt.

We made a Spring basket to take home filled with goodies including some chocolate eggs we had found during a hunt around school as well as a chocolate bird nest bun topped with mini eggs, (we had walked to the shop to get all the ingredients we needed). We decorated them with patterns and spring pictures and folded the paper along the lines to make a bag, before adding a handle.

We also went for a walk around school to look for any signs of Spring. Aiza found a daisy in the grass.

Why don’t you go for a walk at home and write a list of all the things you find that signify spring is on its way?

P1010874 P1010892 P1010898 P1010955



This week lots of children brought back their completed homework tasks and shared a range of their experiences and work with the class. This is an amazing bunch of flowers made by Inayah and her dad and we wanted you all to see it.




We have been busy in Reception class with all sorts of learning over the past few weeks. We celebrated World Book Day in style with every child dressing up as a character from their favourite story. There were a lot of Superheroes and Princesses and the staff all dressed up as characters from 101 Dalmations. We visited the library on World Book Day and all the children were well behaved on the walk over. They stayed in a line with their partners and waited for instructions when we were crossing the road. They then excelled themselves in the library with their behaviour and knowledge. We learnt how to find a specific type of book by looking at the picture on the spine. The librarian told us that we could register at the library for free and visit as often as we like. It is a great resource and a fantastic way to enhance your child’s love of reading in a different environment.

The eggs arrived in Nursery from the farm so we have been keeping a close eye on them. We had a power cut on Wednesday so Miss Snowden had to take the incubator home to keep the eggs warm. The next day she woke up to 3 baby chicks! They were brought back to school and put into a special home for them with a heat lamp to keep them warm. There have since been 3 more chicks and if you were watching the chick camera online you might have been lucky enough to see one hatch! We will keep the chicks until Friday when they will be returned to the farm to graze until their hearts content.

We have been using our Farm shop to continue to improve our understanding of money and have been solving problems using different coins. In literacy we have been thinking about making up our own stories and we made a story map to help us remember what happens. Some children then went away and wrote the story. Miss Snowden was amazed. Why not make up your own story at home? Think of the characters you would like to use, (keep it simple by just using one or two), think about the setting: where the story will take place and what will happen at the beginning, middle and end.

This week we are making popcorn to sell throughout the week to raise money for Red Nose Day on Friday. It is 50p a bag and is available at break and home time.

We have had the school nurse in to talk to us about dental hygiene and how to look after our teeth. Did you know that can of coke has 8 teaspoons of sugar in it? That is a lot of sugar that is not good for our teeth. Why not have a lovely cold glass of water instead? Don’t forget to brush your teeth at least two times a day!

image001 image003 image005 image007 image009 image011


Learning Log – 02/03/2015

We have decided to change the way we complete homework in Reception. It is vital that your child is able to apply their learning and knowledge in a practical way and therefore we will be using learning logs to guide us.

Attached is a copy of the learning log for this half term. There are a range of tasks on there for your child to complete. Every time they complete a task bring the sheet back to school, along with the task they have achieved. It can then be ticked off and the children will receive a certain amount of points. Once they collect at least 25 points your child will be invited to a party that will take place within school.

Should you wish to extend your child’s learning further please look at the Newsletter that was sent out last week with the various learning objectives for this half term. If you are stuck for ideas about how to make it practical please just ask.

Every child needs to be regularly using and applying their basic skills on a daily basis: Writing, numbers and reading.

Any problems please let me know.

Miss Snowden


Festivals – 13/02/2015

We have been learning lots of information about the Chinese New Year in Reception class over the past couple of weeks. Although we weren’t in school for the actual celebration we enjoyed our own Chinese Party on the Friday before the holidays. Ms Bano helped us to make a huge Chinese dragon which we used to dance around the school and move to the music. Miss Carr and Ms Khalifa were so amazed they even had a turn to be the ‘leader’. We looked at the country of China and what it is like in comparison to England and Bradford. We learnt that the houses look different and some of the people too but we also learned that we have lots of things in common like we go to school and that in China they have bikes and cars like in Bradford. We made mini Chinese dragons by cutting out various pieces and sticking them all together before folding it in a certain way to produce what looks like mini dancing dragons. We celebrated at our Chinese party with prawn crackers and noodles and danced to Chinese music.

We also celebrated Pancake Day before the holidays and tasted a variety of flavours to see which one we liked the best. There were sugar and lemon pancakes, golden syrup pancakes, chocolate pancakes and plain ones. The favourite were the chocolate ones and we found out by asking everyone in the class which one was their favourite and recording it in a tally. We then counted each column to see which one had the most. Why don’t you do a tally at home and find out what peoples favourite pancake flavours are or what their favourite colour is, don’t forget to give them a few options to choose from.

P1010442 P1010445



We have been super busy over the past few weeks embracing the cold weather and exploring our creative sides. We made an igloo using the snow and compacting it into tubs to make bricks before stacking them on top of each other to make an igloo shape. It got so high that the children were struggling to add the bricks so we had to think of a way to solve the problem. Syed suggested we stand on a bucket so that is what we did, (almost). We stacked up the crates and one child stood on the top while the other children took on roles of making bricks and passing them up. We almost completed it before lunchtime but we were so hungry from all the hard work that decided to put our tools down and go to eat. However, when we returned from lunch the weather was so bad that a lot of children were heading home and the igloo never got a roof, maybe next time! We have also been making snowmen, big ones, little ones, tall ones and short ones. Some snowmen had snow buttons, some had stones. There were snowmen with sticks for arms and some with plastic tubes. Ayaan made a HUGE snowman by rolling his snowball around the playground and watching it grow. It got so heavy Hasan, Husain and Ayaan had to step in to help. We also took the opportunity to practise our throwing skills by making snowballs and trying to throw them through the hole in the weaving stand. We then continued our learning by making snowmen indoors. We chose the shapes we wanted to use and glued them together to achieve a planned effect. Some children even wrote instructions to make an igloo.

We have been learning about people who help us over the past few weeks and talking about how and when we might need to ask for help. We have talked about the fact sometimes we need help and that it is ok to ask for it. The children have learned that it is not just the obvious people like parents and teachers who help us but also those like milkmen and post people along with window cleaners and caretakers. It is important that we recognise all the people who help us on a daily basis and that we thank them every now and again.

We made chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate when it was really cold last week and all sat together to drink it and listen to a story about Percy the Park keeper’s snowy night.

Last week in maths we began to learn about how to find one less. We will continue this week with the same focus as the children generally need more practise with it. Why not practise at home. Find something your child has an interest in, smarties, strawberries, cars or dinosaurs for example and ask your child to find one less from a group of objects.

Last week in literacy we began to look at the features of an information book and this week we will begin to make our own, with a focus on polar animals and the Arctic. Why not spend some time doing some research with your child about the topic and they can share it with the rest of the class. We love to celebrate the work the children do at home and have had some great work produced and brought in to share with the class. Don’t forget to fill in a WOW slip for your child and send it into school with them. It really does boost their confidence and give them a sense of pride sharing something amazing they have done.

image001 image003 image005 image007 image009 image011



As the month of December is suddenly upon us we are beginning to learn about Christmas and how different people prepare for it. We have our Christmas tree up in the classroom and the children helped to place the baubles on each of the branches. We have turned our house into a Christmas one with green play-dough and Christmas crockery. Our role play area has been transformed into Santa’s Workshop and the children are taking on different roles from Santa, taking phone calls and writing lists, to the elves who are making and wrapping the toys. The focus has been to identify different shapes within the workshop and talk about the properties of them. We have also been hunting for shapes outside. Aman noticed the trim trail was made up with rectangle steps.  What shapes can you find in your house? Our story is about Santa coming to Bradford and it talks about his journey from the North Pole. We made our own maps of the places Santa would see on his way to our houses.

We have been practising for our Christmas assembly which will take place on the 16th December and the children will be performing a story called ‘Humph the Camel’. The children would love to see you there supporting them if you are available.

As the weather continues to get colder please ensure your child has a sensible coat as well as a hat and gloves. We use our outdoor area continuously and children have a choice as to whether they access it or not so if your child loves being outside they need to be wrapped up to avoid them getting ill. Please also provide some wellies for your child to wear to avoid wet socks and shoes.

Photo1 Photo2 Photo3



As the weather continues to get colder we still want to use our outdoor space so we have started to build some dens. Miss Snowden showed the children what to do by joining the pieces together and the children decided it needed covering with material so we took some out of the shed and placed it over the top. Yusuf decided it needed to be bigger so the children used the extra pieces to build another den and fastened them together. Then the wind came and blew the material off so Inaya grabbed some pegs and fastened it down. The children got some cushions from inside and climbed in. It was very cosy and soon became a reading den with books inside and the children reading to each other.

On Wednesday we watched the firework display in the playground. We talked about keeping safe around bonfires and fireworks and made some chocolate apples. We took some large pieces of paper outside and some paint and flicked it all over to make it look like fireworks in the sky. Miss Snowden put it up on the wall in the classroom and we have made some rockets from toilet rolls and a bonfire using tissue paper as well as some firework chalk paintings to add to the display.

On Thursday we had a parent’s workshop. The theme was phonics so we had lots of activities to choose from including an activity with the walkie-talkies, a game on the ipad and a hunt for graphemes. Thank you to all the parents who attended.

On Friday we went to Cineworld to watch Moshi Monsters and the childrens behaviour was exceptional. When we got back to school we talked about the film and what it meant. We discussed being kind and what it feels like when someone is unkind to us. We will continue this work over the next couple of weeks in the run up to anti bullying week and how important it is to tell somebody if someone is being unkind to you.

Rec-Photo5 Rec-Photo6 Rec-Photo7 Rec-Photo8



We have been extremely busy over the past few weeks. We had some animals from ‘Animal Instincts’ who came into school for us to learn about. The children were extremely brave and held all of the animals, from rats and lizards to snakes and tarantulas!

We have been embracing the autumn weather by collecting a range of Autumn objects from outside. We collected conkers, leaves, ‘helicopters’ and pine cones and Miss Snowden brought lots of pumpkins in to school for us to use during our maths and literacy lessons. We went on a hunt to try and find things heavier than the pumpkins, it was a challenge but we found some heavy bricks and Ayaan pointed out that a car would definitely be heavier than a pumpkin. Can you think of anything else?

The pumpkins were short lived as one was dropped on the floor and the children were amazed at the amount of seeds inside. We started to count them but decided it would be easier if we all got our own group of seeds to count, so we did. We counted our own groups and decided who had the most and who had the least. We then planted the seeds to see if they will grow. We covered them with soil and gave them some water. Adam decided that we should let people know what is growing in the soil so we wrote some labels and stuck them onto lolly sticks before placing them in the soil. The children check them daily but there is no sign that they have started to grow yet. Do you know why?

Miss Snowden asked the children what we should do with the rest of the pumpkin and we decided we would make some soup. We scraped out the insides and used a recipe to tell us what to do. Finally we made a text map and re told the instructions. Some children even made their own text maps and wrote the instructions. Can you remember what we need?

Our story has been Owl babies so we made some owl babies in their nests and added them to our Autumn display as well as sequencing and re telling the story. Can you remember who the characters are in the story?

Rec-Photo1 Rec-Photo4 Rec-Photo2 Rec-Photo3



A Walk in the Local Area – 26/09/2014

Last Friday we went for a walk in the local area to look at the houses. Reception were very observant and noticed lots of things while we were out and about from the rectangle doors, square windows and triangle roofs as well as the shape of the bricks they were made from. We saw numbers on doors, cars and buses and even noticed the shapes of the wheels on the cars! We made sure we stayed safe by listening carefully to the adults and holding our partners hand. We came back to school and made our own shape pictures.

We have been recognising numbers this week and have enjoyed playing number pairs. It’s really easy to make, why not try it at home? Write the numbers 0-10 on pieces of paper, (two copies of each number) then turn them all face down onto the floor. Take it in turns to turn over two cards, saying the digit. If you get two the same you keep the cards. When there are no more left count the cards and see who has the most to win.

In our literacy this week we have continued to look at the story of The Three Little Pigs. The children have been so involved that we built our own house for them to re tell the story. They have been using the costumes and masks to help them get into character as well as sequencing the story pictures.

On Wednesday we received a letter from the Wolf asking if he could come and meet us. We wrote him letters back telling him we would love to meet him and so on Thursday he popped in to see us. We asked him lots of questions. Ayaan asked him why he ate the pigs and he told us it was because he was hungry. Ayaan replied that he could go to Morrison’s and get some food from there instead of eating the pigs. What a fantastic idea.

Talk about the story at home with your child or let them watch it again on the internet or show your child how to use the internet to find out some information about wolves and then we can discuss it in class.

photo6 photo5 photo4 photo3

photo2 photo1

Settling In – 18/09/2014

We have been very busy settling into Reception class over the past couple of weeks. We have been learning how to get along with the other children in the classroom, as well as how to follow the class rules so everybody is happy.

Our topic this half term is all about being different so we have been looking at what makes us special and different to everybody else.

We have begun to learn our first phonemes in phonics and love to sing along to the Jolly Phonics song in the classroom as well as making pizza faces, junk model houses, self portrait collages and even painting houses with mud!
Because we are all different we understand that we all live in different houses too so we have been talking about the people who live in our house as well as how our house looks. What number house do you live at? How many windows do you have? What shape is your door?

On Friday we will be going for a walk in the local area to have a look at some of the houses. We will take the ipods with us to take some photographs of what we find.

rec1 rec2a



Easter – 11/04/2014

We started our week by looking at the cress that we have been growing and used it to make egg and cress sandwiches. It was really long and Safeeya said it tasted like ‘grass’.

We have also been really busy preparing for Easter in Reception class and we’ve had all sorts of fun with eggs. We received a letter from the Easter Bunny telling us he had made too many eggs so he had hidden the spare ones around school for us to find. We followed the clues and found all the eggs before we went back to the classroom to do an ‘eggsperiment’. First of all we predicted what would happen when Miss Snowden stood on an egg. Everybody thought it would break, we tried it, it broke! We then placed the egg boxes out on the floor like stepping stones and talked about what would happen if we walked on them. Miss Snowden walked over the eggs and guess what happened? The children then decided that the eggs had broken because Miss Snowden was too heavy so Raashida walked along the eggs with her wellies on and only two eggs got broken. Do you know why?

We have made Easter rabbit baskets to put our chocolate eggs in and we have also made some crème egg brownies- they were sticky, chocolaty and yummy, they soon disappeared at snack time. Some children decorated eggs using a range of materials: glitter, jewels, tissue paper and split pins all helped to ‘jazz’ up our eggs. We added some string and now we can hang them up to brighten any room.

After the holidays we will be having a reading morning every Tuesday from 0845-0915. Please come in and join us to support your child with their reading, look at a magazine with them, play or a phonics game or have a go at writing a book review together.

Have a lovely holiday.



Vegetables – 28/03/2014

This week in Reception class we have been reading the story of Olivers Vegetables. We have been looking at the range of vegetables in the story and thinking about the weight of them. We chose two vegetables and predicted which one was the heaviest/ lightest. We checked to see if we were right by putting the vegetables on the balance scales. If the scales went down on one side we knew that was the heaviest vegetable out of the two. Some were really easy to predict like the cabbage and the spinach, (the cabbage was much heavier) but when we picked up the carrots and tomatoes it got a bit trickier.

Last week we planted cress and this week we have been looking at how it has changed. Can you remember what we did? What does the cress need to help it grow?  Next week we will taste our cress when we make egg and cress sandwiches.

For homework this week each child has been given a brown paper bag with instructions inside. Go on a hunt with your child, inside or outside and see what treasures you can find. Talk about what you have found with your child. Next week we will be sharing our ‘treasures’ in class. We will be thinking about the different textures, materials, shapes and colours we have collected. We are then going to sort the objects and add them to our craft area for the children to use. It will really encourage the children to think about what they want to make and the purpose of using specific objects and materials.

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World Book Day – 7/03/2014

Last week we celebrated World Book day and everybody made such a fantastic effort. The children were really excited and inspired to talk and write about their favourite books. This week we will continue to write about favourite stories and who we dressed as on the special day.


Our outdoor area is beginning to take shape and we planted our daffodils into our new tyre planters. We are making sure we water them every day and play carefully next to them. We have been talking about the size of the daffodils and which one is the tallest/ smallest. We are still waiting for a few of the flowers to appear.  The use of vocabulary will continue this week as we begin to look at the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.


Our role play area has been transformed into a flower shop and the children are being encouraged to talk about the world around them: plants, changes, growth and decay as well as using the vocabulary related to money. Why not encourage them to pay for the shopping or ask how much something is to enhance their learning. Why don’t you set up your own role play shop? It could be a food shop, using tins and boxes from the cupboards or a toy shop. Make some price labels and pretend coins, (you could even use real money) and take it in turns to be the customer and shop keeper.





Outdoor Area – 20/02/2014

This week in reception class we have been working hard to think of ways to make money to help us enhance our outdoor area. We have decorated over 100 buns and biscuits this week and sold them throughout school at break time. In maths we are beginning to use the vocabulary related to money and we have turned our music area into a music shop. Why not link this to your child’s shopping experiences when you are outside school by encouraging them to look at the price of things. Can they ask how much something is? Can they count out the correct amount of money? Why not try and solve problems when you are out and about shopping: if you have spent £3 on soap and £1 on milk, how much have you spent altogether?

rec3 rec1

We have also been washing down some old tyres that were kindly donated to us by Click on Tyres and we are going to use them as planters after the holidays. The fish pond is now shaped and lined and the next step is to fill it with water and decide what we want to put inside it. This will be a decision to make after the holidays and the children will decide what kind of plants and fish they want. We will be making a trip to the garden centre to pick everything up and encouraging the children to use their mathematical vocabulary and skills while we are there.


We have been encouraging the children to write at every opportunity and explaining the importance of writing for a purpose. Remember to challenge your child about letter formation: to encourage them to form their letters correctly. This will not only help them during their Reception year but will greatly improve their handwriting skills as they progress through school.

Have a lovely holiday!





Fun Numeracy – 06/02/2014

We have been so busy in Reception over the past few weeks that we forgot to update you on what we have been doing! We have been looking at adding and subtracting over the past couple of weeks and have been using lots of fun ways to help us find the answers to the problems. We went outside to catch some ducks in our paddling pool last week and added some to the water tray inside. We rolled the giant dice to give us a problem and then used the ducks in the water to help us solve it. We took some out if we had a subtraction problem and we put some more in if we had to add. It was lots of fun trying to catch the ducks before they floated away or toppled over, hiding their magnetic heads! We made pizzas, adding and taking away different ingredients and set up a huge number line to jump along to find the answer to our question. Why not try and encourage your child to think about adding and taking away at home: use the cutlery, plates, food objects and toys as your objects for counting. Encourage them to think about whether they will need more or less. You could even make your own large question dice with an old cardboard box and a marker pen. Roll the dice and see if you can work out the answer to the problem.

We also swapped our water in the water tray for snow this week. It came in a tiny tube so we poured it into the tray and added some water. We watched as it grew and grew and then added some silver glitter to make it look like it was fresh and sparkly. We thought about the different animals that live in the snow and built igloos and dens for them to sleep in.

Don’t forget to try and come along to our parent’s afternoon next week. We will be baking and decorating a range of things to sell later in the week to raise money towards our pond and the children love having you in school, supporting and working with them. Any donations of buns, biscuits or cakes would be much appreciated to help towards it. We look forward to seeing you then!

re2 a re3 re1


Weather – 23/01/2014

This week we have been looking closely at the weather and thinking about the cold icy mornings. Where does the frost come from?

We put some polar animals into some containers filled with water and placed them in the freezer overnight. When we got them out they weren’t in water anymore but it had changed into ice. The animals were stuck! We took them outside and tried to work out how we could get the animals out of the ice. The children started by banging them as hard as they could, it worked for Laaibah and eventually the piece of ice holding the tiny penguin broke in half and she could pull the animal out. However, for the big ice blocks this wasn’t working. We tried adding water to them but because the water was so cold it didn’t do much. The children thought about what else we could do and decided it needed to be warm for the ice to melt so we got a jug of warm water and slowly poured it onto the frozen blocks. Slowly they started to melt and out came the animals that had been trapped inside.

How could we turn the water back into ice?

Salahuddin was very observant this week and noticed that there was a rainbow in the sky. We talked about where rainbows come from. The children were very excited so we took this learning inside to explore colours and what happens when you mix them. We had lots of fun using the pipettes to squeeze colours onto the kitchen roll and watched them mix together in front of our eyes to make a new colour. We continued outside by  playing with the bubbles and looked at the colours inside them, they didn’t last long as the children soon realised it was fun to try and catch them and pop as many as they could.

rec2 rec1



Back to School! – 06/01/2014

On Monday we had a  lovely surprise when Bertie Bear came back to school. He had spent the holidays at Sadias house and not only had he been to the supermarket and met all of Sadia’s family he had managed to get some clothes made for him! He looks very smart in his new trousers, shirt with buttons and stripy hat! Thank you Sadia’s aunty for clothing Bertie, at least we know he won’t get cold now!

We have made a reading den in the classroom this week and it is a place to sit quietly and look at a book, whether you chose to climb the ladder and sit at the top or hide underneath amongst the cushions. It has been a big hit with the children. We also sorted out our bookshelf and made it look neat and tidy. We decided which books we wanted to keep and which ones we could put back into the library. Miss Snowden bought us some comics and next week we will be able to listen to some audio stories in the ‘den’. Take some time to read a story at home with your child, make it fun!
We worked on the ipads this week and to introduce our new music topic some of us played a tune on the piano app.
On Friday, to make snack time a little more interesting, we added chocolate straws to the milk and watched how it changed from white to brown. ‘like coco pops’ said Salahuddin. ‘It makes the milk taste like chocolate milk’, said Safeeya.
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Happy Christmas – 19/12/2013

Another super busy week in Reception Class this week as we got ready for Christmas.

We started the week by performing our Christmas assembly, ‘Santa’s Workshop’ and all the children performed to the best of their abilities. They used loud, clear voices and oozed confidence throughout. Staff, parents, children and even the Chair of Governors Jane Dallas came to watch and praised the children for their performance. Well done to them!

We then Skyped Santa on Wednesday. We spoke to one of his elves first and she told us Santa was really excited to speak to us. We sang Jingle Bells to him and askd him lots of questions. He told us that he would like a new scarf for Christmas and that his favourite food changes depending on the time of year. He said he loved mince pies in the winter but in the summer he loves to go to Scarborough and his favourite food at that time of year is lobster!

On Wednesday we invited our mums and dads in to come and help us with our Christmas activity afternoon. We made calendars, christmas cards, baubles, paper chains and stockings and we even decorated Christmas biscuits. We had lots of fun so thank you to everyone that came.

On Thursday Miss Carr came in to see us as she had a letter and a special treat to give us for our excellent assembly earlier in the week. She also read us a Christmas story.

Today is Christmas party day so we have all got our party clothes on and are ready to have some fun this afternoon.

Tomorrow the children will finish school at 1pm so the teachers can get prepared for another term of exciting activities and creative learning. Happy christmas to all those celebrating, enjoy the holidays and see you in 2014!

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Snowmen Returned! – 12/12/2013

Some happy news this week – the wandering Snowmen have returned! The children thought of lots of ideas to try and get them back from calling the police, drawing posters and writing to the mums and dads to taking someone elses toys to make them see that it is not kind. We talked about what they could be doing and where they could be and before we had time to put our ideas into practise the Snowmen appeared in our classroom on Monday morning ready to learn. We are using our imaginations to talk about where the Snowmen could have been and beginning to write stories using them as our main characters.


The Christmas tree went up in reception class this week and our house was convereted into a Christmas one, with stories and milk by the pretend fire at snack time, (Santa’s Coming to Bradford was a hit!).  We have been talking about how people celebrate Christmas and were lucky enough to go and visit Santa. We waited outside his grotto until he was ready to see us and then went inside in small groups to talk to him. We asked him questions like where he lived and what are the elves like and he told us the elves are very busy at this time of year and he would be flying back to the North Pole soon to make sure all the presents are ready to be delievered on Christmas Day. We will skype him next week to see how he is getting on.



Miss Snowden and all the other teachers were very impressed with Reception class as they walked through Bradford centre, listening to instructions and walking nicely with their partners. The children really thought about what they had learned during Road safety Week and did Atlas Primary school proud with such exceptional behaviour.


We have also been practising for our Christmas assembly this week and have helped to get the ‘props’ ready to help the audience feel like they are really in Santas workshop. We will be performing next Tuesday at 2.15pm so please come along and see how busy we have been.



Missing Snowmen – 05/12/2013

This week we are feeling a bit sad in Reception class. We spent lots of time talking about how to make our role play house Christmassy and thought of lots of ideas. We have a christmas tree, presents, tinsel, lights and even Christmas books but we also had some special sparkly Christmas Snowmen.

This week the snowmen have disappeared. They have been replaced with a note that said they were helping Santa in lapland. We smiled at the idea of the snowmen meeting all the elves and testing new toys, however today a new note appeared in our classroom. It seems somebody has taken our snowmen and they need our help to find them.

Look at the picture and think about where the snowmen could be. Who could have taken our snowmen without us noticing? Have you seen them in school somewhere? What questions do we need to ask people to help us to try and find them?




The Sunset – 03/12/2013

This photo was taken by Ms Bano, outside the school. We displayed the photo on the interactive board and asked the children to talk about it. They shared some interesting ideas.


Sadia, “It’s taken in the night because its dark.”

Hashim, “The sun is going down. First it goes red and then it goes darker and darker, Allah made them.”

Ibrahim, “The moon is coming up.”

Salahuddin, “Theres yellow with the moon.”

Safeeya, “The sun is going away and its getting night time.”


Road Safety – 29/11/2013

This week Reception class have been learning all about road safety. We have been thinking about how to keep safe when we are out and about, walking next to a road.

We made a video about staying safe and being seen when it is dark outside and we set up our outside classroom with a road, a zebra crossing, road signs and bikes. We wore high visibility jackets and ‘slap’ bands so the drivers could see us clearly.

rec pics nov 5 rec pics nov 6

On Wednesday we went to the library and put into practise what we had learnt earlier in the week about road safety. We need a little more practise so talk to your child at home about stopping, looking left and right and listening before you step out onto the road. Encourage your child to tell you when it is safe to cross so they are putting their knowledge into practise.

rec pics nov 1 rec pics nov 2

Our trip to the library was about encouraging children to read for pleasure and the importance of it not being a chore. Encourage your child to read for pleasure at home and talk to them about it being fun and not just because they have to practise their reading skills. Make it enjoyable, treat them to a comic or let them choose a story book for you to read at bedtime. Grab leaflets when you’re out and about, the colourful ones that look appealing. Talk about what they are about, can they recognise any letters on it? Look through a newspaper together and make up your own stories using the photographs or headings, just make it fun. Why not make a trip to the library and get yourself a library card, (free of charge) so your child can regularly choose a book to take home and read.

rec pics nov 3 rec pics nov 4

As December falls upon us we will be preparing to learn about Christmas and to add to the excitement reception will be having a number of encounters with a certain person, can you guess who? Here are some clues: he is very busy at this time of year, he likes to wear a red suit and black boots, he wears a red hat to keep his head warm and he loves to eat mince pies. We will be going on a visit to meet this person on the 9th December and then we will get a chance to Skype him when he’s back at work in the North Pole.



Anti-Bullying – 19/11/2013

This week is anti bullying week so we have been talking about the kind things we can do to make us into good friends and nice, kind people. We all made a bracelet and wrote the word STOP on it. We want to STOP bullying.

rec2 rec3


Bonfire Night – 05/11/2013

This week we sequenced the pictures of how to make chocolate apples and then followed them in the correct order to produce a yummy snack to enjoy during our Bonfire night celebrations.

We have also been using our imaginations to make up stories and re-create roles within Winnie the Witches house. We are thinking about the sequence of stories and the characters within them.

Don’t forget to look out for us in the Telegraph and Argus on Monday 11th November!

rec apples rec witch rec costume



Eid – 14/10/2013

Last week we were really busy in Reception class. We began to get ready for Eid by making Eid cards and cooking some kebabs and we talked about how we celebrate Eid in our own houses.

Becky came in to teach us some new songs and we learnt some sign language to go with them.

On Friday we followed instructions to make a jam sandwich as we had been learning about the importance of listening and following instructions carefully.

re3 re2aa re1



The Night Zoo Keeper – 16/09/2013

We have been busy in Reception this week and our Night Zookeeper topic is well under way. The children have made some fantastic animal faces including zebras, giraffes and lions.

2          1          5

We have all been practising writing our names using lots of different things to make it fun. We started with paintbrushes and water on the playground and we have just moved onto using a whiteboard and pen. Next week we are going to try something a little bit messier like writing our name using our fingers in some corn flour.

We also had the chance to make some smoothies this week in Reception class. We used pears, bananas, oranges, milk and fruit juice and blended it all together. We had saved our milk bottles from the day before and washed them all out to use so we had a fresh bottle of fruit smoothie each. It went down a little bit like Marmite; the children either loved it or hated it!



Enjoying the Rain – 02/10/2013

This week in reception we have been enjoying the rain! We put on our waterproof outfits and wellies and went outside to splash in the puddles.
We also made some biscuits in the shape of the letters we have been learning.

rec puddle1