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KS2 SATs 2016

Subject Attainment Progress score
% at expected standard % at higher standard
Reading 50% 0% 1.3
Writing 50% 10% 0.5
Grammar 53% 10%
Maths 70% 10% 4.2


The un-validated SATs results for 2015-16 are now available and once again, progress data is above average for all subjects and particularly exceptional in maths.

Our average scaled score is 102 (average expectations are 100) so this is in line with the national expectation. The changes to assessment and the new curriculum have been a real challenge for all schools this year. However, undoubtedly as children progress through school and are taught the new objectives in each year, attainment will reach the usual high levels that we expect and achieve here at Atlas.

Progress measures are an average of the entire cohort and are a comparison to groups of pupils at similar starting points nationwide.

Children progressing as well as those nationally = 0

Children progressing better than those nationally = + score

Children progressing worse than those nationally = – score

Progress has always been great at Atlas and we are very pleased and proud that our children have managed to make more than expected progress in all subject areas despite the complexities of the new curriculum. Our combined value added is +3.3 which is significantly above the national expectation (0). All groups of children made above expected progress.


KS2 Results 2015

The un-validated SATs results for 2014-15 are now out and the progress results are once again exceptional. The attainment has remained constant but the actual progress is consistently impressive over the last four years when the school has placed in the top decile nationally for value added progress. Attainment in reading, writing and grammar has increased this year and has remained consistent in maths. Progress data evidences that we have supported pupils exceptionally well across the key stage as you can see from the table below.




% at level 4

% at level 5

% 2 levels progress

% 3 levels progress





















Reading/Writing/Maths combined

% L4 = 70%

% L5 = 7%


Progress data

Reading – 96% of children made the expected two levels progress from their starting point. 41% of children made three levels progress from their starting point, which is even better.


Maths – 100% of children made the expected two levels of progress and 42% made three levels progress.


Writing: 100% of children made the expected two levels of progress and 46% made three levels progress.


There is no underachievement by any group of pupils in this school.  There are some variations between groups, especially where pupils have multiple levels of disadvantage, and between subjects.  However, these are relative, and none are statistically significant.



Parents can access the school performance tables by following this link: