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Calming down and managing their own feelings.



Suwaid and Ramisha for no more fussing and being confident to make the right choices.


Year 1

Ayyan and Iqra for making the right choices.


Year 2

Ashraf and Safaa for staying away from silly behaviour.


Year 3

Rumana for calming down after feeling upset and Awais for calming him self down after feeling frustrated with work.


Year 4

Hamza and Mumrez for calming down from their inappropriate behaviour after realising they were making the wrong choices and sat away from each other.


Year 5

Awais for walking away when he’s angry and Simrah for not raising her voice in class discussion even if she disagrees or is angry/annoyed.


Year 6

Adam for reacting well to any distractions and walking away and Ayyoob for being sensible and managing his anger well.