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Staff List


2017 – 2018

Our wonderful team of staff who ensure the success we have at Atlas continues…

Leadership Team

Interim Headteacher: Mrs Simpson (Safeguarding lead)

Assistant Headteachers: Mrs Arqum (Deputy Safeguarding Lead) Miss Snowden 

Office Manager: Mrs Phipps

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator, Looked After Children: Mrs P Mughal

Senior Teaching staff (T.L.R) Miss Kelly (Maths), Mrs Karim, Mrs Mir 

Year Group Teacher Support Key stage Phase Leader
Nursery Miss Snowden Miss Hall
(Early Years Practitioner)
Early Years Foundation Stage Miss Snowden
Reception Mrs Ramzan Mrs Ahmed
(Nursery Nurse)Mrs Kosar
(Teaching Assistant am)Mrs Amjad
(Teaching Assistant pm)
Early Years Foundation Stage Miss Snowden
Year 1 Mrs Karim
(Monday-Wednesday)Mrs Mir
(Wednesday – Thursday)
Miss Hakim 
(Teaching Assistant)
Key Stage 1 Miss Snowden
Year 2 Miss Husband Mrs Bano
(Nursery Nurse)
Key Stage 1 Mrs Arqum
Year 3 Mrs Dad Miss Khan 
(Teaching Assistant)
Key Stage 2 Mrs Arqum
Year 4 Miss Plastow (am) Miss Booth
(Teaching Assistant)
Key Stage 2 Mrs Arqum
Year 5 Mr Ruddick Mrs Bibi
(Teaching Assistant am)Mrs Ambo
(Teaching Assistant pm)
Key Stage 2 Miss Kelly
Year 6 Mr Isaacs  Mrs Mahmood Key Stage 2 Miss Kelly


School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) Trainees

We are part of the Bradford Birth to 19 Teaching School Alliance.  As such we mentor and develop trainees.  This academic year we have one trainee in our school who are expertly supported by our staff here at Atlas. 

If you are interested in training to teach via the Bradford Birth to 19 teaching school alliance then please visit their web page:

Office staff

Mr Bradshaw (I.C.T and Communications Officer)

Miss Khalifa (Home school liaison Officer)

Miss Simpson (Admin Assistant)


P.P.A Staff and interventions

Mrs Arqum, Mrs Florence and Mrs Mughal provide PPA Cover

Mr Khan (KS2 Interventions)

Mrs Kashif (KS1 interventions)


Sports Coach and Behaviour Mentor

Mr Khan (Mon and Tuesday)

Beanstalk Reading Volunteer (Tuesday and Thursday)

Mrs Matthews


Mr Rusling (Caretaker)

Dinner staff

Mrs Jamal (Senior lunchtime supervisor)

Mrs Akhtar (Lunchtime supervisor)

Mrs Khan (Lunchtime supervisor)

Mrs Nisa (Lunchtime supervisor)

Mrs Begum (Lunchtime supervisor)

Miss Booth (Lunchtime Supervisor)

Mr Khan (Lunchtime Supervisor and Packed Lunches)

Kitchen staff

Mrs Morgan

Miss O’Brien

Mrs Manir

Mrs Saeeda

Mrs Liaqat

Mrs Neesa