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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1 Autumn 2017.

Within our Year 1 team we have: Mrs Karim (Class teacher) and Mrs Mir (Class teacher) and we are supported by Miss Hakim(Teaching Assistant). We are a class of 16 boys and 14 girls.

We are really looking forward to an exciting year ahead working with all of you. We hope to inspire your children to reach their full potential and develop a love of learning through an exciting and creative curriculum.

We are going to be blogging about our learning and sharing the exciting topics we are exploring in class.


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Year 1 Summer Newsletter 2013                    Year 1 Summer Newsletter 2013                 Year 1 Summer Newsletter 2013


13/11/2017 – “My neighbour Totoro”

As part of our school visit, year 1 had the opportunity to watch “My neighbour Totoro.” The film links in with our work we are doing on celebrating differences, friendship and teamwork. Year one enjoyed the film and really liked the characters. They also found it quite emotional as the characters were upset at times. After the movie we had the time to discuss friendship, sad and happy feelings. They then created posters about the film encouraging others to watch it.


10/11/2017 – Gingerbread Man Hunt

In English we are learning the story of The Gingerbread Man, so we decided to bake our own gingerbread men. We carefully read and followed the instructions to make the gingerbread men.

We left our gingerbread men to bake in the oven but you will not believe what happened next…all the gingerbread men ran out of the oven!!!!! The cheeky gingerbread men left a few clues and riddles behind and we had to work them out in order to find them. Miss Simpson even said she had heard lots of little footsteps outside her office!

Luckily we eventually found them in Miss Khalifa’s office. We enjoyed decorating and eating our gingerbread men in class. Did the gingerbread men really run away to Miss Khalifa’s office or do you think Miss Khalifa took them all for herself?!


10/10/2017 – Bolton Abbey – Seasons Workshop

As part of our science topic, Year 1 visited Bolton Abbey to observe changes that take place in the Autumn season. The workshop was led by Simon. He carried out practical activities to help children understand the changes that take place during this season and how animals prepare themselves for the winter season. To help understand the parts of a tree, children used their bodies to create one giant tree. We also had the opportunity to play some games linking with animals and the weather. Simon also introduced why trees are useful.

It was a fun day and the children were every excited to use this information to create a book about their visit and were very keen to apply their new learning during our science lessons!


29/09/2017 – Dogs Trust Charity

As a school we are raising money for a range of charities. Year 1 are raising money for the Dogs Trust charity and have worked hard to learn about the work carried out by the charity. We had special visitors from the Dogs Trust to tell us all about how they take care of the dogs and the class had a chance to take part in some fun role play activities. We also had a chance to stroke the cute little puppy Winnie.

We have decorated and made sweet boxes to sell on Friday 5th of October and all the money raised will be sent to the Dogs Trust.


12/09/2017 – Road Safety

Today, Year 1 and 2 had some have training on road safety. They were taught the rules for crossing a road safely and participated in some role play.

The aim of the session was to help children understand the Green Cross Code in order to keep themselves safe when crossing the road.

We believe it is important to give children the skills, understanding and confidence to deal with traffic safely while they are engaged in them.


Our Class Charter

In Year 1, we believe that it is crucial for our pupils to understand the difference between rights, responsibilities and respect. We hope to encourage our pupils to become responsible citizens and learn the importance of respecting others. The purpose of the class charter is to encourage decision making and nurture a positive classroom environment.

‘’The best way to enjoy your own rights – is to protect the rights of others.’’ Mary Robinson

We have created a class charter to show the rights we think are most important and the values we share as a class.



05/09/2017  – Getting the Year off to a Good Start!

Have a look at all the fun things we have been getting up to in our first week in Year 1.

Self portraits.Self portraits.

Parachute games.

‘All About Me’ books                                    Friendship Hands.

Team building activities.