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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2.

We are a fun, lively and energetic bunch. There are 13 girls and 14 boys in the class. The adults who work in Year 2 are Miss Plastow and Miss Bano.

In Year 2 we are keen, enthusiastic and explorative children. We enjoy learning new things everyday across the curriculum. We have a particular interest in Science and Art and we are very passionate about our daily phonic sessions.

We have got off to a great start to the year and have been very busy learning new things every day. Take a look at some of our photos of our first week in Year 2:

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Parent Workshop – 08/06/2017


Today Year 2 had their parent workshop. Our topic is the Olympics and we have been learning about where the first Olympics happened and how the games has changed over time. We invited our parents to our very own mini Olympics! We had hurdles, throwing, boxing, dancing and even a relay race at the end! 


Tropical World – 24/03/2017

Today Y2 went to Tropical World in Leeds. We were so excited to see what animals we might find. First we walked around the butterfly world where we saw some beautiful plants and animals. Next we saw the reptiles and we were really scared of the giant tarantula! Finally we visited the meerkats who were enjoying the hot weather and were quite sleepy. Then we walked to Roundhay Park where we ate our lunch and went to the gift shop to spend our money.  We had a fantastic day!


What makes Britain great day – 10/02/2017

What a great day we have had! We explored special places in Britain such as:
London Eye
Big Ben
London Tower Bridge
Angel of the North

We then used Andy Warhol’s collage design to create our own pop art. They looked fantastic!

Safer Internet Day – 07/02/2017

Today was Safer Internet Day where we looked at how to be safe online. We began by guessing the name of fairytale stories made up from emojis.

Can you work out the emoji stories?

Then we had to #giveasmile to show our support so we designed our own emoji. They were brilliant and Year 2 were really proud of their designs.

Mosque Visit – 23/01/2017

Today Y1 and Y2 visited Merkazi Mosque on Lumb Lane to see where and how Muslims worship. When we entered the mosque Mrs Ramzan told us about how Muslims wash before they pray and they do this for purity and to be clean. Then we went into main prayer room and some of our children demonstrated how Muslims pray. Finally we went upstairs to the part where the women pray and then we heard the Azan (the call to prayer).



Geography – Land Ahoy!

For our geography topic this half term, Year 2 will be learning about pirates. We will be focusing on reading maps, compass directions and following instructions. We have already been learning the seven continents and the five oceans of the world and we have a handy clap rhythm to help us remember! In our classroom we have a giant treasure chest left to us by Captain Hook but we are not allowed to open the treasure chest until we have made our own maps. We can’t wait to see what is inside!


Church Visit – 12/12/2016

Today KS1 were really lucky as they visited St. Pauls Church for the afternoon. We walked down to the church and sat in the main hall where we were split into four groups.

image003 image001

Our first activity was to design Christmas cards using gold coloured paper plates and stick on figures for the nativity scene.

image009 image007 image005

Next we went upstairs to the story telling room but on the way we noticed lots of key features of the church which we have been learning in R.E. We spotted the alter, stain glass windows and candles. We then sat and listened to the nativity story.

Finally we played games and finished with having a healthy snack to build our energy to walk back to school. Thank you St. Pauls for a great afternoon and thanks to Miss Jordan who came as a volunteer for our trip.

image013 image011


Animal Intuition – 24/11/2016

All the children at Atlas got a scary surprise today when we were visited by the animal intuition team. In Year 2 we are learning about animals including humans in our science lessons so we were really excited to see what animals we could see!

We were introduced to the animals which were rats, tarantulas and a giant python! Then our teachers got up to hold some of the animals. Jozefina from our class was helping Miss Flanagan to be brave and hold a tarantula (this was her biggest fear). It was great to see how the animals moved- some slithered, some scurried and others crawled. We really enjoyed our assembly and well done to Miss Flanagan for overcoming her fears!

img_0186 img_0199 img_0203 img_0216


Explorers – Geography topic

After all the flags we made at our parent workshop we have created a line of bunting to put above our topic wall. It looks fantastic! Thank you once again to all the parents who helped us create our wonderful flag bunting!



Anti-bullying week 14/11/2016 – 18/11/2016

All week we have been learning about anti-bullying. We have been learning how important it is to make friends and stay friends. In class we did some role play, where we created different scenarios to help us understand how it feels to be a bully. The children came up with some fantastic ideas for how people might feel when they are being bullied.

image003 image001

Next we had an outline of the gingerbread man and we read his story. We had to write about his feelings in the middle of his character outline. We linked this to our literacy lessons as our topic is traditional stories so we knew it quite well!

image005 image007


Parent Workshop – 16/11/2016

What a lovely afternoon we have had! Today we were joined in class by our parents who worked with us to learn about our topic ‘Explorers’ – we are comparing the UK to Pakistan. First the parents went to the DT room to work with Miss Bano making chapatis. The children got involved by rolling out the dough and creating the big round shape. Their parents then cooked the chapatis in a hot pan whilst the children watched. Finally they enjoyed some dal (made by Mrs Ramzan’s mum!) with their freshly made chapatis.

Next the parents went into class where we were making the UK and Pakistan flags. They had to re arrange the flags by cutting and sticking the lines, shapes and stars in the right place. We are going to use these flags to create a long line of bunting across our explorers display. We will post a picture when this is done. A huge thank you to all the parents who came to our workshop and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

img_0203 img_0212 img_0215 img_0237 img_0245 img_0247 p1020924 p1020926


Remembrance Day – 11/11/2016

In class today we learned about Remembrance Day and all the soldiers who lost their lives fighting for our country. In our art lesson we designed our own poppies by cutting out our hands and attaching it onto our poppy designs.  They looked really great and we took them home to show our parents. 

p1020896 p1020904 p1020895


Magna Science Adventure Centre – 09/11/2016

Today Y2 went to Magna in Sheffield with Y5. First we went to the air section of the centre where we played in the wind, created music by blowing air and made air rings. Next we went to the earth part where we played on the diggers, learned how quarrys work and explored in the sand pits. The last area we went to was the fire area where we watched a giant fire tornado – it heated up our cold hands!

Next we met Y5 and had lunch together. Finally we went to our workshop which was called ‘rockets and balloons’ which was amazing! We watched miniature versions of rockets be created and fly up into the ceiling! Then we got a chance to have a go at making a mini rocket using vinegar, baking powder and a film capsule. We had a great day and learned so much!

p1020828 p1020857 p1020776 p1020782 p1020818


Bonfire Day – 04/11/2016

This afternoon year 2 enjoyed marshmallows around the bonfire with Mrs Florence. They sang songs about bonfire night and enjoyed turning the fire different colours! When they got back to class, they drew fireworks using cut out card and paint. The pictures looked amazing! Thank you Mrs Florence for a great afternoon.

p1020700 p1020702 p1020719 p1020731 p1020732


Road Safety – 28/09/2016

Today KS1 were learning about road safety and how to cross the road with an adult. We know that to cross the road you need to stop, look and think before crossing the road. We got to dress up and practice walking safely on the road with Miss Jordan.

p1020477 p1020479 p1020483 p1020486 p1020487


Literacy – 26/09/2016

Today in Year 2 we have been learning how to edit our work. To make us feel like professionals, we all put on our editing glasses. We had to use a purple pen to correct our spelling mistakes and missing punctuation. We then worked really hard to re write our work making sure we didn’t make any mistakes.

p1020458 p1020461


New climbing frame – 16/09/2016

KS1 have been so lucky this week as we have a new climbing frame on our playground! We used our playtime to get to know the climbing frame being careful not to trip or fall. It is really fun, full of slides, ropes and even a fireman’s pole! We are going to try really hard this year to be sensible and play nicely on the climbing frame. Thanks Miss Carr!

image001 image003 image005 image007


Getting the year off to a good start – 13/09/2016

Year 2 had a great first week, we made photo frames, shared our likes and dislikes, discussed our class charter and explored space. Our second week back was just as good! After a hard morning working on our familiar settings writing and our mental maths test, we were treated to an Eid party. At the Eid party we ate cakes and lots of snacks and played musical statues.


Blackpool – 15/07/2016

We went to the beach! On Friday, Year 2 visited Blackpool for the day as a reward for all their hard work this year. Despite the rain, we managed to have a quick trip onto the beach to write our names in the sand and some of us were brave enough to paddle in the sea!

image003 image001
image007 image005

Once we were dry, we went off for our lunch on Blackpool pier which we enjoyed. Then we visited the amusements and even tried to play some of the games. It was so much fun. At the end of the day, we just had enough time to go to the gift shop and buy some souvenirs.

image011 image009


Drama Workshop – 30/06/2016

Today Year 2 were lucky enough to have a drama workshop with the very talented Alex Fellows. First we listened to his story based on Peter Pan and learned what it would be like to live like a pirate. Then we had to create our own shelter on the island and finally we sang pirate songs.

image007 image005
image003 image001


Eco Day – 17/06/2016

Today we were learning about how to keep the animals and environment safe. Year 2 were looking at red squirrels and how they are in danger from other animals. We had to cut out materials to make our own red squirrel. We then went to Year 1 to learn about otters and how to recycle carefully. Finally we visited Year 3 to learn about chimpanzees and how they are an endangered animal.

P1020171 P1020173


British Values Day – 18/03/2016

Today we had a mix of Y1 and Y2 children learning all about the British Values. First, we were lucky enough to meet our community police officers who taught us about dialling 999 and 101 when we needed help. They even put teachers in the handcuffs! Then we got to try on the police hat which was really exciting.

We went back to our classrooms and learned about democracy and how being fair was important. We had a debate on different issues about school and had to have a fair vote on which we preferred. Finally we completed a shield with our favourite things on and wrote a sentence on why it is important to be different.

P1010963 P1010965 P1010968 P1010972


Farm to Fork Tesco Trail – Healthy Eating – 10/03/2016

Today we visited Tesco on Great Horton Road and learned all about healthy eating. First we got to look around the huge supermarket and find fruit and vegetables with different colours. Next we went to the sugar isle and compared different sugars from around the globe. We learned that one can of coke contains 9 sugar cubes! Finally we got to go and test some fresh fruit and vegetables for our snack.

P1010897 P1010900 P1010909 P1010917

Ponderosa Trip – 03/03/2016

Today we visited Ponderosa Rural Therapeutic Centre four our science topic ‘Living Things and Their Habitats’. We arrived at Ponderosa and were whisked away for our farm tour!


We fed the llamas, stroked the snakes and even saw a tarantula! We also asked lots of questions about what the animals ate, where they lived and how long they lived for. We then went and ate our lunch to give us energy for the afternoon.

image013 image011 image009
image003 image005 image007

In the afternoon we went back around the farm and visited all our favourite animals again. We even had time to go on the play area before we headed back to the bus!

image021 image015
image019 image017


Life Caravan – Keeping Healthy – 29/02/2016

Today we visited the life caravan where we learned about keeping healthy and how our body works. When we got inside the life caravan we were introduced to Tam the body model. We were able to look at Tam’s organs and when we touched them they lit up! Before we left, we saw Harold the giraffe and watched a video about his birthday party which helped us learn about friendships and how to help our friends.

P1010776 P1010787


Parent Workshop – Maths – 03/02/2016

This term’s parent workshop focus was maths where we enjoyed learning about different mental strategies to work on at home. A big thank you to all the parents who came and participated in the activities! The children in our class enjoyed playing games with their parents on different themes including using the ipads for quick fire maths sums, times tables speed racers, sorting odd and even numbers and partitioning numbers into tens and ones.

P1010685 P1010686 P1010687


RE Day: Christianity – 22/01/2016

For our RE Day pupils from Year 1, 2 and 3 merged together and we spent the day learning about Christianity. We learned about the creation story where Christians believe God created the world over 6 days. We created a storyboard to show our understanding.

We then learned about church and in particular, stained glass windows. We made these by cutting and sticking different materials to create colourful patterns.

Finally we learned about Noah who Christians believe was chosen by God to keep the animals safe during a flood which rained for 40 days and 40 nights. In class, we created animal masks and sung songs about the flood.

P1010571 P1010574 P1010575 P1010577


Christmas Party – 17/12/2015

This afternoon we had our class Christmas party. We enjoyed lots of dancing to party and Christmas songs – we liked it when Miss Khalifa came to dance! After we danced, Santa came to visit us and gave us all a present. We played musical statues and finished our party watching The Snowman.

P1010487 P1010488 P1010489 P1010492


Road Safety – 20/11/2015

Today we learned about road safety and how to cross the road with an adult. We know that to cross the road you need to stop, look and think before crossing the road. We then went back to class and created beautiful posters for how to keep safe on the road.

P1010392 P1010401 P1010403 P1010405 P1010406


Cineworld – 16/11/2015

Today we went to the Cinema with the whole school to watch the film ‘Home’. The film links to our theme this week which is Anti-Bullying.

image001 image003

We came back to class and created story maps about the story and did some character description of the good and bad characters.

20151120135456_00004 20151120135456_00006

We also role played different scenarios of how to deal with bullies and shared these with the class.

image009 image011 image013 image015

Finally we created anti-bullying posters for our classroom.

20151120135456_00003 20151120135456_00002 20151120135456_00001


Bonfire Day – 05/11/2015

In Year 2 we were so excited to celebrate bonfire day! We made foil sparklers in class to take outside to the bonfire where we enjoyed some toasted marshmallows and sang bonfire songs. Back in class we learned the bonfire poem ‘Remember remember’ which we created actions with. In the afternoon we made some firework chalk drawings and watched fireworks.

P1010336 P1010337


Our visit to the Mosque – 21/10/2015

As part of our RE topic ‘Special Places’, Year 2 visited the local mosque. We looked at the features of the mosque and discussed the importance of them.

image001 image003 image005 image007 image009 image011

Next term we will be visiting the local Church as we continue with our RE topic, ‘Special Places’.


Parent Workshop – Reading and Phonics – 14/10/2015

A massive thank you to all parents who attended our parent’s workshop this week. The children in our class enjoyed playing games with their parents on different themes including using the ipads for making words, reading stories to their parents and asking key questions, unjumbling sentences and using a conjunctions dice.

P1010217 P1010220


Literacy – 13/10/2015

In literacy we are learning about instructions. Last week we learned instructions for how to make a paper aeroplane. We then flew our planes and looked at which plane flew the furthest.

This week we have been learning how to make a fruit salad. We looked for imperative verbs in our instructions (mix, cut, slice). Once we had made the fruit salad we all enjoyed eating it!

P1010208 P1010209 P1010211 P1010212


Literacy – 07/09/2015

Year 2 will be learning about familiar settings. Familiar settings can be anything from a park to school, it is something in which the children know well. The outcome for this unit is to write their own version of a familiar setting story we are using in class “Sam and Ella went to the park” . They need to make sure that they include capital letters, full stops, conjunctions and exciting adjectives! The children are just starting to plan their stories and there are some exciting ideas already. We will share these on the website over half term.



Numeracy – 07/09/2015

Year 2 are currently focusing on place value and working with numbers to 50. They have been remembering their number bonds to 10 and 20. Some children have been learning their number bonds to 100! They have worked extremely hard to solve some problems involving numbers to 50. We aim to make sure that Year 2 leave the year with the ability to apply their mathematical knowledge. For the rest of this half term we will be looking at addition and how to add two digit numbers.

P1010023 P1010036


Spellings  – 07/09/2015

    Spelling 1

Nursery LTP


Getting the Year off to a Good Start – Autumn 2015

Year 2 had a brilliant first week and have all settled in wonderfully. This week they have completed a range of exciting and challenging activities and have established class rules for the classroom. They have been working in groups to act out our class book ‘The Enormous Crocodile’ this was a lovely way to get to know the class and we had a lot of fun! Year 2 have created detailed self-portraits that look fantastic up on our class wall. Mrs Ahmed and I are so excited to work with this wondeful class and watch what amazing learning will take place.



Sharing and Caring – 27/03/2015

We have come to an end to our Spring term topic. We have learnt all about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. We now understand why they are important people in history and why they are still remembered today. We ended our topic by writing a report about the lives of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole and the difference they made to hospitals.


Visit to the Church – 19/03/2015

We were invited to St. Paul’s church to take part in an Easter celebration, along with Year 4. We completed a range of exciting and educational activities based on the Easter story. We also ate some hot cross buns whilst sharing what we had learnt about Easter. The next day we wrote the story of Easter in RE and we also wrote a recount of our special visit to the church.

image021 image023 image025 image027 image029


Red Nose Day – 17/03/2015

This week, Year 2 have been working really hard with Year 1 to think of different ways to raise money for Comic Relief. We decided to bake buns and also make milkshakes to sell in school. We followed careful instructions for how to make the most delicious buns and milkshakes. We were pleased to hear that Year 1 and 2 raised the most money in the school and the school raised an enormous total of £750! We also wore something “funny for money” and some of us made a great effort to look as funny as possible.



Healthy Eating – 10/03/2015

In Literacy Year 2 have been writing instructions. We wanted to write instructions for a healthy lunch as we have been learning about healthy eating in PSHE so as a class we decided to make a fruit salad. We then wrote instructions for this in Literacy.

image015 image017


World Book Day – 5/03/2015

We had lots of fun celebrating World Book day. Year 2 celebrated this day by dressing up as a character and we did lots of activities based on the book ‘Who Pushed Humpty Dumpty’ with Year 1. We wrote instructions for how to make a magic potion, we wrote letters to Goldilocks and we designed a new chair for baby bear. We also did some investigating to find out who pushed Humpty Dumpty and we did this through a hot-seating activity. Take a look at the pictures to see the great costumes that the children wore.

image003 image005 image007
image009 image011 image013


Parent Workshop – 22/01/2015

Thank you to all the parents who attended the Year 2 writing workshop. Our focus was to write interesting sentences by using adjectives, sentence openers and conjunctions. There were lots of games and activities that parents enjoyed played alongside their child.

image071 image073 image075 image077


Road Safety – 15/01/2015

We had a special assembly about road safety to remind us how to cross the roads safely. We will practise crossing roads safely with an adult and remember to look, listen and think before crossing the road.

image063 image065 image067 image069


Christmas Party! – 18/12/2014

We had a great ending to the long term by celebrating all of our hard work and effort at the Christmas party. We played lots of games and even had a surprise visit from Santa who handed out our Christmas presents.

image055 image057 image059

Happy holidays everyone!


Explorers! – 24/11/2014

This term we are helping Dora the Explorer to find out all about the countries in the UK and their capital cities. We are also comparing Bradford to a village in Pakistan and looking at the similarities and differences.


Year 2 will be creating a class quiz about the countries in the UK, their capital cities and the surrounding seas. They will be testing their family’s knowledge of the UK at home.


Bonfire Night – 5/11/2014

We started our first week back this half term with a big bang! We had lots of fun watching the annual Atlas firework display today. The vibrant colours of the fireworks were an inspiration for our Art pictures. We used chalk and glitter to create colourful firework pictures:

image045 image047 image049 image051


Fire Fire! – 24/10/2014

We have come to an end of the half term which brings us to the end to our topic. This term in History, we have enjoyed learning all about the Great Fire of London. We have been helping Fireman Sam solve historical questions about the Great Fire and we have been inspired by Samuel Pepys with his diary entries. We have even made our own diaries and travelled back in time to write our own eye witness accounts of the Great Fire of London.


We made these amazing ‘Book Arts’ for Fireman Sam to give to Naughty Norman. This was our final outcome of this term’s topic:

image037 image039 image041 image043


Visit to the Mosque – 13/10/2014

As part of our RE syllabus we have been learning about special places and this term we have been focussing on Muslims’ special place of worship, which is the mosque. In class, we have been learning about why a mosque is special to Muslims and learning about the features of a mosque. We then visited the local mosque:

image027 image029 image031 image033

Next term we will be learning about Christians’ special place of worship, which is the Church.
Look out for pictures of our visit to the local Church!


Parents’ Workshop – 2/10/2014

Thank you to all the parents who attended the Maths workshop. The workshop involved working through a range of maths games and challenges. Whilst at home please try to carry out these number tasks to support your child’s learning.

image015 image017 image019 image021 image023 image025

Our next parent workshop will be in the Spring term and the focus will be on writing. We hope you can all make it!


Class Charter – 13/09/2014

In PHSCE we have been finding out all about our rights and responsibilities. As a class, we chose the rights we wanted to focus on. After lots of discussion and work we realised that everyone needed to have a responsibility including all adults and children in the class. We then created this class charter:



Back to School – 5/09/2014

We have got off to a great start to the year and have been very busy learning new things every day. We have been working on our team building skills and had great fun with the ‘Loose Play’ team this week. Take a look at our photos:

image001 image003 image005 image009 image011


Maths and Reading Workshop – 20/02/2014

On Thursday 20th February, parents attended a maths/reading workshop. We would like to say thank you to the parents that took time out to attend the workshop.
At the workshop, parents were given ideas for supporting learning at home and had to opportunity to try out different activities with their children.

y1 ws1 y1 ws2 y1 ws3
y1 ws4 y1 ws5

We hope that attending the workshop has helped parents to understand how best to support their child’s learning at home. We are always keen to hear parents’ views and ideas for future workshops. It was well attended and positively received:

“Very helpful!”

“Found the session very useful and I hope there are more workshops planned in the future.”

“Activities could easily be done at home.”

Thank you again to those parents who gave up their time to attend the workshop! I hope the packs were useful!!



Chinese New Year – 31/01/2014

Chinese New Year is celebrated worldwide to mark the first day of the New Year in the Chinese calendar. Children had lots of fun learning about the celebrations that take place on this day. They found out about why it is a very important holiday in China and completed different activities. They enjoyed making lanterns, dragons and enjoyed eating yummy noodles!!




China – 21/01/2014

This term, children will be learning about different types of music from China. They will be given the opportunity to use a variety of sources to find out about China:

  • What geographical information can they find?
  • Can they locate China and some cities on the map?
  • Can they find out about music from China?