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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

We are a class of 14 girls and 16 boys. Mr Isaacs is our class teacher and Miss Khan is the teaching assistant in Year 3. Mr Khan, Mrs Mughal and Mr Lomas also teach us every week.

In our first week back to school, we did some exciting activities to get to know each other better.

We understand that friendship is very important so we created friendship flowers and talked about being a good friend.

We know we work best when we are happy so we all look after each other. We work nicely with each other and follow the school rules.

We all look forward to a great year in Year 3!


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We had a great time in the Life Caravan learning how to look after our bodies and find out about our important organs. We particularly enjoyed demonstrating how the brain sends signals to the rest of the body.



We have really enjoyed doing lots of drama so far this term; our class has a few very keen actors! Here’s a picture of Hassan pretending to be Sweeney Todd whilst the rest of his group ask him questions to learn more about the villain.



We have written a class song! It is called The One And Only Year 3 and the lyrics are all about our class. Mr Isaacs plays ukulele and we all sing along very enthusiastically.


01/12/2017 – How to catch a unicorn

In Year Three, We have been writing excellent instructions about catching the mystical unicorn. We even managed to build our trap for the unicorn.

One group have created a spell, that must be whispered when catching the unicorn. “Oh Unicorn, pure and white please come and visit me tonight. Don’t be afraid! Be very brave! It will be alright if you appear tonight.”

Fingers crossed our traps work! Miss Kelly desperately wants a pet Unicorn.


16/11/2017 – Parent’s workshop

On Thursday afternoon, we were joined by our parents to create mosaics and tall towers inspired by our work on the Mediterranean. The mosaics were themed around wildlife that you would see in the Mediterranean and were inspired by the artist Louise Bourgeois.

During the tower building contest we used spaghetti and marshmallows to build the tallest tower possible. Children and adults became very competitive with some desperate to win. The winning tower was 71cm tall and could stand up unsupported.


08/11/2017 – Yorkshire Games Festival

Year Three visited the Yorkshire Games Festival at the National Science and Media Museum on Wednesday. During the day, we had a talk on the evolution of the video game from Impact Gamers. We were really interested to see how games like Pong had changed dramatically over the last forty years.

We also got to meet people who work in the games industry. They were very inspiring and they explained that artists, programmers and advertisers all contribute to the development of a game.


29/09/2017 – Guide Dogs for the Blind