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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

We are a class of 16 girls and 15 boys.

Our class teacher’s are Mrs Arqum (am) and Mrs Karim (pm), Miss Booth is the support assistant.

We are an enthusiastic group and we have a positive approach to learning.

Everybody is kind and tolerant of one another and we try our best to support each other at all times.

Our favourite lessons are Reading and D.T and this year we are looking forward to P.E with Miss Booth!

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Year 4 Newslettery Summer 2013                    Year 4 Newslettery Summer 2013                 Year 1 Summer Newsletter 2013


Parent Workshop 04/07/17

We would like to say a big thank you to all the parents that attended our workshop. Parents had the opportunity to participate in creative activities with children. Our workshop was linked to our history topic ‘Rotten Romans.’ Parents and children created mosaics and helmets. It was a fun afternoon and children were very excited to take their mosaics home.

Our Class Eid Assembly – 23/06/17

It was our turn to present information about a religious festival.  Our assembly was about Eid-al-fitr. We decided to present the information in a short play. We inlcuded some nasheeds, information about  Ramadan and Eid. Children worked extrenely hard to learn all their lines and to perform with confidence.  Year 4 were amazing, perfomed with great poise and confidence. Well done!

Library Visit – 25/05/17

Today Year 4 went to participate in a reading session at Manningham Library.  It was very encouraging and children really enjoyed reading a wide variety of books. Children had the opportunity to search for a range of books, listen to a story read by the librarian and choose books to read.  We hope to encourage more children to borrow books from the library and continue to read at home.

Leeds Museum – 19/05/17

Today Year 4 went to Leeds City Museum. We attended the Roman Workshop which was very exciting, interactive and informative. Children created a human timeline showing different events that took place before and after the Romans, made helmets, dressed up as Roman soldiers and delved into the past with treasures from ancient civilizations.  It was a lovey day and children felt that the experience was very valuable.

Celebration Assembly – 11/05/17

Today, we celebrated children’s achievements. Children selected their favourite topic and decided to put a small performance together to showcase to their families. It was a time to share work that they were most proud of. They also had the opportunity to discuss their successes in everyday learning.  It was a fun afternoon and children were excited in having the chance to be in the classroom with their families.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all the parents who attended our celebration assembly. We look forward to more days like this and we hope you enjoyed it too!

Powerful World of Sound – 28/04/2017 

Our trip to the National Media Museum
Our science topic, this term is sound and today Year 4 attended a brilliant workshop about the powerful world of sound! They discovered sound as they had never heard it before. They had the opportunity to create an indoor thunderstorm, compete in teams to make the loudest and biggest sound and witness the beautiful world of sound waves hidden in their favourite music. By the end of the session children were inspired and they are now keen to take their new-found knowledge back to the classroom.



Rotten Romans – 25/04/2017 

This term we will be learning about the Romans and we will be finding out all about how they invaded Britain. We will also be focusing on the impact of Romans on Britain. We will look at how Romans built roads, new tracks, changed towns and language. By the end of the term, children will create a short video about Romans.

Roman invasion


Howard Carter Vs George Herbert, 5th Earl of Carnarvon (Ancient Egyptian Workshop) – 3/04/2017 

This workshop was very informative because children got the chance to experience the world of the Ancient Egyptians through the eyes of Howard carter and George Herbert. Children were taken on a journey through the mysteries of discovering the tomb of Tutankhamun.

We thought the afternoon was excellent and children gained lots of information about George Herbert and Howard Carter!

We love reading! – 23/03/2017

Today, Year 4 was given the opportunity to venture outside and enjoy stories. The weather was chilly so a cup of hot chocolate was delightful. Children gathered in tents and listened to great stories read by Mr Ruddick and Mrs Florence. At the end of the session, children were   excited because they were given a story to take home and keep!

The aim of the session was to help children enjoy stories in a relaxed atmosphere and understand that, reading for pleasure is important.

We hope to find new places around school to read and enjoy books! We will keep you posted.


Atlas Community Primary School will be celebrating its 30th birthday and as part our celebrations children got the opportunity to work alongside ‘Cecil Arts group’ who are a charitable group of artists who work locally. Parents were also invited to come along and participate in the fun.  Children made sculptures of figures using clay. They had a wonderful time and they really enjoyed creating figures by using tools and their hands to create textures, lines, tone and shape. 


In science Year 4 is currently learning about the digestive system. They have been working very hard to create models to demonstrate the digestive system. Children also enjoyed a practical experiment which recreated the digestion process in the classroom.

World Book Day – 3/03/2017

This year, Year 4 were celebrating 30 years of Where’s Wally? with a Where’s Wally? theme. They spent the day reading stories, creating puzzles and backgrounds for Wally. Children had to make challenging backgrounds making sure Wally was hidden in an intricate detailed scene. The finished pictures were presented in the hall and children were given the chance to share the day events.


Topic – 27/02/2017

This term children will be exploring rivers of the world. They will have the opportunity to research information in order to create pop up books about rivers. They will reflect upon local and global issues relating to rivers of the world. Children will create maps and answer questions relating to the key aspects of rivers.

Starting Journey


The Artist – 18/01/2017

Today we had Katie, who is artist creating work that is related to the Bradford Mill fire back in January 2016. To mark the one year anniversary of this fire, a team of artists have come together to create a miniature model of the building. Children in year 4 were given the task of creating pictures of themselves using various different materials. These pictures will be used in Katie’s work to highlight the amount of people that have worked in the Mill over the years. It was a brilliant afternoon and the children were full of smiles and laughter as it came to the end part of the day.


Google Expeditions

Year 3,4,5 and 6 had a visit from Google today. We were able to use their VR headsets to explore different parts of the world including : Mount Everest, Greece, the Taj Mahal, the Great Barrier reef and the moon.

The children really enjoyed the opportunity to visit places that they normally wouldn’t visit and enjoyed trying out the exciting technology. Here are some pictures of our visit.



In Year 4 we have been working extremely hard this half-term. We have been challenging ourselves in maths by learning the formal method for division. In numeracy, we have been reading a modern fairy-tale about a princess who was always cold!

We are really excited about going to see Paper Planes on Friday 11th November at Cineworld. We have watched the trailer and know where the film is set! We think the film will be funny, but that it will also be about perseverance.

We are keen to learn all about the Arctic and Antarctic in Topic. We found it funny watching a penguin steal stones from another penguin to add to their nest! We are looking forward to Mr Fellowes coming to teach us all about the explorers of the Polar Regions on 18th November.


Year three and four residential

Before half term, 32 children from Years 3 and 4 visted fan wood for a one night residential. During the trip, we went caving, climbed low ropes and took part in a nightline. We also had a campfire every night with Mrs Florence’s excellent singing voice. Here are some photos of our trip.

image001 image003 image005 image007 image009



In Year 4 this half term, we have had a really fantastic and active start to the school year. We are excited to be learning about how to create and edit our own film presentations about the Amazon Rainforest. We are currently busily gathering evidence for our reports and presentations about the Amazon. We have been learning about the continents of the world and where the major tropical rainforests are located.  We are also really proud to be record-breakers. It was brilliant to take place in the #LoveBradford event in City Park earlier this month, and we are now all showing off our shiny medals! Finally, we are sure we will have a really worthwhile and amazing experience when we go on our Year 4 residential in a few weeks!


Spellings Summer 2 – 13/06/2016

    Spelling 1              Spelling 2              Spelling 3              Spelling 4

Nursery LTP        Reception LTP        Year 1 LTP        Year 1 LTP

    Spelling 5              Spelling 6

Year 3 LTP        Year 4 LTP


Leeds City Museum – 20/05/2016

On Friday, Year 4 embarked on a trip to Leeds City Museum. When we first arrived we got to do a Romans workshop. We were able to try on the roman armour which was really heavy and we also got to explore different Roman artefacts. We had to create a human timeline so that we had a better understanding of when the Romans were alive. It was over 2000 years ago! After we had explored part of the museum we then created our own Roman helmet. These had to have a colourful plume as they told people which part of the army you belonged to. After a busy morning it was time for lunch. After lunch, we then went to explore different parts of the museum – I couldn’t wait to see the Ancient Egyptian mummy! It was in a dark room behind a glass case on the top floor. It was spooky as it had its mouth open and its skin had gone all black. We also got to put together ancient vases and buildings. It was like doing a jigsaw. We also went in an exhibit called ‘Life On Earth’ inside that were lots of stuffed animals which were cool to look at. There were different things to smell and look at too. After all that, we finally came back to school. We all had a fantastic day.

IMG_0862 IMG_0882 IMG_0910 IMG_0941 IMG_0991


Spellings Summer 1 – 11/04/2016

    Spelling 1              Spelling 2              Spelling 3              Spelling 4

Nursery LTP        Reception LTP        Year 1 LTP        Year 1 LTP

    Spelling 5              Spelling 6

Year 3 LTP        Year 4 LTP



Tesco Trip – 07/03/2016

Today Year 4 went on a Tesco trip but it was a farm to fork visit so not like a normal shopping trip. We learnt about different logos and types of food. The logos told the customers which foods were produced in a sustainable way. We learnt about the foods that can be produced in a sustainable way such as; bananas, coco powder, chocolate and many more things. When we went to the fish counter they even showed us how to cut it open and pull out the bones. It was making everyone feel sick but we didn’t taste any. At the end, we went upstairs and we were told that no customers ever went upstairs, so we felt very lucky. Upstairs we tasted chocolate. My favourite was the milk chocolate. By Maleehah

P1010098 P1010099 P1010100 P1010109


World Book Day – 03/03/2016

On the 3rd of March 2016 the whole school celebrated World Book Day. It was so much fun. All the classes in the school were looking at a fantastic book called, ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker. I really liked it because it had beautiful pictures in it and I was glad the girl found a friend at the end and wasn’t lonely anymore. One of the groups in school did a recording of all the different activities that were happening on that day. They recorded videos of teachers dancing, children playing and the amazing costumes. This video was shown to the whole school at the end of the day in assembly. Everyone had a great time because there were so many activities and it was so interesting. Thank you for reading! By Khadiza



Life Caravan – 29/02/2016

On Monday Year 4 attended the Life Caravan which visited school. They discussed with Harold the Giraffe, the importance of looking after your bodies. They talked about the different organs in the body. Safa Bibi said that it was really interesting and that she found out her heart was the size of her fist. They shared ideas about healthy diets and what foods should be eaten to look after certain organs in the body. Fahima reported that she now knew how blood was carried around the body. They all had a great time and would like to thank the Life Caravan team for coming.


Spellings Spring 2 – 23/02/2016

    Spelling 1              Spelling 2              Spelling 3              Spelling 4

Nursery LTP        Reception LTP        Year 1 LTP        Year 1 LTP

    Spelling 5

Year 3 LTP



Big Sing – 11/02/2016

On Thursday members of the school choir attended St. George’s hall to have a collective sing with other schools from Bradford. The children really enjoyed singing, ‘Reach’ by SClub 7 and ‘Counting Stars’ by One Republic. The children also had the opportunity to listen to performances by the Bradford Youth Orchestra. They played songs that the children recognised such as the Star Wars and James Bond theme tunes as well as others that they didn’t recognise, such as pieces from the opera, Carmen. After the orchestra had performed, members came to the front to introduce their instruments, discuss the features and sounds that they made. The conductor talked about different instrument families. It was a great learning experience for the children and they all said how much they had enjoyed it.

pic1 pic2


Literacy Parent Workshop – 10/02/2016

I wanted to personally write a say a huge thank you to all that attended the parent workshop. We had a record number attending which is fantastic. It shows how committed you are to supporting your child in their learning. Each child at the end was given a pack filled with Literacy games that can be easily played at home – sorry – I only got to showcase a few at the workshop! If at any time you want to ask me any questions about other resources that might support your child with their learning or have further questions regarding your child’s progress then feel free arrange an appointment. Have a great half term!

IMG_0531 IMG_0533 IMG_0535

Media Literacy Workshop – 28/01/2016

On Thursday the 28th January Year 4 celebrated the end of the ‘Stories From Other Cultures’ unit. During the unit we wrote our own Egyptian style stories. They were all set in Egypt and the main characters were Egyptian gods. We also had to include fronted adverbials, suspense writing techniques and accurately punctuate speech. At the end of the unit we got to create our own ‘Silent Movies’ based upon the stories that we had written. This will now form part of a project we are doing with the local high school. The high school are going to produce a musical score to go alongside our silent movies. When this has been completed we are going to all sit and watch them together. During the filming process we tried to think about different camera shots we could include- such as close ups, extreme close ups and mid shots. Can you spot the different camera shots we used when watching the films?


R.E. Day – 22/01/2016

On the 22/1/2016 the children in Year 4 were all mixed up and sent into different classes. I stayed in Year 4 with Miss Fisher and some other children from year 5 and 6 came in too. We were learning about Paganism. Did you know that most people were pagans in Britain before the Romans came? It was very interesting we looked at the Pagan calendar, their worship sites and we even tried to create magical potions! At the end we had to present in assembly the work that we had done on that day. To help us we made a powerpoint presentation. We really enjoyed ourselves. By Ruqayyah.


Making Music – 20/01/2016

The children have been progressing superbly in their learning of a musical instrument. They are now able to read notes C- G on the musical stave. They also understand that different notes are played for different lengths of time. Here is Junaid playing a track called, ‘Clocks’.


Home Readers – 15/01/2016

Today in year 4 some people got a treat to read with children in Year 1, Year 2 or Reception. The children who got the reward were the children who had read every single day and got their reading record signed by an adult to say that they had read.

If we read everyday, by the end of the week we will get to choose which class we want to go to. I was so happy to go and do it! I got to sign their reading record and listen to them read too. It was so much fun. I am going to make sure I read everyday so that I can do this every week. (By Khadiza)

P1000013 P1000014 P1000015 P1000016



On Tuesday we all had a music session and everybody loved it. Two groups went and learnt the glockenspiel and the other two listened to soft music and described how it made them feel. The two groups that listened to the music had to use musical vocabulary to describe the music. The song was called ‘The Pharaoh, Rameses the third. Excited, relieved and relaxed the group listened to the music calmly.

The other two groups, who played the glockenspiels, had a rhythm sheet to help them know how and when to play. The people that were playing xylophones played ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ and ‘I Like Candy Floss’.

By Safa Bibi and Nusaiba


Spellings Spring 1 – 04/01/2016

    Spelling 1              Spelling 2              Spelling 3              Spelling 4

Nursery LTP        Reception LTP        Year 1 LTP        Year 1 LTP

    Spelling 5

Year 3 LTP



‘Christmas Around the World’ – 16/12/2015

Today we are performing our Christmas play. Yesterday we did it in front of all the children and today for the parents. They said that they thought it was really good and professional. I am feeling excited to do it today as we have all tried our best to make it really good. Our Christmas play is called, ‘Christmas all around the world’. We have been finding out how different people around the world celebrate Christmas. We have learnt about different traditions and even some different languages! Our parents are going to be amazed today with how much work we’ve done- as we have all made our own costumes and dance routines. I am feeling proud of everyone because we have all practiced, learnt our lines and all of us have a part. We have learned our lines forwards and backwards every Friday for the past few weeks. I hope that everyone who watches it enjoys the show! Done by Khadija and Zaynab (Thank you for reading this blog about the rehearsal).


Bradford City Footballers and Year 4 Interviewers – 10/12/2015

Today year 4 and the writing club had two football players come to their class room and their names were Tony McMahon and Garry Liddle. They came from Bradford City football club. They came because we wanted to interview them and ask them questions about how they become good footballers. We have been learning about newspapers and report writing this half term too! So it gave us a good chance to practice the skills.

These are some of the questions we asked the football players:

How do you score a goal?
They go into a far space and try to get away from the other team. The player shoots really far and they either do a header or do a kick up. They try really to score and not to foul the players.

How many people are in your team?
They have 20 but at the match only 11 people play. When someone gets injured someone else substitutes.

How many matches did you score in this season?
I scored 9 goals. I haven’t been very lucky because most of the games were draws.

Thank you for reading! (By Khadija)


E-safety Workshop – 02/12/2015

Today year 4 had an e safety talk with a police woman and she talked about being safe on the internet. She said that it can be a bad world and that children should be careful about what choices they make whilst being on line. It is important to keep safe and never go on unsafe websites because people can rob you of your money! You should be careful with the computer and laptop or any other things like I pads and try to have a password. If somebody says something nasty to you, you shouldn’t hurt any ones feelings instead tell an adult or person you know and make sure they sort it out. (Written by Hajer)


National Media Museum – 01/12/2015

Today year 4 went to the National Media Museum and they had so much fun.  They presented their news report and went on the hover board. They went into the television room and found old televisions from the olden times. Everyone went to the magical factory and some people got scared of the vicious witch called Maleficent. We went to some other places and then it was time to go back to school. Mr Rusling brought one group back first and then went back to get the others. Thank you for your support. By Maleehah and Hajer.

IMG_0452[1] IMG_0458[1] IMG_0459[1]


Water Safety – 24/11/2015

Today Mr Kendal was talking to all the children in year 4 about water safety and said that there was a competition. He talked to us about lakes, swimming pools, rivers, and streams and said that it is dangerous if a life guard isn’t there. The teacher Mr Kendal said that no one should be in the swimming pool without a life guard or a teacher. Everyone was asking about different things about water safety and he said that even dogs were clever animals. He also said that 400 people drown in a year and it is more than the children in Atlas school. It really matters to keep every child safe. There were different ways that we could save ourselves .He said that in seas there are lots of sharks so we have to be careful. Then Mr Kendal told us and year 4 some stories and then he was talking to us about saving ourselves. Thank you for your support.

IMG_0357 IMG_0360


Road Safety – 20/11/2015

Today year four went into the hall and met two ladies’ that were telling them about road safety. They said that lots of children got hurt. One of the ladies was talking about different ways we could travel and safety in a car, they had to wear seat belts. Some children said that they don’t wear seat belts and they could get hurt. All children MUST wear seat belts because people could jail the parents. Everyone was asking questions about safety on the road. The ladies said that if one person in the back of the car isn’t wearing a seat belt and someone in the front is then they both could get injured. That is why it is so important. The children under one hundred and thirty five cm has to stay in a booster seat because it was the law. Thank you for your support.



Anti-Bullying Week – Cinema Trip – 16/11/2015

This week, schools nationally, will be talking and discussing issues around bullying. At Atlas Primary, and in Year 4, we pride ourselves in being anti-bullying ambassadors. As part of the ‘Inter Film programme’, the school received tickets to go and see the 2015 film called ‘Home’, which linked to the anti-bullying theme. The film had a star studded cast with Rihanna and Jim Parsons taking the lead roles. The plot is about an overly-confident Boov, an alien race in search of a new place to call home, lands on Earth. All humans are promptly relocated, while all Boov get busy reorganising the planet. But when one resourceful girl, Tip, manages to avoid capture, she finds herself the accidental accomplice of a banished Boov named Oh. The two fugitives realize there’s a lot more at stake than intergalactic relations as they embark on the road trip of a lifetime. The children identified the key messages of friendship, trust and cooperation. We all had a terrific time at Cineworld and look forward to writing a film review this week.

P1030474 P1030475 P1030478 P1030479


Spellings Autumn 2 – 08/11/2015

    Spelling 7              Spelling 8              Spelling 9              Spelling 10

Nursery LTP        Reception LTP        Year 1 LTP        Year 1 LTP

    Spelling 11              Spelling 12

Year 3 LTP        Year 4 LTP


Bonfire Day – 05/11/2015

Today year four had a day learning about bonfire night.

First, we did a maths challenge. We had to get clues about bonfire night. In the challenge we used addition, multiplication, division and subtraction. We worked in our home groups so we were in mixed ability and that made us work in a team as we helped each other.

Just before break we practiced the songs that we were going to sing later on around the camp fire (we needed to be the best).

After break all of the class went into the hall to do dance and movement. We worked in groups of three or four of our own choice and made a fire movement dance to the backtrack of the song She Wolf.

Then it was time for year four to go down to the fire. We made sure that we had our shoes and coats on and headed down to the gazeebo. When we got there our teachers burnt our marshmallows on the fire, we all sat together and enjoyed our marshmallows.

Finally, when everyone was ready we stood around the fire to sing our songs. We even made up our own song to sing about marshmallows, the teachers were all very impressed!


Parent Workshop – 22/10/2015

A huge thank you to all the parents who attended the year 4 maths workshop. The feedback was excellent and the children really appreciated the time you took to come into school. I hope that all the parents who attended got a lot out of the session. If you have any questions about the new curriculum or system for assessment then feel free to contact me and arrange an appointment.


Times Table Challenge – 22/10/2015

All half term we have been focusing on knowing our times table facts- up to 12 x 12. We felt so confident that we decided to take on Year 5 and 6 in a speed multiplication challenge! The fastest time that we completed 144 questions in was 2.41 (two seconds slower than Year 5!) This was amazing! We all improved our times for completing the questions and are getting so much quicker with practise. We are going to calculate our average times for completing the questions and compare it to that of Year 5 and 6 to see who is the ultimate champion. I think the other classes should be feeling nervous! Don’t you!

P1030406 P1030407 P1030408


Tropical World – 16/10/2015

On Friday Year 4 went to Tropical World at Roundhay in Leeds. There we discovered what it felt like to actually be in a tropical rainforest. It was so warm and humid. But because of that we couldn’t believe all of the plants that grew there, there was a lot of different varieties. We saw butterflies fluttering around, one even landed on Mr Tugby’s leg! The crocodile gave us all evil eyes but didn’t move a muscle. The children were fascinated with the reptile area and loved seeing all the different kind of snakes and lizards.
We also got to see a contrasting habitat in Roundhay Park, the children enjoyed the grounds and the park. The children used their mathematical skills in the shop as they had to calculate if they had enough money to buy gifts and also how much change they would be given.
It was a fantastic day, with lots of learning and fun!

P1030336 P1030339 P1030341 P1030345


“New City Soul” – 05/10/2015

To celebrate the opening of the new shopping centre Westfield Broadway, Year 4 created a stop-motion animation using the silk paintings, which were made by Year 5. We had a fun afternoon using the ipad to create our animation. We had to be very patient and listen to instructions carefully in order to complete the animation video. We are looking forward to seeing our completed animation on the internet.


We had a quick practise of listening to instructions in class, with small pieces of card before using the large silk paintings.

Can you guess what the words on the cards will say?

image003 image005 image007 image009

A link to view the animation video will be posted on the blog soon.


Where the Wild Things Are – 11/09/2015

We are looking at the famous story of, ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ by Maurice Sendak. Our aim of the unit is to write a sequel to the story, one where Max goes back to visit the Wild Things when he is in Year 4. We have been using drama to explore the themes in the text. When writing we have been looking at setting descriptions, using the senses and a range of sentence types- such as similes, 2Ad and Noun, who, which, where. In grammar we are looking personal pronouns and fronted adverbials.

Hopefully in a couple of weeks we will be able to post some of the stories up on to the blog and on class dojo for you to read. If you want to ask any questions about your child’s learning or progress please feel free to arrange an appointment at the office or speak to me after school.

P1020981 P1020994 P1030013


New Beginnings – 02/09/2015

The children have had a terrific week starting in Year 4. We have done a range of activities which have focused on getting to know one another, team building and also knowing our class rules and expectations. We made boats which had to hold as many lego people as they could, the children replied to letters written by Miss Fisher and they created silhouettes of their features. As you can see we were very busy.

We came up with our class rules, which we have all signed to say we will try our best to follow them always. The children were also introduced to a new reward system called ‘Class Dojo’. We agreed as a class what we could be rewarded for- this might be for showing good listening skills and bringing the homework in.

P1020936 P1020939


Spellings Autumn 1 – 02/09/2015

    Spelling 1              Spelling 2              Spelling 3              Spelling 4

Nursery LTP        Reception LTP        Year 1 LTP        Year 1 LTP

    Spelling 5              Spelling 6

Year 3 LTP        Year 4 LTP



Sink or Sail! – 09/07/2015

On Thursday afternoon, year 4 made paper boats. They could decorate the boats using wax crayon, felt tips or pencil crayons. After that they could choose to add on the base, foil, cling film or acetate. The children enjoyed selecting the most appropriate material for the task. They also had to explain why the material that they hadn’t chosen, was unsuitable. We then tested the boats. The first test that the boats had to pass, was to be able to float. The second test was how many lego men could the boat hold. Aiyla and Sabah were victorious, their boat held 23 men, and we could only test that many because we ran out of lego men!

P1020852 P1020853 P1020867 P1020876


Mr Gum in court! – 09/07/2015

This half term Year 4 have been reading a text called ‘You’re a Bad Man Mr Gum’, by Andy Stanton. The children have really enjoyed listening to and writing about the text. We have practised using fronted adverbials and writing speech accurately. We have written newspapers, diary entries and alternative endings. In class we also held a court case to decide if Mr Gum was guilty of the murder of Jake the dog. The children got into character, we had judges, the jury, prosecution lawyers, defence lawyers and witnesses! The judge and jury did find Mr Gum guilty of the crime, but both sides proposed compelling evidence.

P1020823 P1020830 P1020842


Library Visit! – 11/06/2015

On 11th June Year 4 had a fantastic trip to the library! We discussed a range of characters then we created our own characters and made names and created lives about them! After that, we all discussed what a literature spine was and became detectives! The children looked at clues which they had to solve and find out about the different book genres in the library. The children with library cards were able to take out books. It is brilliant! The children can take out up to 25 books at a time and keep them for three weeks. I hope that many of the children will take part in the summer reading challenge- registration for this is on Saturday 11th July.

DSCN1035 DSCN1036 DSCN1037 DSCN1038 DSCN1039


Leeds City Museum: Romans – 15/05/2015

On Friday 15th May, Year 4 travelled to the Leeds City Museum. We took part in a Roman’s workshop, whereby we examined Roman artefacts such as; brooches, tiles and weaponry.  The children also got to try on some Roman armour and create there own Roman helmets! After lunch we got to explore the other exhibits in the museum. The children were very excited to look at the Egyptian Exhibit and they got to see a real mummy! They also got to explore Egyptian artefacts and learn more about trade links and Egyptian Gods. The children had a fantastic day and were a credit to the school. I hope that you got to hear all about it too!

P1020554 P1020585 P1020622


Science: Teeth and Eating – 11/05/2015

In science this half term we have been focusing on Teeth and Eating. We understand the different types of teeth and the jobs that they do. We also know about digestion and the key organs which support this process in the body. Not only have we focused on humans but we have seen the links with other animals as well. Now that we understand this, the children have designed and created their own toothpaste for an animal to help keep it’s teeth cleaned. This week we will test out the toothpaste to see who has created the best one for cleaning teeth. We shall try to clean coins to see which toothpaste is the most successful!

P1020545 P1020546


Reading Event for Year 3 and Year 4 – 07/05/2015

On Thursday 7th May, Years 3 and 4 took part in a special celebratory reading event. The children were asked to come in their smartest clothes as the theme of the event was, ‘You shall go to the Ball!’- a famous quote from the Cinderella story. During the afternoon the children experienced a range of activities all linked to reading. Some researched about the election, which was taking place that day, others followed recipes and baked scones for the classes. Many took part in a poetry session and produced some drama from it, others became character detectives and had to look for clues to find out about different people in the stories. After trying out many of the activities the children got to enjoy a mug of hot chocolate and listen to a story. After that, each child got to choose their very own book to keep! At the end the children enjoyed sharing with each other the reasons why they had chosen their book. I hope you have seen the book that they have chosen, and perhaps they have shared it with you!

P1020490 P1020491 P1020492 P1020493 P1020495 P1020499


Tesco Trip – 05/05/2015

On Tuesday 5th May, the children were very fortunate to have a visit to the Tesco store on Canal Road. The team took us around the store. The children got to try out different cheeses at the cheese counter. Watch a fish being filleted at the fish counter, and also go into the fridge and freezers where the stock is kept! We got a close look at the bakery department and discussed how the bakery products came in almost ready and just needed to be heated in the store. The children had to look closely to see where their fruit and vegetables came from, then afterwards got to try a huge range of fruits.  Michelle and Cecil were really helpful and told us plenty of interesting facts about where our food comes from.

P1020480 P1020483 P1020484 P1020482


Awesome Roman Homework – 30/04/2015

I just want to say I have been so impressed by the effort and commitment that has gone into the homework so far this half term. The children have really showed their creativity and talent for crafting and designing things. Thank you for your on going support with the homework projects. The children have got until the final week of term to complete their 30 points. If they get 30 points they will be rewarded- this term with a Toy Event. Keep up the hard work!


Spellings Summer 1 – 13/04/2015

    Spelling 1              Spelling 2              Spelling 3              Spelling 4

Nursery LTP        Reception LTP        Year 1 LTP        Year 1 LTP


    Spelling 5              Spelling 6

Year 3 LTP        Year 4 LTP



Play Scripts – Spring Term

This half term year 4 have been learning about Play Scripts. Play Scripts can be a tricky genre to learn about, as there are a lot of unique stylistic features to Play Scripts, which you don’t use in many other types of writing. On top of that, your writing has to be read and understood by another person- so that they can act out what you have written. Last week, we completed writing our plays, which are based on Egyptian God’s and the death of Osiris. The children relished getting into character, particularly the evil, murderous Seth. The children filmed and edited their plays- as they had been learning these skills in our Computing sessions. The final production of the plays was also a great opportunity for the children to show off their speaking and drama skills. The confidence and often humour which they showed was fantastic. I hope that they keep up the enthusiasm for our next literacy topic which will be biographies (based on Roman Emperors).


Church Visit: Easter – 19/03/2015

On Thursday Year 4 were luckily invited to attend an Easter celebration at St. Paul’s Church. We attended with Year 2. Whilst being at the church the children completed a carousel of activities, this ranged from craft making, team games and also listening to a version of the Easter story. Just before we left everyone sat and ate some hot cross buns and we talked about the visit. The children enjoyed exploring the inside of the church and asked many questions to the adults that supported us from St. Pauls!

P1020250 P1020251 P1020255


Red Nose Day – 17/03/2015

For the past few weeks Year 4 have been completing a goal setting challenge linked to our PSHE topic. We quickly agreed that we should have a go at raising money for Comic Relief, and to try to raise as much money as we could for those less fortunate. The children had to plan, make and advertise the product in order to be successful. They also had to work with people that they don’t often work with, so it really tested their communication skills. The children decided to sell bath bombs, we thought it would be fun to make, but also a clever strategy as Red Nose Day fell just before Mothering Sunday. So the children thought that people could buy them as presents. The children enjoyed learning about the science behind the making of the bath bombs. They also gained the commercial experience of pricing and selling for profit. Bravely, the children pushed their selling strategies to many children across the school, and persuaded many to buy them. As a total the school raised £750.00, which is an amazing achievement. I would like to thank year 4 for their efforts in helping to raise that amount.

P1020202 P1020203


Y4 Maths Workshop – 12/02/2015

Personally I want to say a huge thank you to all the parents who attend the Maths workshop with their children. I sincerely hope you found the activities useful and it gave some insight as to how we calculate here at Atlas Primary. The focus was on place value of numbers, and the four operations, (add, subtract, multiply and divide), yet we also cover shape, spaces and measures throughout the year.  I felt that many of the adults felt a greater sense of confidence after attending the session. I hope that you can play the games at home to help scaffold and embed the children’s learning. If I can be of any further help of support for you, please feel free to arrange an appointment to come and see me at any time.

P1020106 P1020109 P1020111 P1020112 P1020114 P1020117


Instruction Writing Egyptian Style – 11/02/2015

In Literacy we have been focusing on instructional writing. The children stretched themselves as they included some Alan Peat sentence types to support their introductions- such as ‘Many Questions’ and ‘If, if, then’ sentences. Children also developed and up-skilled themselves on their use of times words and became more secure with the understanding of second person, commas in a list and the use of bullet points. We had a great time linking it to our topic- Egyptians. We created instructions about how to mummify a Pharaoh, and we included all the gory detail! To make them seem more authentic, the children tea stained the paper and added aging affects to make it seem as though it had been found hidden away inside a ancient pyramid!

P1020102 P1020103 P1020104


Debating Competition – 10/02/2015

On Tuesday 10th February, Atlas were privileged to host the third debating competition. The competitors were Green Lane and Dixons Manningham, with ourselves being the judges of the contest.

Once again it was a fantastic opportunity for the children to interact and mingle with their peers from other schools, and also develop their ability to debate issues that they feel are important to them. The chosen topic was, “There are too many exams in year 6.” Agree or disagree.

Persuasively, Dixons Manningham spoke about how they felt there are too many exams, and Green Lane eloquently tried to dispute the matter.

Both teams worked terrifically together, yet the Atlas judges voted Dixons as the worthy winners. They scored highly due to the clarity of voice, use of powerful vocabulary, ability to counter argue and work cooperatively.

We look forward to the next round which will be held at Green Lane next half term!


Using and Applying in Maths – 07/02/2015

This half term we have begun a real class focus on how we use our maths skills and different ways we can apply the skills to solve problems. Every Friday we know have a go at solving a different problem each week, and learning different strategies to help us solve the problems. Our focus for this half term has to been to look at a problem, and to try to ‘act it out’. We have used apparatus to help us create models of problems, then we have used these models to help us solved the problem. This has been working really successfully and has truly challenged the children in a different way. We will be focusing on a different strategy for solving problems next half term.

P1020030 P1020032 P1020034 P1020037


This half term half of the class has had the opportunity to learn how to play the recorder. We have learnt how to care, assemble and maintain the recorders. How to play B,A,G and recognise the notes on the stave, additionally we have learnt about different rhythms and beats of notes. These sessions will be continuing after half term with the remaining half of the class having the opportunity to learn. The music focus for the remaining half of the class is on instrument recognition, being able to understand what a musical family is and to listen to a piece of music and recognise different instrumental sounds.

P1000943 P1000974


Jack and the Beanstalk – 23/01/2015

On Friday 23rd January, the children were lucky enough to enjoy a fantastic pantomime, Jack and the Beanstalk. The children laughed, sang and joined in with all the jokes, songs and characters during the performance and it was a terrific treat for them.

The school was lucky enough to win a showing of the production, thanks for the imaginative work of the children in school. To win it the children had to design an item that Jack could find at the top of the Beanstalk.

100_5231 100_5235 100_5237 100_5241 100_5244 100_5251 100_5259 100_5268 100_5270



Road Safety Session – 15/01/2015

On Thursday 15th January the children took part in a Road Safety awareness course. The children were engaged through a drama session which highlighted the perils that could come with crossing the road. Children must take extra care, particularly when visibility outside is poorer. Additionally, there is potential for hidden ice to be around on the pavements and the streets. Many of the children in Year 4 are starting to be more independent and are allowed to take short journeys independently. The session has helped them to understand the potential dangers that they need to be aware of when out and about.

P1000846 P1000848 P1000850


Christmas Parties! – 18/12/2014

On Thursday afternoon, year 4 had their Christmas Party. This was a great way to celebrate all the hard work and effort the children have put in this term. We played lots of games such as musical statues and pin the nose on the snowman! We also had a special visit from Santa who gave out gifts to the children. Thank you once again for all your support with the children this half term. Enjoy the holidays, stay safe and happy, and we will look forward to more fun and learning in January, Egyptian style!

P1000710 P1000711 P1000712 P1000713


‘Booknic’ – 17/12/2014

On Wednesday 17th December children in year 4 and 5 combined to have an afternoon where we promoted the love of reading here at Atlas. The children came in their pyjamas and participated in various reading related activities. We found out more about our favourite authors such as Roald Dahl and Jacqueline Wilson, we looked into news headlines on the iPads, we read and followed recipes to create some marvellously, scrummy dishes. We also made bookmarks and were inspired to read and write some poetry. After all that, the children enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows and listened to a story read by Miss Fisher. The afternoon was made complete by the children being able to choose their own book to take home, read and keep. We hope that children will write some book reviews of their chosen stories over the Christmas holidays!

P1000700 P1000702 P1000703 P1000705


Frozen – 9/12/2014

The topic in year 4 this term has been Frozen, therefore we have decided to make a tea cosy to keep a hot drink warm for Arctic Explorers. The children have had to design and choose the material for the tea cosy, then they needed to practise their sewing technique before moving onto the final product. The children have learnt how to do a range of stitches and have used their creativity in decorating them.

Photo9 Photo8


Life Caravan – 4/12/2014

On Thursday 4th December Year 4 visited the Life Caravan. Lucy and the team at the Life Caravan came to discuss with the children the importance of looking after our bodies. The children discussed the different body parts and how certain drugs and medicines can have a bad impact on the body if they are not taken properly. Also, we shared ideas and discussed issues surrounding our uniqueness, and how it is great to be different. Quickly, we knew that it is ok to be different from your friends because we are all individuals, which our own brain and personalities.

Photo6 Photo7


States of Matter – 1/12/2014

This half term in science we have been learning about the states of matter. We understand that the three states of matter are solids, liquids and gases. We have been trying to change these states by doing various experiments which involve melting, freezing and evaporating. We had great fun making chocolate cornflake cakes, where we discussed how solids can melt and turn into a liquid, but also that when they cool they can go back into a solid. Additionally we had races to see who could melt there ice cube the fastest, and we learnt that if you add more heat, it gives the particles more energy so they can change state quicker.

Photo5 Photo4



Anti-Bullying week – 14/11/2014

As part of the school anti-bullying campaign, Year 4 enjoyed a drama workshop. In the workshop types of bullying were identified such as cyber bullying, verbal and physical bullying. The children were given ideas of how to tackle bullies if they witnessed it in the playground and they were actively encouraged not to be a by-stander. The children were empowered by what they could do as individuals, and how as individuals they could make a difference.

If your child tells you that they are being bullied at school, please listen carefully to what they have to say, and be in touch with the school immediately.

P1000446 P1000448 P1000455


Learning log and Spellings – 3/11/2014

     Learning log       Spelling 7             Spelling 8             Spelling 9

Nursery LTP        Reception LTP        Year 1 LTP        Year 2 LTP


    Spelling 10            Spelling 11           Spelling 12

Year 3 LTP        Year 4 LTP        Year 5 LTP


End of term review – 24/10/2014

I just want to say a big thank you to all the children in Year 4 (from myself and Mrs Shazia) for such a terrific half term! Everyone has made a spectacular start and really given a lot of enthusiasm across all lessons. The motivation for learning is really high which is meaning that the children are producing some amazing work. Thank you to the parents for the support and engagement in the homework tasks- the effort that has gone into them was outstanding! There will be more creative learning to be encouraged for next half term.

P1000376 P1000377

Enjoy the holidays,
Miss Fisher and Mrs Shazia



Tropical World – 21/10/2014

On Tuesday 21/10/14- Year 4 visited Tropical World. This allowed for Year 4 to consolidate the knowledge that they had learnt during the half term on Rainforests and Habitats. Whilst there we did a study on the Blue Morpho butterfly, the crocodile and meerkats. The children used the scientific language to say why certain animals were suited to the different habitats at Tropical world- such as the rainforest, desert, nocturnal area, and aquatic.

The children enjoyed the experience of feeling what the climate is like in the rainforest- wet and humid! (It made a stark contrast to the British weather on that day). It also gave children a clearer understanding about why the rainforest is so diverse for plants and animals.

IMG_0452 IMG_0454 IMG_0059 IMG_0065
IMG_0070 IMG_0155

The staff at Tropical World were really impressed by the children’s attitude and commitment to caring for the environment.

Well done!
We will be making a trip to Bradford Media museum next half term. Dates and confirmation to follow.


Parents Workshop – 16/10/2014

Thankyou to all those that attended the parents workshop. This one had a writing focus. Whilst at home at home if you can encourage any opportunity for writing- be that a football match report, sleepover diary or even instructions for the best birthday party!

During the session we focused on handwriting, vocabulary for writing, poetry and formal letter writing.

Everyone felt that the workshop was useful and enjoyed spending time working alongside the children.

The next workshop will be based on Maths. This will be in the New Year.

P1000248 P1000251 P1000252 P1000253



Visit from Animal In-tuition – 14/10/2014

Excitingly, year 4 got to discuss, hold and interact with a variety of different animals. This was to link in with our science topic of Habitats, Geography topic of the Rainforest, and our Literary work on ‘Wild Things’.

At first the children thought Miss Fisher was joking and that she had organised for toy creatures to come in. We couldn’t believe it when we got to hold and touch real pythons, tarantulas and tree frogs! We found out about their habitats in the Rainforest and the different layers that exist there. We discussed the differences between warm and cold blooded animals, the use of camouflage, and also exo and endo skeletons.

We are now going to write an explanation report about one of the animals.

P1000135 P1000163 P1000174 P1000186
P1000190 P1000198


Eid Party – 10/10/2014

We had a great time celebrating Eid in class. Year Four played many games such as pass the parcel, musical statues and musical chairs. Aadam and Zaman were the winners of the prizes!

We also did lots of dancing and chatted a lot about how we had celebrated Eid with our families.

The children looked wonderful in their clothes, and a huge thank you for sending in the goodies for us to eat.

Sameeah said, ‘it was the most fun!’
Maariya answered, ‘it was better than the one in year three!’

P1000091 P1000092 P1000093 P1000100
P1000113 P1000118


Lister Park – 26/09/2014

On Friday, Year 4 made a scientific visit to Lister Park to explore the habitats in the local area. We had glorious weather, which was great as it meant that lots of wild life was out and about. We began by investigating large habitats such as trees, fields and the pond, and also some micro habitats, such as under rocks and stones. Birds, mammals, insects and other mini beasts were identified, and we discussed why the habitat was suited to that animal. There was fantastic close observation skills done and the children were able to classify the animals into groups. We also took out the ipod’s so that the children could capture the mini beasts and the habitats.

This work is linked to our Geography topic too, as we are learning about the rainforests, and what the rainforest is like as a habitat.

In Literacy we are finishing our imaginative work on ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. The children have created some fantastic work about settings and characters, and they have really pushed themselves to use different sentence types in their writing. Shortly, we shall be looking at some non-fiction writing and also some poetry.

P1000037 P1000038 P1000039


Habitats – 15/09/2014

We have started our cross curricular topic Habitats! During Literacy we have started looking at the story ‘Where the Wild Things Are’, and the children have enjoyed exploring different drama strategies and performing.

In Maths we have been becoming more familiar with numicon shapes and the pattern that they make. This has prepared us for the work we will begin on sequences.

Throughout our topic time we have been looking at maps and trying to learn about and locate the seven continents, the equator, tropics of cancer and capricorn. This week we will look at the climate in these locations.

y4 (1) y4 (2) y4 (3) y4 (5)


Back to School – 5/09/2014

We completed surveys and drew graphs to find out our favourite savoury snacks. Maths investigations were cracked using counters. Teamwork was tested in the pyramid challenge. We had great fun when the Loose play team came into school!
sep2014 (1) sep2014 (2) sep2014 (3) sep2014 (4)
sep2014 (5) sep2014 (6) sep2014 (7)





Safer Internet Day – 17/02/2014

It was safer internet day on 11th February. We learnt how to stay safe on the internet using the SMART rules and designed some posters to help us remember.




Road Safety

We learned all about road safety in a talk, so we now know how to cross the road safely.

1 2



Falconry Week

Some of the class got the opportunity to take part in a falconry course for four mornings during the week commencing Monday 3rd February. We learnt how to handle birds of prey including hawks, falcons and owls. We weighed the birds, learned about their habitats and the history behind using these magnificent birds.

4 3