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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

We hope you enjoy exploring our class page. Our teachers are Miss Plastow, Miss Booth and Mrs Arqum.

We are a class made up of 17 girls and 14 boys. We love reading, writing and computing.

Make sure you check out our blog for updates of the places we have been and what we have been up to.


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Year 4 Newslettery Summer 2013                    Year 4 Newslettery Summer 2013                 Year 1 Summer Newsletter 2013 


18/05/2018 – Life Caravan

Today Year 4 were lucky enough to visit the life caravan. We learned about the digestive system and how food is processed through our bodies once we have eaten. TAM the model helped us learn this by lighting up the organs which are being used throughout the journey through the system.

Next, we watched a video of Harold the giraffe who was in a tricky situation as he had to decide where to go at the theme park. He was being peer-pressured by his friends to do things he didn’t want to do so Harold decided he didn’t need to follow his friends and he can be himself. Harold then went to enjoy the rides he wanted to do. We learned how to say no to pressure and understand that we are individuals with different opinions and personalities to others.


16/03/2018 – Science Week

Today Year 3 and Year 4 were lucky enough to meet a scientist! Our visitor was an optician who showed us what the inside of an eye looks like. We all learned something new and we have some aspiring opticians! Year 4 then made our own 3D glasses which look very cool!


16/03/2018 – Science Week

Yesterday, Year 3 and Year 4 welcomed their parents to our science workshop. We set up 5 different activities which were:
1. A lot of hot air. Children had to mix salt and water to create a pattern on black card. When the mixture was dry, it would turn grey.


2. Invisible ink. We had to boil a cabbage until we had enough cabbage water to fill a bowl. The children then painted a secret message on the paper which was revealed by mixing bicarbonate soda and painting over the top.


3. Squashed tomatoes. We challenged the children to build a basket to carry tomatoes in. They needed to build a basket strong enough that it wouldn’t rip. We had lots of spilled tomatoes!


4. Catapult. Children had to build a catapult from lollipop sticks, elastic bands and a plastic spoon. Parents and children were really competitive to see who could get their paper the furthest!


5. Clumsy clowns. Can you balance a clown on your finger? Children decorated their clown and tried to balance it on their finger with play dough as a weight.


15/03/2018 – Holi Assembly

We are so proud of Year 4! After 3 cancellations, Year 4 finally performed their Holi assembly and what a great job they did! For the past half term, we have learned all about the festival of Holi. We have created art work, music and a dance in celebration of the festival.


10/03/2018 – World Book Day

On the 10th of March year 4, 5 and 6 we had World Book Day finally after all the snow. Our theme was Harry Potter and during the day we split into house and took part in Quiddich, Potions, Charms, Care of magical Creatures and Divination lessons. We also had a house cup competition! It was very close but finally Hufflepuff came out as the winners with 121 points. Everyone had a magical day including the teachers!


28/02/2018 – Snow Day

Today Year 3 and 4 combined classes to enjoy the snow! We had a competition for who could build the best snowman. Although it was really cold, we enjoyed getting outdoors and playing in the snow.


09/02/2018 – Wonderful Homework!

Check out our amazing Egyptian homework for this half term! What a fantastic effort from Year 4!


30/01/2018 – Construction in Maths!

This morning, we spent some time in our construction area. We had to make a letter with a total area of 40cm2. It was a tough challenge but we made some fantastic letters.



26/01/2018 – Greenstar Day

What a wonderful day we have had! We had an assembly with PC Baines to talk about drugs and what is safe and what isn’t. We learned all about the different kinds of drugs including how to use medicine correctly. We then went back to class to create anti-drug posters and created scenarios about peer pressure.


05/12/2017 – Parent Workshop

On Tuesday afternoon, we were joined by our parents to create winter art pictures inspired by our work on the Polar Regions. The pictures were themed around winter in the UK and how seasonal changes affect our wildlife. We had a fantastic turn out of parents who wanted to join their children in their learning so big thank you to all those who came!

Children and adults were very competitive with their pictures and left our classroom covered in glitter! Some of our pictures are now proudly displayed on our working wall.


17/11/2017 – Children in Need

On Friday, all children and staff came in non-uniform to raise money for children in need. Year 4 discussed why charities are important and how we can help.

We decided to create Pudsey bear masks which looked fantastic! Can you tell who is who?



11/11/2017 – Remembrance Day

On Friday, Year 4 learnt all about Remembrance Day and why it is important to remember those who lost their lives during war. We explored the history of the 2 minute silence which we then took part in at 11am. In the afternoon, we wrote some beautiful poems and made our own poppy.



29/09/2017 – Charity Day

Today Year 4 were visited by WaterAid. WaterAid is a charity which supports countries all around the world. They specialise in helping deprived areas gain access to water supplies. Chris Freeman delivered an interesting PowerPoint to us which we learned about different toilets all over the world!


After our talk we were inspired to create something we can use in water. Bath bombs! Thanks to Miss Kelly’s mum for helping us get the right ingredients we got stuck in and created some wonderful bath bombs.



21/09/2017 – Bolton Abbey – Habitats workshop

On Thursday, Year Four visited Bolton Abbey in the Yorkshire Dales to explore habitats. During the workshop, we identified different types of tree using a classification key, this was tricky as the key had not been drawn to scale. Simon our workshop leader then got us to create a tree using our bodies. We talked about things that could damage a tree and why trees were useful. Did you know? trees provide us with chewing gum, rubber gloves, pencils, medicine, cork and chocolate.

Afterwards, we explored how acorns grow into trees and played a game in which squirrels ate some of the acorns, we discussed why sometimes forestry commissioners need to kill animals to protect the woodland. We thought carefully about food chains within the forest and discussed how food chains worked which will help us in our science unit.

When the workshop finished,we enjoyed a picnic accompanied by ducks who were trying to eat our sandwiches before going over a bridge to explore the abbey’s grounds and play games.