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Year 5

In Year Five we are a lively class of 18 girls and 10 boys. Mr Ruddick and Miss Mahmood are the adults within our class.

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Year 4 Newslettery Summer 2013                    Year 4 Newslettery Summer 2013                 Year 1 Summer Newsletter 2013


Last week we had World Book day. In year 5 we made Where’s Wally mannequin challenges. It took us a while to plan each scene but we got there in the end. Check out some of our work.

Robinwood Mannequin Challenge – 13/01/2017

Elf Yourself – 19/12/2016


Google Expeditions

Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 had a visit from Google today. We were able to use their VR headsets to explore different parts of the world including : Mount Everest, Greece, the Taj Mahal, the Great Barrier reef and the moon.

The children really enjoyed the opportunity to visit places that they normally wouldn’t visit and enjoyed trying out the exciting technology. Here are some pictures of our visit.

 dsci1581 dsci1587 dsci1575



This week we had a visit from Google expeditions. We were all given a set of viewing goggles which we had to put on. We were then taken on adventures through space to see the moon and planets. We then went under the sea to find sharks and finally we visited some wonders of the ancient world. It was great fun and we learnt a lot. However, we wish we could have had longer. Hopefully we will get a chance to try it again.

dsci1573 dsci1581 dsci1585



This week has been a very busy week for year 5. Monday and Tuesday went pretty much as normal but on Wednesday we went to Magna. We had a great trip and saw many amazing exhibitions including a fire tornado, water cannons and a massive air wall. In addition, we also went to a space workshop, where we found out about the planets and how rockets get into space. On Thursday we had our parent’s workshop. Many of our mum’s and dad’s came along and they helped us make some Viking shields and helmets. Finally on Friday we went to the cinema and watch a film called paper planes. We have had a great week! Mr Ruddick says he is very proud of how we represented the school and the enthusiasm that we showed. 

img_0738-custom dscn2180-custom img_0734-custom



A new term and a new start in year 5. We finished last half term by hanging our planets in our classroom and watching Zathura. A film we used to create some great stories and adverts with. This half term we will be looking at Vikings. We will examine who they were, how they lived and what happened to them. We also have our trip to Magna and our parents workshop coming up. All in all it is going to be a very busy time in year 5 but we are ready.



Today in Year 5 we received our world record breaker medals. On the 15th of September Years 3 – 6 went down to Centenary Square in Bradford, where we attempted to break the world record for the most people making a heart shape with their fingers. We all had to stand in a long line and put our fingers together so they made a heart shape. Although it was a hot day and a long walk, we persevered and completed the attempt. We are now world record breakers.

dsci1253 dsci1254 dsci1255 dsci1261 dsci1263 dsci1264 dsci1267



After a great first week, where we saved Sam, made silhouette art, built boats and debated space travel. Year 5 have had a great start to their second week at Atlas. After a hard morning working on our sci-fi writing and our mental maths abilities, we were treated to an Eid party. At the Eid party we ate pizza and lots of snacks, played football and basketball outside and played musical chairs and statues. Some of us also made masks and friendship bracelets. However, the real treat was getting to go on the bouncy castle that Miss Carr organised for us. Thanks Miss Carr.



Library visit – 29/06/2016

Last Thursday, Year Five visited the Library. Whilst at the library we took part in some exciting activities. We designed and made characters from books, Nigel Nit boy was very popular. Some children even designed their own character such as Lanky Lucy, Sticky Sally and Magnetic Max.

image001 image003

After designing our characters, we were treated to a biscuit and a drink. Then we took part in a library quiz to see how well we could find out about the library.


Back at school, we were allowed to choose a book to take home to keep.


Eco Day – 17/06/2016

We are working hard to find out about endangered species. In Miss Kelly’s class we have been looking at bees. Did you knowthey have a special dance for communicating with each other?

Below is an animation we have made to show how bees pollinate flowers.


Residential – 25/05/2016 – 27/05/2016

On the 25th,26th,27th of May, 40 children from years 5 and 6 went on residential to Kingswood, in South Yorkshire

We took part in lots of activities including a nightline, orienteering,canoeing , bushcraft, and archery.

The activities tested our team working skills and bravery. Miss Kelly was especially proud that everyone had tried their best

DSC01896 DSC01919 DSC01951


Media Museum – 16/05/2016

In Year Five we have been creating films. As part of our work we produced pieces about not judging people by the colour of their skin and humility.

We voted in class for two films to be shown on the big screen at the National Media Museum. Awais and Faaris had to introduce the films.

DSC01987 DSC01988


Synagogue trip – 29/02/2016

On Wednesday, Year Five visited the Synagogue as part of our RE work. We were shown around the Synagogue and we were even allowed to examine the Torah, which is the Jewish holy book. The Torah is made of animal skin.

pic6 pic7


First Aid – 29/02/2016

On Friday, children in Years Five and Six received first aid training. As part of this training we were taught CPR and even practised on a resus Annie doll. We were also taught the importance of the recovery position and how to treat burns.

First aid is an important life skill and the paramedic explained about how in the future it could help us save someone’s life.

pic4 pic5


Fire Safety – 29/02/2016

On Thursday, three firemen visited our class. We discussed how to prevent fires, how to keep safe during a fire and about the importance of seatbelts.

Awais and Rumana had a race to put on the fire suit. Awais beat Rumana by twenty seconds.

We were told to go home and create a fire plan, we were also given leaflets that explained about the free smoke alarm service that the firemen offer.

Miss Kelly said, “I will be checking my smoke detectors when I return home.” The firemen told us to check the alarms once every two weeks.

pic1 pic2 pic3


The Grand Mosque of Paris – 12/02/2016

As part of our work on WWII, we have been looking at the holocaust. Miss Kelly has been telling us the story of how Muslims in Paris helped the Jews during WWII. The mosque took in Jews from Africa and helped them survive the holocaust. We have written poems about the mosque using a repeating line structure.

The Grand Mosque of Paris
Is a place of survival and hope.
The grand Mosque of Paris
is a place where faiths come together.
The Grand Mosque of Paris
Where evil men try to hurt the innocent
The Grand Mosque of Paris
Is as loving as God
The Grand Mosque of Paris
Is a place like no other
The Grand Mosque of Paris
Where people think of their fellow brothers
The Grand Mosque of Paris
Where everyone is equal

Written by White Group.



Futsall – 05/02/2016

7 boys from Year Five took part in a Futsall tournament on Friday. After a rocky start, where none of the team could put shin pads on correctly. They quickly formed an enthusiastic team.  They played 7 games against different schools and won a trophy for their efforts. Hashim also won a special medal for excellent participation throughout the whole day.  Miss Booth was proud of the whole team’s achievements.

DSCN1361 DSCN1372

Parent Workshop – 28/01/2016

A big thanks to all the parents who attended our parents workshop this week.. I know that the children really enjoyed teaching their parents about types of word, punctuation and spelling.



Media Literacy – 14/01/2016

On Thursday, six children from Year Five visited the Innovation Centre in Little Germany so that they could be trained as Media Literacy Leaders. In the morning they were taught how to storyboard films and learnt about the types of shots studio directors could use. We had a go at storyboarding relative clauses and turned them into short films. After lunch Mr Blezard showed us a film called the birds and we discussed the themes. After this we had to create our own film with the theme of Karma without any assistance from adults.

Here are our own films, perhaps we will be winning an Oscar soon.

IMG_1393 IMG_1401 IMG_1407


World at War – 12/01/2016

This term we are discussing World War II. We will learn about the people involved in the war and how life changed in Britain during the conflict. We have two new displays in our classroom.

One has an evacuees suitcase on it and the other has the skyline of London during an air raid.

pic1 pic2


Year 3, 4 and 5 performance – 16/12/2015

Over the past few weeks, we have been busy rehearsing our Christmas production with years 3 and 4. We have made the costumes, rehearsed our lines and practiced our singing and today we finally performed the show to our parents.

Our parents seemed to really enjoy the show and we received lots of applause at the end.

Here are a few pictures of our costumes.

DSCI0995 DSCI0997 DSCI0999


Foundation Stage performance – 08/12/2015

Today, we were treated to a performance by Reception and Nursery. They performed a play about a Whoops a daisy angel. We appreciated all their hard work and really enjoyed the performance. We hope they come and watch our

performance next week.

Yusuf Ali said, ” My sister looked really cute, she did well to remember all her lines.”



Home from home – 17/11/2015

Yesterday the whole school visited cineworld to see the film Home.
We really enjoyed the film and Nasim has written a brief synopsis below.
After a hive-minded alien race called the Boov conquer the Earth, they relocate the planet’s human population — all except for a little girl named Tip (Rihanna), who’s managed to hide from the aliens. When Tip meets a fugitive Boov called Oh (Jim Parsons), there’s mutual distrust. However, Oh is not like his comrades; he craves friendship and fun. As their distrust fades, the pair set out together to find Tip’s mother, but, unbeknown to them, the Gorg — enemies of the Boov — are en route.


The film helped us think about fitting in and the importance of friendship. It will help us with our work on anti-bullying week later in the term.


Remember Remember – 16/11/2015

We have had a fantastic time in Year Five celebrating Bonfire Night. We discussed the history behind this famous celebration and used evidence to make a judgement about whether or not Guy Fawkes was innocent or had been framed.

We were also extremely lucky to attend the bonfire with Miss Carr, Miss Khalifa and Mr Rusling. At the campfire, we sang songs including a round which Miss Carr said was the best round sung by any class in school. We also enjoyed eating a marshmallow although most of the class preferred well done or well burnt marshmallows.


We investigated acids and alkalis with Miss Kelly and created rockets that flew when the acid and alkali mixed to produce carbon dioxide.

We also made parkin cupcakes with our class and decorated them to look like bonfires.


Finally with Mr Ruddick we created firework artwork and made some bonfire toffee.


New City Soul – 20/10/2015

A few weeks ago, faceless artists came in and helped us create silk art to celebrate the completion of Westfield Broadway.

Here are some photos of the finished silks.

NEW City Soul


Black holes – 16/10/2015

This week we have been learning all about black holes. We used our knowledge to create stop motion animations about how black holes are created.

Scan the QR code below to view some of our videos.


Great Britains – 16/10/2015

This week we have been learning about famous britains including Churchill, Mo Farrah, Shakespeare, Florence Nightingale and the Queen.

Here is a photo of our work.


Parent Workshop – 7/10/2015

A massive thank you to all parents who attended our parent’s workshop this week. The children in our class enjoyed playing games with their parents on five different themes including times tables, multiplication, division, subtraction, addition and x and ÷ by 10,100 and 1000.

y5 parentWorkshop




As part of our space topic we were visited by Mr Hand from the University of Bradford. Today he allowed us to view our images that we had asked for from the telescope. Here are a few of our favourites.
This one is of Jupiter and its four moons.

v3imagegallery-i (1) v3imagegallery-i


Silk Painting

In celebration of the new Westfield Broadway shopping centre, two artists visited our class to make some art work. During the morning we learnt about silk painting, this included sketching, painting and outlining.

The silk painting was based around the theme of new city soul and included mini self-portraits of ourselves. (Including Miss Kelly.)

Here is a photo of part of the finished piece

image001 image003 image005


Solar System

In science, we have been learning about the planets in the solar system. As part of our lessons we recreated the planets out of fruit. The smallest planet,Mercury, was the size of a peppercorn. The largest planet was a watermelon.


We used our Maths skills to measure out the distance of the planets to scale.


Super Digital Citizens

This week, we have been discussing our safety online. As part of this we created our own digital heroes who had powers and gadgets to keep us safe online.

Yusaf’s hero had the ability to return hurtful emails and let the sender know that this wasn’t appropriate.

Rumana’s heroine had a necklace that glowed when it detected viruses on digital devices.

If you would like any more information about keeping you and your family safe online please visit


Getting the year off to a new start

We have had a super start to the new term; we enjoyed our first week back practicing our team building skills.

Congratulations to Ruwesa, Amber and Mariam for winning the lighthouse challenge competition.


Their lighthouse stood at over 1.5m tall and had a working bulb at the top. The girls worked well as a team to succeed. Another fantastic design was the boys although it didn’t quite stand up on its own.



Literacy competition

Explore learning are holding a story competition with the theme strange happenings and peculiar events. They visited us on Wednesday and offered us the chance to enter. They helped us write an opening sentence for the competition and showed us how to up-level a sentence.


General Election – 7/05/2015

Today, Year 5 created their own manifestos. We discussed problems in our local area and how we might solve them including A&E waiting times, litter and crime. We looked at persuasive language within manifestos and discussed how people are persuaded to vote for parties. We then made our own pledges.

Bilaal promised to give every house in the area free burglar alarms to help reduce crime.

Fatima pledged to decrease litter in the area by increasing fines and using the money to pay for litter cleaners.

Hamza Gull wanted to decrease the amount of accidents on the road. He had two ways to do this including increasing the driving age and increasing penalties for dangerous drivers.

We thought of catchy slogans to help persuade people including:
Better Bradford vote Begum.
Vote Imtiaz Ahmed,Bradford’s champion
Vote for me and improve the community
For an Excellent England, vote Eman.

We found this work interesting and are looking forward to finding out the election results.


Recovery Position

As part of our work in PSHCE, we looked at how to perform the recovery position. Most of our class knew to call 999 in case of an emergency but not many knew about the recovery position. We discussed checking breathing and heartbeat then learnt how to carry out the recovery position. Mumrez gave fantastic instructions.


  1. First, check to see if they are breathing, using your hand infront of their face.
  2. Then check their pulse.
  3. Move the arm closest to you at right angles and then gently move the arm furthest away from you so that the palm touches the cheek.
  4. Bend the leg nearest to you so the foot is flat on the floor.
  5. Carefully roll their body away from you.



Solar Eclipse – 20/03/2015

Today, despite the clouds, we managed to see the solar eclipse. We enjoyed learning about the eclipse and how they occur.


We wrote newspaper articles describing the event, the best one will be included in the school newspaper.

pic2 pic3


WWII classroom

Today as part of our work on World War II we visited Bradford Industrial Museum. We were able to see a living room as it would have been in World War 2. We also saw a ‘dig for victory’ garden. Many children were shocked to learn that football pitches were dug up to provide vegetables and if the public refused, they could be sent to jail.


Once inside the museum, we were shown to the ‘village hall’ and given our roles as evacuees. Safaa and Sawda were provided with special labels that said do not separate, which made us giggle. We were then shown to the school room. Girls and boys had to enter the school room separately and were not allowed to sit next to each other.We began the day by singing the national anthem and then reciting our times tables. After that we had to write a letter home to our parents.


Later on in the session, we produced a poster to campaign on a war issue. Issues included remembering your gas mask, carrying an identity card, planting vegetables and air raid alerts. We then listened to stories from real evacuees.

pic6 pic7


Red Nose Day – 13/03/2015

As part of red nose day, the whole school have been creating items to sell, so that they can raise money for this fantastic cause. Year 5 decide to sell silly slime. We created packaging, labels, adverts and the slime in the hope that we would make the most money.

We split into groups of three and began creating our product. Designing the logo, labels and adverts.

Armaan decided that it was important to include a warning and ingredients label on our packaging so we include two warnings: the first being don’t eat the slime and the second being not suitable for children under three.

Fatima, Shargeel, Jinaan and Subhan all created winning designs for the packaging, their labels now feature on the products.


Hajra and Safaa created the winning advert and were chosen to go around the school advertising the slime.



Eden Camp – 09/03/2015

As part of our work on World War II, we visited Eden Camp on Friday. Eden Camp used to be a prisoner of war camp and has now been changed into a museum about the conflict.


There were lots of real artefacts from the war at Eden camp including this Russian tank.

We had the chance to pretend to be guards of the prisoner of war camp.

pic2 pic3 pic4

We experienced life during an air raid. The siren went off and we had to sit inside the cramped shelter and wait until the bombs had finished falling.


World Book Day – 05/03/2015

I was very impressed with the effort Year 5 put into their World Book Day costumes. We had a frozen princess, cat, footballer, witch and Little Red Riding Hood. Can you guess who Miss Samina is?



Homework Heroes – 25/02/2015

This term we are learning about World War II, we have a new display in our classroom. Who do you think the suitcase belongs to?


As part of our work we are looking at peace.

Salma and Zain have both created acrostic poems as part of their homework.

Salma Shah 


lease make peace between yourselves.


veryone should live like royals and be
treated nicely in their lives without bombs.


nd if everyone gets along then there will be no
more wars.


an’t you just talk through the situation.


veryone has the right to be safe.


Zain Khan 


eople united around the world.


nd all the wars and conflicts.


ll citizens helping each other.


ountries shaking hands.


veryone living in harmony.



#proudofmyselfie – 16/02/2015

Over the past 12 months selfies have hit the headlines more than once: the word officially entered the dictionary last year and just this month, the #nomakeupselfie went viral, which saw thousands of women taking cosmetic-free pics of themselves in conjunction with making public donations to Cancer Research UK. In Year five, we have decided to use selfies in a positive way. We have thought about our achievements over the past year and decided to create a selfie explaining what we are proud of using the hashtag, #proudofmyselfie. What are you proud of?
Scan the QR code to see our display.



Parent Workshop – 5/02/2015

A massive thank you to all parents who attended our parents workshop this week. The children in our class enjoyed playing games with their parents on five different themes including times tables, multiplication, division, subtraction, addition and x and ÷ by 10,100 and 1000.

“I really enjoyed teaching my mum how to divide.” Surraj, in year 5.

100_5286 100_5287


Childline – 16/01/2015

Childline is a registered charity that provides a confidential and free advice service for young people up to the age of 19. As part of their charitable work, they recently visited years 5 and 6 to provide information about their service.

For more information about childline please see their website.



The Vikings are coming

Well done to the children who produced a Viking longship during the Christmas Holidays. I especially liked the longship created by Suleman because he was able to explain his design process.

100_5089 100_5092


‘Booknic’ – 17/12/2014

On Wednesday 17th December children in year 4 and 5 combined to have an afternoon where we promoted the love of reading here at Atlas. The children came in their pyjamas and participated in various reading related activities. We found out more about our favourite authors such as Roald Dahl and Jacqueline Wilson, we looked into news headlines on the iPads, we read and followed recipes to create some marvellously, scrummy dishes. We also made bookmarks and were inspired to read and write some poetry. After all that, the children enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows and listened to a story read by Miss Fisher. The afternoon was made complete by the children being able to choose their own book to take home, read and keep. We hope that children will write some book reviews of their chosen stories over the Christmas holidays!

P1000700 P1000702 P1000703 P1000705


3D Printer – 8/12/2014 – 19/12/2014

As part of our IT work in year 5, we have rented a 3D printer. During the term, we have used google sketchup to create designs and have now (thanks to Mr Bradshaw’s help.) had our designs printed.



Residential – 10/12/2014 – 12/12/2014

On the 10th,11th and 12th of December, 40 children from years 5 and 6 went on residential to Peat Rigg, in North Yorkshire.

We took part in lots of activities including a nightline, orienteering, zipwire, bushcraft, forest walk, crate stacking, low ropes and archery.

The activities tested our team working skills and bravery. Miss Kelly was especially proud that everyone had tried their best.



When I went to the football match against Leyton Orient, I was amazed by the amount of people who showed up. I was so excited because it was my first time at a football game. I was not quite sure what to expect but I was hoping I would enjoy it. It was so incredible! The lighting was shining bright even though it was dark and I was right in front of all of the footballers. I was so happy when we scored the first goal but moments later Leyton Orient scored an equaliser! When It was half time, all the children and teachers went to go get food and refreshments. It was fantastic but very noisy! I Can’t wait to go again!

Salma Shah – Year 5

IMG_0074 IMG_0075 IMG_0076 IMG_0077
IMG_0078 IMG_0079 IMG_0080 IMG_0081
IMG_0082 IMG_0083



Cartwright Hall – 25/11/2014

Yesterday, year 5 visited Cartwright Hall.

We were able to visit the David Hockney exhibition and Nasreen explained about his different styles of artwork. Hockney uses etching (printing.), collage, sketching and oil paints to create portraits and landscapes. We were told that he often tries to hide himself in some of his pieces.

After we had seen the pictures, we had a go at creating a joiner. A joiner is a picture made by using lots of photos overlapped. It was harder than it looked.

For the final part of our afternoon, we created our own piece of artwork in the style of David Hockney.

CartwrightHall-Photo1 CartwrightHall-Photo5 CartwrightHall-Photo6 CartwrightHall-Photo7
CartwrightHall-Photo8 CartwrightHall-Photo9


Food Revolution Day – 16/9/2014

We have had a fantastic start to the term in Year 5. We have begun learning about journey to planet Mystery.

We were lucky to visit a Gurdwara last week. We spent time learning about the holy texts at the Gurdwara and were able to ask our guide questions about the Sikh faith.

“The most interesting thing I learnt was that the Sikh’s believe their holy text is a living Guru.”

“It is important to learn about other faiths so you can be respectful of everyone.”


Food Revolution Day – 16/5/2014

Last Friday was food revolution day. Food revolution day is a global event aiming to educate children and young people about healthy choices.

As part of food revolution day, over 1 million children in the UK participated in a cooking lesson, led by Jamie Oliver, including year 5.

During the lesson year 5 created rainbow salad wraps, using unusual ingredients. We learnt new skills such as grating, food hygiene and making a simple salad dressing.

At the end of the afternoon we were able to eat our wraps and take a copy of the recipe home. If you would like a copy of the recipe visit

100_4135 100_4136 100_4137
100_4138 100_4139




Dragon’s Den – 12/2/2014

Wednesday 12th February 2014

Yesterday, afternoon the whole class took part in presentations and we shared ideas about staying safe on the internet. We had to sell our ideas to the dragons (Miss Kelly and Mrs Mahmood.)

My group was to make an app to stop rude things coming up on the internet. So we decided to make an app that had an button for hackers to stop putting rude things up on the internet  but if they do come up then you can just download my SAFETY APP to stop rude things coming up on your screen, this is to keep children safe. The red button can be used to report hackers that have put rude stuff up.

Kalim and Umar and Tayyab thought of a website for children to play age appropriate games, the website is called On the right games website your children will stay safe from games that are not suitable for them. The website has popular and educational games. It means that children can still enjoy the games they want to play without being exposed to inappropriate material.

Aminah R, Bushrah and Tayyeb thought of a bully button to press if anyone was  bullying you online, you just press the bully button and the police will be informed about the conversation.


Masuma and Umm thought of an app that will highlight personal information before it is sent and ask you if you wish to send it.

The dragons decided to invest in the right games website because parents and children would be able to access appropriate games.

By Awais.Hussain year 5




E-Safety – 10/2/2014

We have been learning about E-safety today with the help of a special visitor.  We talked about how the internet and mobile phones could be made safer.

He introduced us to the smart rules.


We have started a be smart poster competition in our class and there will be a prize for the best design. Tomorrow is safer internet day and we will be doing some more work about being safe online.




Falconry Week – 3/2/2014

On Monday we went on a falconry course. 20 children from Y4 and Y5 took part, it was really fun.. In the DT room there were 3 species of bids. There was a Barn owl, a Harris Hawk and a Kestrel.

The kestrel was called Pippin he was 3 years old the instructor said “Pippin will only live for ten years.”

The next bird was the barn owl. The barn owl’s name was Shadow. Shadow is 6 years old and he is very cheeky he never listens to you. Shadow will live for about 10 years.

The final bird was the Harris Hawk, who was 6 years old and called Pippin .

In the DT room the instructor told us a lot about birds, how they live and what they eat. Then she took out some things for us to see like a dummy bunny, a rabbit law, a leash and some anklets made out of kangaroo leather. The instructor said “The Kangaroo leather is really expensive and it’s the only leather that you can’t rip.”

After the instructor showed us a PowerPoint it was really interesting it told us about the different types of birds.

Then in groups, we were shown the falconry knot. The knot was really hard but Malishya managed to do it after persevering.

On Tuesday we were writing profiles about the birds. We had to go in groups of 4 and decide which bird to write a profile about. I was grouped with Akasha, Malishya and Saffiyah. We all agreed to write our profile on Pippin some other groups wrote about Shadow or Toby.

In my group we all took turns to write. We had to write what their name is, how old are they, what do they eat and where they live. Once we finished my group had to weigh Pippin and see how much he weighed in pounds and ounces. Pippin weighed approximately 1 pound and 12 ounces. After that people who were writing about Pippin could hold him on the glove. I held Pippin and he felt lighter than a feather ,other people came and held him too. Pippin was so patient and didn’t peck or mess about. Mrs Mahmood took pictures of us holding Pippin and Shadow.

Finally we were finished and we cleaned our hands with these special wipes which had a little bit of soap on them. Finally we were finished and had to go.

On Thursday we got to fly the birds but shadow had to have a leash on because he can be naughty sometimes and not listen to anyone.

First we flew Toby. Toby had to sit on the glove and wait for the instructor to put a dead chick on the glove. As soon as she did this toby flew so fast towards his food. Toby’s wings were massive

The people who were writing about Toby got to hold him on the glove and the instructor but the dead chick on it.

The next bird was Shadow now we had to put Toby back in his box because he might fight with Shadow. So we flew Shadow to eat his chick and as soon as the people got up to hold Shadow on the glove he quickly flew over to the other glove then he sat down and ate his chick really slow. Then the instructor got Pippin out of his box and told us to come up and hold him on the glove. I was working on Pippin so I got to fly him. As soon as I held Pippin I felt scared and thought I would get scratched or something. But he was really good.

When I finished picking him we looked at the rabbit law. James taught us how to use the rabbit law. First you have to aim it at the bird but you can’t hit them in the face. You gently put it forward to the bird then you swing it in a circle then pull it. The instructor let us have a go at it. For me it was really hard because I couldn’t swing it in a circle.

It was Friday the final day of the falconry course. The instructor gave us a sheet for us to answer about birds. Bushrah and I worked together and we made a pretty good team. Then the instructor told me to control the PowerPoint. It showed us about all the barn owls that are getting killed by the environment because it is not being respected.

After the instructor showed us dry barn owl poo she showed us the animal bones of their pray. There was a laminated sheet that shows us the bones of the animal. One of the bone was from a mouse’s whisker.

The teacher even held out a book all about birds. I was looking at all of the fascinating birds like Vultures, eagles, short eared owls, long eared owls and all kinds of other owls. Then the instructor showed us the kangaroo leather which they make anklets out of. The instructor cut strips and passed them around. After that she got out a hole puncher and started to make one hole in them. Then we had to get the pointy bit and put it in the hole to make a knot I struggled so Bushrah helped me andI finally did it.

The thing I loved about the falconry course was I learnt a lot about birds and I would love to go again.

By Elaina Khan




Class Reading – 31/1/2014

We have finally finished our class book, Ratburger by David Walliams. We really enjoyed the book and have been laughing from start to finish especially when Burt and Sheila were turned into burgers. Saher has been inspired to read other David Walliams books.

Next week we will be having a class vote on what book to read next. Miss Kelly and Mrs Mahmood would like to read Harry Potter but the rest of the class would like another Walliams book as they are very funny.





Sound – 22/1/2014

In science we are learning all about sound and this week we investigated pitch. We made Kazoos and then observed the difference in sound between short and long kazoos.





New Reading Corner – 6/1/2014

We came back to a big surprise in year 5 this week. Over the holidays Miss Kelly had set up a reading corner for us to use in guided reading sessions. There are lots of activities and challenges for us to try as well as comfy cushions for us to sit on whilst we read.

By Masuma