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Year 6


Year Six


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10/03/2018 – World Book Day

On the 10th of March year 4, 5 and 6 we had World Book Day finally after all the snow. Our theme was Harry Potter and during the day we split into house and took part in Quiddich, Potions, Charms, Care of magical Creatures and Divination lessons. We also had a house cup competition! It was very close but finally Hufflepuff came out as the winners with 121 points. Everyone had a magical day including the teachers!


07/02/2018 – Invisible ink

This afternoon, Year Six have been investigating invisible inks we have discussed the qualities we would look for in a good ink and then designed our own product tests for a range of inks using universal indicator to help reveal the messages. We then worked together to write a report of our findings for West Yorkshire Police thinking about factors such as : transparency,durability,clearness,odour and drying time.

In the end, the class agreed that sodium bicarbonate makes the best invisible ink when dissolved in water.


07/02/2018 – Cyber bulling

PSCO Sam visited our class today to discuss cyber bullying. We talked about what cyber bullying is and how we can help stop it. We discussed new laws that have been introduced to help prevent online bullying and spent time talking about how we can make the internet a friendlier and safer place.


Cyber safety

On Wednesday, we were visited by Community support officer Sam. Sam spoke to us about cyber safety and how to keep ourselves safe online. She shared strategies for staying safe online and ensuring we are responsible online citizens. If you would like more information about cyber bullying please visit our website: for more.


Bradford Nightstop

On Friday, Mrs Matthews our volunteer reader came to talk to us about her work as a host for Bradford Nightstop. Mrs Matthews volunteers her home to people who are in desperate need of a bed for the night. She provides a warm meal and a warm place to rest for the night. Children in Year Six were amazed by the genrousity Mrs Matthews shows on a weekly basis and were moved by the plight of homeless people across Bradford. After Mrs Matthews visit, the class made items to sell at our charity fair on Friday 6th October.


Thoughtbubble festival

As part of the Leeds thought bubble festival (a celebration of comics and their art.) students in Year Six were invited to Mannigham Library to meet Imran Azhar the chief executive of AZcorp entertainment. AZcorp are based in Pakistan and create comic books about heroes of different nationalities,religions and races. The heroes in their comics help to solve local problems and encourage young people to take action around global issues.

During the workshop, we discussed problems within Bradford and created heroes and heroines that would help us solve our problems. We discussed the importance of tolerance and kindness and how everyday ordinary people can be heroes with small actions.

Watch out Atlas, superheroes are about!