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Year 6

Welcome to Year Six!

Year Six are a lively class of 15 girls and 17 boys. Our teacher is Miss Kelly. Other adults in our class include Mr Issacs, Mrs Bibi, Mrs Arqum and Mr Florence. We are looking forward to our last year at Atlas.


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Year 4 Newslettery Summer 2013                    Year 4 Newslettery Summer 2013                 Year 1 Summer Newsletter 2013


David Hockney

Year 6 have been learning about David Hockney. They did some research about his life and have written biographies about him. After that, we have admired his art work and discussed the variety of techniques that he uses- such as effective use of colours and textures – with a particular focus on his landscapes paintings. Years 6 found out about the colour wheel and are using artistic language to describe colours such as primary, secondary and complimentary. This week they have had a go at capturing a section of the landscape and then implemented the style in their sketch books. They tried to replicate Hockney’s use of colour and create textures in the art work.  At the end of the session all of the pupil’s viewed and critiqued each other’s work (much like you would in an art gallery). They were encouraged to use artistic language when giving feedback.


We’ve been making Sushi as part of our global gourmet topic. Everyone in class tried it and most of us enjoyed it. Here is the recipe below:


For the rice

  • 300g sushi rice
  • 100ml rice wine vinegar
  • 2 tbsp golden caster sugar

For the Japanese mayonnaise

  • 3 tbsp mayonnaise
  • 1 tbsp rice wine vinegar
  • 1 tsp soy sauce


For the sushi

  • 25g bag nori (seaweed) sheets
  • choose from the following fillings: cucumber strips, smoked salmon, white crabmeat, canned tuna, red pepper, avocado, spring onion

To serve with all styles of sushi

 (optional – and fiery!)

  • soy sauce



  • KIDS the writing in bold is for you. ADULTS the rest is for you. TO MAKE SUSHI ROLLS: Pat out some rice. Lay a nori sheet on the mat, shiny-side down. Dip your hands in the vinegared water, then pat handfuls of rice on top in a 1cm thick layer, leaving the furthest edge from you clear.
  • Spread over some Japanese mayonnaise. Use a spoon to spread out a thin layer of mayonnaise down the middle of the rice.
  • Add the filling. Get your child to top the mayonnaise with a line of their favourite fillings – here we’ve used tuna and cucumber.
  • Roll it up. Lift the edge of the mat over the rice, applying a little pressure to keep everything in a tight roll.
  • Stick down the sides like a stamp. When you get to the edge without any rice, brush with a little water and continue to roll into a tight roll.
  • Wrap in cling film. Remove the mat and roll tightly in cling film before a grown-up cuts the sushi into thick slices, then unravel the cling film.
  • TO MAKE PRESSED SUSHI: Layer over some smoked salmon. Line a loaf tin with cling film, then place a thin layer of smoked salmon inside on top of the cling film.
  • Cover with rice and press down. Press about 3cm of rice over the fish, fold the cling film over and press down as much as you can, using another tin if you have one.
  • Tip it out like a sandcastle. Turn block of sushi onto a chopping board. Get a grown-up to cut into fingers, then remove the cling film.
  • TO MAKE SUSHI BALLS: Choose your topping. Get a small square of cling film and place a topping, like half a prawn or a small piece of smoked salmon, on it. Use damp hands to roll walnut-sized balls of rice and place on the topping.
  • Make into tight balls. Bring the corners of the cling film together and tighten into balls by twisting it up, then unwrap and serve.

Diabetes awareness

Last week, we were visited by the diabetes awareness team. They explained the signs and symptoms of diabetes and discuss how we could prevent the disease from developing in our bodies.

Did you know that diabetes is caused from a lack of insulin in the body? Insulin is important as it helps to remove sugar from the blood stream. If the sugar is not removed, then it remains in the blood stream making you poorly.

Global gourmet

Today we have been making hummus and flat bread. Hummus is an Egyptian food dip or spread made from cooked, mashed chickpeas blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. Today, it is popular throughout the Middle East (including Turkey), North Africa (including Morocco), and in Middle Eastern cuisine around the globe. Everyone in our class tried it and most of us enjoyed it.

The recipe we followed is below: 

  • 2 x 400g cans of chickpeas (reserve the liquid and a few chickpeas for decoration)
  • 4 tsp tahini
  • 2 garlic cloves, crushed
  • 1 tsp crushed sea salt
  • 6 tbsp quality extra virgin olive oil (plus extra for drizzling)
  • 3½ tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Paprika (optional)
  • Coriander or parsley leaves (optional)

Rinse the chickpeas in cold water and tip into the food processor. Add the tahini, crushed garlic, salt, lemon juice and seven tablespoons of the reserved liquid from the cans. Turn on the food processor and slowly pour in the oil while it runs.

When the mixture is fully combined and smooth, tip it into a serving dish. Drizzle with some more extra virgin olive oil and decorate with a few whole chickpeas. Sprinkle with paprika and finely chopped coriander or parsley leaves, for colour.

Toasted cumin flatbreads


By Good Food

Magazine subscription – 5 issues for £5





  • 400g gluten-free self-raising flour, plus extra for dusting (we used Doves)
  • 1 tbsp cumin seeds, toasted
  • 300ml natural yogurt


  1. Heat the grill to medium and dust a baking sheet with a little flour. Mix the flour and cumin seeds in a bowl, then season. Stir in the yogurt and 100ml water, then mix well to form a soft dough.
  2. Divide the dough into 8 equal pieces, then shape into circles or ovals about ½cm thick. Dust lightly with a little flour. Grill on the baking sheet for 3-5 mins on each side until golden and puffed. Serve warm.



Global gourmet

During Spring term, we will be learning about food across the globe including how far our meals travel before we eat them. This week, we began by playing a trading game to learn about imports and exports. Did you know most cricket balls are imported from Pakistan? We are looking forward to finding out about fair trade in the weeks to come.



Last week, Years Five and Six visited Robin Wood in Todmordon, Lancashire. During the residential, we took part in lots of activities including: climbing, archery, caving, crate stacking, aerial trapeze,bouldering and problem solving. Miss Kelly was really impressed with every bodies can do attitude and proud of their achievements during the week. She even managed to jump onto the trapeze despite being afraid of heights.


Year six dancers

Over the last six weeks, Year Six have been preparing dancers themed around an Olympian’s journey. They ranged from football to karate to boxing. They performed yesterday in front of the class and I was extremely proud of everybody’s confidence and performing skills. Here is a video of our dance below:


Google Expeditions

Year 3,4,5 and 6 had a visit from Google today. We were able to use their VR headsets to explore different parts of the world including : Mount Everest, Greece, the Taj Mahal, the Great Barrier reef and the moon.

The children really enjoyed the opportunity to visit places that they normally wouldn’t visit and enjoyed trying out the exciting technology. Here are some pictures of our visit.

dsci1595 dsci1596 dsci1594


Thanks to all the parents who supported are anti-bullying balloon launch. This week we had a debate about the topic: Are there ever innocent bystanders when it comes to bullies? We discussed our opinions and ideas and then wrote our balloon pledges. We think that unity is extremely important if we want bullying to stop.



History of Computers

This week, we have been learning about how computers have changed over time. Can you believe that some computers took over entire warehouses? We looked at how computing has changed modern life for the better or worse. Here are some examples of our work below:


The PDP-11 is a series of 16-bit minicomputers sold by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) from 1970.


A form of data storage A floppy disk, also called a floppy, diskette or just disk, is made of plastic and has a thin magnetic strip.

Atari is a corporate and brand name owned by several entities since its inception in 1972.

Micral is a series of microcomputers produced by the French company Réalisation d’Études Électroniques (R2E) 

image003 image004


Parents Workshop

Thanks to all the parents that attended the lantern workshop. All the children enjoyed sharing some learning with you. Here are some photos of the finished lanterns. Judy our visitor was impressed with the work of parents and children. Remember to join the parade in Lister Park on Saturday 15th October from 18:00-20:30.We can’t wait to see them all lit up.

dsci1380 dsci1381


Visit to BASF

Last week, we visited a real life science lab and took part in experiments about keeping cool. We enjoyed making colour changing worms and were even allowed to take these home to show our friends and family.



Harvest Performance

Over the last few weeks, we have been working hard on our Harvest performance and collection. We asked classes to bring in donations to support the work of the Trussell trust. This year a record 638 tins wer donated across school. During our performance we had a game-show called ‘Guess that fruit’. Awais was a natural game show and really entertained the audience. We also discussed the meaning of Harvest and though carefully about how we can help the 800 million people worldwide who go to bed hungry each day.  Do you have any ideas for how we can help others around the world? Give your ideas to Miss Kelly.



When I get older…

In class, we have been discussing what we would like to do when we are older, this included jobs and hobbies. We made a list of suggestions and then had to pull ideas out of a hat. We then created some interesting artwork to display in our classroom. This included a princess,doctor,deep sea diver,scientist and farmer. Can you see who is who below?

3af44f45-4e6e-42b1-a7f5-41188e7f8f83 69249a9a-d821-4e36-8751-960d55372f95 bf55e0b2-1741-4b86-aa1d-8bc8b8ff1429 cb0d14a1-351e-42f6-9c7c-b455e60decc6 u2388e19f-e0a2-4c99-9e1d-769b2aa7c4de


Welcome back

This week, we took part in lots of getting to know you activities (Even though Miss Kelly knows us very well.). We have made bridges, job applications and solved puzzles. The highlight of our week was creating self-portraits in the style of Roy Liechtenstein. Lichentenstein is a famous pop art artist from the 1960’s. His work is cartoonish and does not look realistic. We used tracing, outlining and a new skill ; called pointillism to create our portraits. Here are some of our portraits below. Can you guess who they belong to? To make it easier we have include a catch phrase for each person.

dscn1787 dscn1788 dscn1789 dscn1790


6th June

Over the last half term year 6 have had a very stressful but amazing time and with everything that has happened it has been hard to find time to write our blog. So here is a very quick update. We started the term by working really hard and revising for our SATS which came along very quickly. Whilst this was going on we also had a visit from Ofsted and Mr Ruddick said that the whole class did really well and he was incredibly proud of us. SATS week also went very well. We were all proud of how hard we worked and how grown up and responsible we acted. After SATS we had a day out. In the morning we went to BRI and learnt all about being safe and what to do in an emergency. We learnt how to perform CPR and also had our fingers bandaged. In the afternoon, we went to Lister Park where we had picnic, played rounders and then had an ice cream. Finally, in the last week of term some of us went on our residential whilst others stayed at school and designed pencil cases before going on a bowling trip. All in all, it was a very busy term and we have enjoyed a good rest over spring bank half term ready for our last ever term at Atlas. Don’t worry if you want to know more about the residential though another blog is following soon.


First aid training! – 1st March

On Friday 26th of February, it was first aid training. Every class had an opportunity to go out and learn what to do in an emergency. Our Paramedic was called Dave. First he showed us a PowerPoint so that we know what the different types of emergencies there are. Then we were trying to make patients come back to life and we learnt about the recovery position. We tried it on the dummies. We also learnt what to do in case somebody is choking on something. Choking is when something is stuck in the back of your throat. We had such a fun time!

By Soha, Salma and Unais.


R.E. Day – 22nd January

On Friday 22nd of January, it was R.E day for Atlas. It was also non-uniform day for a pound so that was a real treat for us. All years were mixed up so we were all in different classes. Yr6 were focusing on Hinduism and they were making shadow puppets and a stage so they could perform a show if they had time. They were working really hard today. Yr5 were focusing on Buddhism and they made videos on IMovie about being kind to one and other. They were also making Lotus flowers. Yr4 were focusing on Paganism.


Mr Florence – 14th January

In Year 6 we have a new teacher called Mr Florence. He is a great teacher. Mr Florence is a replacement for Miss Khan. He is very kind. A cool fact about Mr Florence is he used to be an Instructor in the Kenyan Army. Whilst there, he had lots of adventures he has told us all about. Because he used to be in the Army, he is strong and fit and looking forward to teaching us P.E. He has two dogs, which are girls. One of them is a cute, little Pug called Pasha. The other one is a Cocker Spaniel and her name is Izzy.


Cineworld – Anti-Bullying – Monday 16th November

On Monday last week, as part of anti-bullying week, we went to see the film Home. The film was really funny and we all enjoyed it. However, it also taught us an important lesson about being nice to others and not being bullies. In the film the main Character O is disliked by everyone and they are all mean to him, but by the end he has become the hero and everyone’s friend. This made us think about how we treat others. As well as how can be better friends and classmates to each other. Back at school, we discussed this in class and came up with lots of different words that describe how we feel when we are bullied and not bullied. We then took pictures of ourselves to show tis further. Finally, we turned all these things into posters. We also all agreed that we would do our best to respect each other at school and at home, so that nobody needs to feel like O did at the start of the film.

DSC01459 DSC01468

Bullying poster


Gifted and Talented Maths Workshop – Monday 9th November

On Monday Mr Ruddick took a few of us to a special maths workshop. While we were there we were challenged to solve some really tricky algebra problems. Although, they were very hard at first, we worked together and managed to find the answers. Mr Ruddick said he was very proud of us and that we would have to teach the rest of the class when we got back to school. It was a great afternoon.

DSC01448 DSC01449


Bonfire Day – Thursday 5th November

Last Thursday we celebrated Bonfire night. Our day started by learning about how to be safe around fireworks and bonfires. After that we went down to the gazebo where we sat around a bonfire, sang bonfire night songs and ate toasted marsh mellows. Miss Carr said she was really impressed with the effort we put in with our singing. When we got back to class we learnt about Guy Fawkes and the Gun powder plot. We had to collect evidence from a crime scene and decide if we though Guy Fawkes was guilty or not. Most of us decided that he was innocent and had been framed by Robert Catenby, one of his fellow conspirators. During the afternoon, we made some firework pictures and made bonfire toffee, before going to work with Miss Kelly and making some bottle rockets. It was a great day and made even better by winning class of the week because of our brilliant singing.

IMG_0671 IMG_0678


Staysafe Project – Wednesday 30th September

On Wednesday 30th of September, Year 6 went to the Staysafe Project at Bradford Bulls Rugby Stadium. They taught us how to keep safe in our environment.

Firstly, we learnt about real stories of people, who died or were badly injured. The next room we went to was about staying safe around fires. It was an unforgettable experience!

We learnt how to escape when there is a fire. Also, we discovered that everyone should have a carbon monoxide alarm in case carbon monoxide gas leaks into your house.

Next, we watched a video, about a boy who saw a ball in the electricity station next to pylons. It taught us about the danger of electrocution and to stay away from energy stations.

Finally we learnt about road safety and how to be safe around dogs. Since our trip, we have checked around our environment to make sure it is safe for us. If you have any questions, feel free to ask an yr6 student.


National media museum – Wednesday 16th September

This week, we went on a trip to the national media museum. I thought it would be boring like normal museums, but it was actually pretty amazing. We made our own U.V lights, which we could take home. Also we learned a lot about crime scene investigation. They also had their very own picherville cinema, where we watched a very long video about solving crimes. Finally, we had some free time to explore the museum. We explored the light, magic and mirror exhibitions.


The beginning of term – Friday 11th September

This week year six started learning about Saxons. We began with a debate about whether Alfred was great or not. We have also had some other mind-blowing lessons. In P.E. we had to get from one side of the room to the other without touching the floor now, that’s interesting!

This week’s star of the week was to Unais.


Fundraising Frenzy – Thursday 21st May

School held a fundraising event and Year 6 helped to sort the food into boxes and prepare them for selling. It was very busy and we had to use all our teamwork skills to get everything ready and organised on time. We raised over £500 for school funds so it was all worth it. Check out our hard work!

image041 image039


Injury Prevention Project – Friday 15th May

We took part in a visit to BRI where we found out all about how to save lives. It was so interesting and we understand how important these skills are. We learnt about the recovery position, CPR, what to do in an emergency and how to make sure we keep ourselves and our families safe. We used drama, role-play and props to help us practise.

image031 image033


Shooting Stars Project Drama Workshop – Friday 24th April

Roy came back into school to do some more work with us. This time, he brought some students with him and they shared their experiences with us. They told us about having fun at university, working hard and what day to day life is like for a university student. We did some drama and role-play to help us understand. It was lots of fun and the students were really funny. University sounds like a good time!

image027 image029


Summer term

This term’s topic is ‘Brain of Baghdad’. We will be finding out about ancient Islamic civilisation and how the things that they discovered and found out in ancient times are still in use today.

Check back later for all our exciting work!


Easter Egg Hunt – Thursday 26th March

We had such fun in our Easter Egg hunt. We split our class into teams and had to hunt for eggs all around school. Each egg had a letter on it and we had to collect as many letters as we could. Then, we used our letters to spell as many words as possible. For each word that we spelt, our team won a mini egg. The hunt was on!

image025 image023


Food from around the world – Monday 9th March

When we were finding out about the different countries around the world, we were really interested in the food that they eat there. We researched lots of different foods, found recipes and created some of these meals. We think they look fantastic, and they tasted pretty good too!

image013 image011
image017 image015

Here is a picture of our topic wall which shares all the learning we have done this term. It has been amazing and so interesting!

image021 image019


World Book Day – Thursday 5th March

On World Book Day, we mixed up all the classes and worked with different children and teachers. The theme was ‘fairy tales’ and in Year 6 we looked at Hansel and Gretel. After discussing the story, we used role-play to understand the characters and wrote letters of apologies from the Witch to Hansel and Gretel. We then had lots of fun designing and creating our own ‘Witch house’ using sweets, biscuits and chocolate.

image009 image007


Eco-friendly Shelters – Monday 23rd February

As part of our topic work, we have been looking at eco-friendly products. We designed shelters that could be made using natural resources and that were harmless for the environment. We created our products using items that represented the natural resources. We also wrote adverts to sell our products in literacy. What do you think, would you like to live in this house?



Parent’s Curriculum Workshop – Tuesday 3rd February

We invited our parents into school so that they can help us with our learning at home. This workshop was about maths and we looked at lots of different areas including: the four operations, problem solving, place value and measures. We really enjoyed sharing our learning with our parents and it was very useful for them also.

100_5273 100_5277 100_5278


Road Safety – Thursday 15th January

We had lots of fun with a great assembly that we went to which helped us find out about how to stay safe on the roads. We learnt how important it was to wear our seat belts and how they can help save the lives of all the people in the car.



Poster Prizes – 9th January


Roy, from the Shooting Stars project, visited us in the autumn term and introduced a poster competition. It was lots of fun finding out about university life and making the posters. Roy came back to share the winners and give out some prizes.



Childline Workshop – 9th January

We had visitors in school from the Childline organisation. They presented an assembly where we learnt all about the job of Childline and how they help and support children in all sorts of ways.


After the assembly, they came to our class and did a workshop. It was really interesting and made us feel safe. We know exactly what to do if we need help.


Spring 2015 – Year 6 theme

Our theme this term is ‘Eco-warriors’. We will be finding out about the environment, plants, animals and different regions of the world. Check back later to see all our work and learning…


10th December 2014 – Peat Rigg Residential

40 children from Year 5 and Year 6 went on a residential to Peat Rigg. It was a fantastic experience and we learnt lots of new skills. It was really cold so we had to wrap up warm but we forgot all about that when we started doing our activities. We did zip lining, crate climbing, archery, low ropes, bushcraft, orienteering and the night line.

image021 image019 image025 image033 image023

The evenings were just as exciting with all the fun we had in our rooms…

image031 image029 image027

It was brilliant!

Elaina, Masuma, Umar and Tayyeb.


4th December 2014 – Life Caravan

A visitor came to school to help us learn about drugs. We watched video clips abut drugs and bulling. Some people get bullied into taking drugs by their friends and it is important that you stand up to peer pressure. Next, we had to use the pictures and names of drugs to order and sort them using the information given by the visitor.

image013 image015 image017

It was a really interesting workshop which helped us to learn lots of new information that we didn’t know before.

Uzma, Aleena, Sidrah and Rehan.


2nd December 2014 – Shooting Stars

A man called Roy and two students came to talk to us about university. First we discussed how we progress through different educational places: primary school, secondary school, college and then university. We made a ladder to show this. Next, we found out about university life, the activities, the work and the fun! University sounds great!


Before he left, Roy set us a challenge to create a poster. The poster needed to persuade people to go to university by explaining what a fantastic experience it will be. Whoever makes the best poster, will win a prize…let’s hope it’s one of us!

Saad, Kalim, Aneeqah and Malishya.


14th November 2014 – Maths Workshop

We visited Westbourne primary school were we worked with lots of different schools from around our area. The teachers revealed a trick to us to get us started. It was really interesting and made everyone wonder how she had done it! We explored lots of different challenges that can be done using dominoes and cards. In one challenge, we had to figure out the pattern of the dominoes. We soon discovered that the starting and end numbers were the same.


We all tried our hardest and had a great experience. We would love to go again!

Aisha H, Imaan, Adam and Tayyeb.


12th November 2014 – A Presentation to Governors

We attended the Governors’ meeting after school to share some of the work we do in class. We wanted to tell them about our target setting and how our teachers’ marking helps us to improve our learning. We discussed our target bookmarks for science, reading, writing and maths. To start with we felt nervous standing in front of all those people but then when we started to talk, we felt more confident and were able to deliver our presentation.


The trip to Regals for tea also helped!

Umm and Simrah.


October 2014 – Black History – Rosa Park’s story

We had a really exciting visitor in school today. We all travelled on a bus and experienced what it was like for Rosa Parks. Listening to her explanation and also sitting on the bus helped us to understand what life was like in those days.

image005 image003

We felt lots of sympathy for the people but also pride that they had managed to overcome the huge challenge they faced.

Akasha and Saffiyah.


Autumn 2014 – Year 6 theme

Our topic in the autumn term was Order! Order!  We explored lots of different periods in history: Anglo-Saxons, Romans, Normans, Victorians and present day. It was really interesting finding out about the way the laws have changed and how some things have stayed the same. Here’s a photograph of all the work we have done in our different subjects.


We are so glad we didn’t live in the Anglo-Saxon times, those punishments were gruesome!

Saher and Awais.


Spring Term – 06/01/2014

We have had a fantastic start to the spring term with our brand new topic ‘the sound of pop’.

We are really excited about the learning we will be doing this term and especially to make our music videos and writing our own songs.

Check back soon to see how we have been building towards this.

Here is a picture of our working wall:

y6 1

As you can see we have been doing lots of learning in different lessons to help us towards our outcome.

In art we have been experimenting with different materials to see which is the most appropriate to make our costumes. We are making costumes to wear for the concert. We have looked at materials such as denim, cotton and wool for our costumes. Now we have designed our T-shirts and will be making them. We are sure they will look fantastic!

y63 y2 

Becky is a brilliant song-writer and she has come into school to help us write our class song. It is called ‘random acts of kindness’ and we are very proud of it! We have made our own groups and have learnt a dance to accompany the music. We have been practising this every week and are getting much better at it. We are so excited to perform the concert live!

We have also looked at how music is made and investigated the different layers in music. We used these ideas and the ‘Garage Band’ APP on the iPads to help us compose our own music based on the theme of ‘respect’ which links to the ideas we have learnt about in our SEAL assemblies. The iPads are available for people to listen to our compositions that we are very proud of.

As we will be making our own music videos we needed to think carefully about the different shot types in them such as long shot, full shot, extreme close up, establishing shot and point of view shots. We will use these ideas in our video and our editing skills to complete it. Here’s an example of what we have learnt so far.


(By Haajirah, Aisha and Hamama)


We have had lots of exciting visitors in Year 6 this term.

The first person we worked with was called Becky she helped us with our song for the Atlas concert.

Next we took part in the ‘Shooting Stars’ project with Roy. This was lots of fun and we learnt all about university life, why we should go there and how to cope with the different pressures of university life.

Here is an example of a poster that we have did with Roy that helped persuade people to go to university.


Some people won the competition and received a prize.

On Tuesday 11th February 2014 a man called James came to teach us about internet safety. James told us to make a poster about internet safety and how to be safe on the internet.

We had an assembly about road safety. The teachers name was Mrs Heart and she explained how to cross the road safely.

(By Hashim & Zeeshan Mohammed)


Some children in Year  6 attended a maths workshop.

5 children from yr6 (Haider, Mohsin, Fatima, Sajaal and Lyba) have been coming to booster classes every Thursday after school which have been done by the year 6, teacher Miss Arqum. We have been learning about negative numbers and algebra. This is helping us to get ready for the level 6 SATS test.

Haider, Fatima, Sajaal and Lyba went to Westbourne to learn and investigate magic square. An example of a magic square is down below


They all have to add up to the same number in the one at the top it all adds up to 15. In the magic square the three smallest numbers are 1, 2 and 3. They have to be hidden from each other or in the same column. The way you can only hide the numbers is by putting then near the number 5 or in the middle.

(By Mohsin and Haider)